Have you ever wondered why most people don’t reach success in network marketing? I know, it’s a sad reality. In my experience, the reason is they are unwilling—or unable—to make simple changes. What if we could help people make some of these changes? Do you agree this could have a profound positive impact on their businesses—and lives?

It all starts with our beliefs. If you look at the word belief, right in the middle of the word is “lie.” Take a look at some of the lies we hold onto from our childhood and upbringing. For example, if your parents were anything like mine, they probably told you “not to talk to strangers.” Now I’m here to tell you, you can make a fortune turning strangers into friends!

Many network marketers believe that because their company sells products, our business is about selling products. This is another limiting belief, as in reality, our business is about people and empowering others. I have learned through the years that if you help build up people, people will build your business.

What beliefs are stopping you from succeeding? Do you know about the 3 A’s? Once you are Aware of your beliefs, you can Accept that you have them, and take the appropriate Actions by either correcting your beliefs, neutralizing them, or acting upon them. Once you understand and apply the 3 A’s, I promise you will have a breakthrough in your business.

LinkedIn Script

Dear John,

Thank you for accepting me as your friend on LinkedIn. Your profile has some great information and I would like to know more about you.

I’m interested in developing business relationships. You already know the key to every relationship is getting to know one another. This can be a difficult task in our fast-paced world. My life’s work is helping people create a better life or expand their business. I believe I can help you at no cost to you.

I have written a bestselling book called Street Smart Networking, a no-nonsense guide to creating the most richly rewarding lifestyle you can imagine. If you are interested, I would be happy to send it to you in e-book form as my gift.

I’m fortunate in that I travel and speak to entrepreneurs worldwide. Here’s one key concept I always share with my audiences: There has never been a better time in history to create wealth or make a positive impact in the world than now!

If you would like to explore how we might help one another, I’d be delighted to talk with you. (Yes, a real live phone call, you won’t get any text or email limitations with me!) I never do business with anyone until I get to know them.

Let’s talk, I promise it will be worth your time.


I believe it’s easier to become wealthy today than at any other time in history. Compared to when I started in our profession and where technology was at the time, it so much easier to connect with people today, because you can become a social media entrepreneur. The cost of presenting and sharing information has substantially decreased, which makes all the difference in our business.

If you believe that ultimately you are going to succeed, what are you doing to make this happen? There’s a simple acronym I’ve come across, which is G.A.M.E. If you’re going to play a game, what is your intention in playing that game and what’s your strategy to insure that you will win? Apply this to your business and ask yourself, “What is my belief around what it will take to succeed in it?” Someone once asked me, “Is this business easy?” I quickly responded, “No, but it is so worth it when you become successful.”

Let’s take a closer look at our acronym G.A.M.E. The G stands for Get into Action. What actions do you want to take to make sure you’re successful? First, you want to study the profession of network marketing. You want to search for the right resources, such as Networking Times. There are many different resources out there that will help you build the beliefs necessary to ensure your success. Next, you’ve got to balance that with what you are doing. This business is about growing and doing. If somebody’s going to teach you how to ride a bike, until you get on the bike and experience balance, you will not know how to ride a bike. You want to study the profession and get into action, which is the first part of the G.A.M.E.

A is about Attracting People. It’s about the Law of Attraction. How do you get into action? You’ve got to talk to people. Nowadays, it’s easier than ever thanks to social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Referral Key. I use a short script I “copy & paste” and send to people. The key when meeting somebody online is to take the person off line as quickly as possible, so you can start talking and find out more information about him or her. Ultimately you want to find out the person’s why. Through conversation, they might share what’s missing from their life or express their desire to live a more purposeful life. Continue to ask questions until you find out what makes them tick.

One of the biggest mistakes I see amateur networkers make is at the first occasion they “go for the jugular” by moving into presentation mode. Not good. You want to continually ask questions. Getting to know a new person is like peeling back an onion until you find the essence. As you ask questions, you’ll learn exactly how to present the gift we have to offer in network marketing. (The key here is to be strongly rooted in your belief that we have indeed an extraordinary gift!) For instance, it could be how they can have a second income without having a second job; how they can create an additional stream of income in their free time—and almost everybody can find some free time.

Gardening with Ken Seto in Robert’s backyard.

With Tom and Denice Chenault on the 2014 MLM Cruise.

With Luigi and Livio Pesle, owners of an
Italian network marketing company.

The more conversations you have with people, the more you will begin to attract more people—who either want to use your product or who are interested in your business. One reason for my effectiveness over the years is that I firmly believe if everyone understood our business, everybody would be involved. The main reason prospects say no is they don’t understand it. It is our job to connect the dots for them. The question is, what is the message you need to deliver so they get a clear picture of what our business is really about and how they can be successful at it?

