Success isn’t supposed to look this easy. At 30 years old, Bri Richardson will remind you it’s not. Yet for this young mother of two, it’s difficult to imagine a more promising start to her network marketing career.

Sales and marketing had always been a natural fit for the stay-at-home mom with an effervescent personality. Working from her home in Texas, she had been able to provide a little supplemental income for her family while playing to her strengths of connecting with others. Once she found network marketing, Bri dove in headfirst with dreams of making a name for herself.

After struggling in her first company, she was down more than a few dollars and had every reason to quit. Instead of giving up, she worked on herself and her strategy. A decade later, Bri is combining her marketing skills with a powerful social media presence. Leveraging her activities on Facebook, YouTube, and other online platforms, she has achieved top status in her current company after only one year. While the money is good, Bri has her sights set on more than simply providing for her family.

With husband Clay, son Cooper,
and baby Cohen.

A multiple-six-figure yearly income earner already, Bri is on track to hit seven figures in 2015. While she has personally sponsored people all over the U.S. (including Puerto Rico and Guam), Canada, and the U.K., her team also spans into Australia and New Zealand. Looking into the future, she says “changing more lives for the better” is where her future leads, and where many others inspired by her story are sure to follow.

Unlikely Beginning
In 2005, Bri Richardson was still in college when at a nail salon, the lady getting a manicure next to her began talking about a network marketing opportunity. With each success story she shared, Bri became a little more