One of the beliefs prospects sometimes have is they look at our business as “one of those pyramid things.” If I notice someone holding some version or residue of this belief, I ask, “When you were going to school, if your teacher would have gotten a percentage of your earnings for life, do you think the quality of your education would have been better?” I usually continue to explain that the beauty of our business model is we have a vested interest in helping others succeed. More specifically, our success is a direct result of how we can help people change their perceptions. Once I have neutralized someone’s beliefs around pyramids, I then give the person a new acronym M.L.M.—Making Life Meaningful. Multilevel marketing allows us to live a legacy life by helping those we introduce to the business model create their own success. I often refer to the movie Pay It Forward to help people understand this concept.

The M in G.A.M.E. stands for your Message. Most people don’t want to have to sell something or enroll people into a business opportunity. That’s why I often give out product samples or lead people to information to help them make an informed decision. This business is about exposing others to our information and collecting decisions. What I want people to understand is that rather than selling products, we educate people. No one wants to be sold, but we all love to buy if we see the value. We teach people the benefits of using our products or services in comparison to similar things in the marketplace they are already buying. Again, the message you communicate is a reflection of your beliefs about what you are offering.

Awards ceremony at company convention
in Scottsdale, 2013.

Leadership trip to Machu Picchu in 2004.

At leaders conference in Diamond Head, Hawaii, 2011.

Road trip to Cannon Beach, Oregon
—visiting network marketing leaders in 5 cities.

With mom Joy Efron at a conference in Las Vegas.

With grandson Memphis.

Ultimately that brings us to the E in G.A.M.E., which stands for Ensure. We want to ensure people that as they start using our product or service, ultimately they’re going to have a great experience (receive value). Remember to use risk reversal as every network marketing company I know has a money-back guarantee. If people decide to join us in the business, we want to ensure that we can help them accomplish the results they want.

Next, seek to understand your prospects’ beliefs about business. Some people believe they do not have the skills to be successful in any business. They give up on their dreams and become complacent by just surviving as they work their job. Help them realize they can go from surviving to thriving by showing them that “profits are better than wages.” Usually your employer will pay you just enough so you won’t quit, and you will work just enough so you don’t get fired. This is how you become a slave to your job. The best way to break this cycle is to help people understand the tax benefits they will receive by being in business while they work their job.

One way beliefs stop people is when they are confronted with an adversity. People think this validates their belief that “these things don’t work.” The super achievers understand that when things aren’t working properly, this can serve them as a stepping stone for accomplishing success in the future—if they don’t quit.

Your beliefs ultimately determine whether you are going to be successful. Over the course of my career, I learned that when things didn’t go my way, there was a reason why this happened. There was a purpose behind each challenge. I realized that as I broke through it, the experience would serve me in the future. Others would come into my life with similar kinds of situations, and I’d be able to look people in the eye and speak from my heart and share the story of how I had something similar happen to me. Every obstacle became a learning experience I used to my advantage.

For example, when I first started in our profession I created over $100,000 of debt in a short period of time. As I became concerned, I shifted my beliefs and said, “I know I’m going to be successful and I will be mentoring other people. When they encounter situations that don’t go as planned, I’ll be able to help them the way I helped myself.” In reference to the debt I created, I said, “If I started a franchise, how much was it going to cost me to turn it into a successful business?” Of course, the answer was, “Much more than $100,000.” I told myself I was going to make that money back plus interest—all the while learning from that experience.

I realized I was going to be meeting and mentoring people in the future who wouldn’t have the resources to create this kind of debt. Thanks to my experience, I was going to be able to help them make sure the same thing didn’t happen to them. I chose to believe my setbacks would ultimately serve me rather than stop me from creating success. I love what Doris Wood says, “Experience is what you’re left with when you don’t get what you want.” Ask yourself with every challenge, “Will I let this experience stop me, or will I you use it as a stepping stone to ensure my success?”

Once you are aware of your beliefs and accept what they are, you can start making little changes, which will bring forth new actions that increase your effectiveness. Eventually you will change your consciousness, knowing that everything that happens in your life is there to serve you in accomplishing what you truly intend and desire.

Play the G.A.M.E.

ROBERT BUTWIN grew up in a family of successful business people and self-made millionaires. Early in his business life, he made a crucial decision to leave behind all the “Country Club Smart” ways of his business upbringing and pursue the more personally satisfying and financially secure profession of network marketing. He started building his business part-time 30 years ago and, after recognizing its potential and learning the ropes, he became a full-time network marketer in 1990. He has built organizations in different companies and each time became one of their top income earners.
Robert was twice named Distributor of the Year by the MLMIA (Multi-Level Marketing International Association). In 2009 he was honored by being inducted into the MLMIA Hall of Fame. He has been a contributing writer for many professional trade journals, is the author of the bestselling book Street Smart Networking, and has produced many CDs. Robert and his wife Bonnie live in the beautiful wine country of Northern California. He walks his talk, living an incredible lifestyle that includes playing basketball most weekdays from 11 AM till 2 PM. Connect with Robert at Solutionist.IOwnMyLife.net

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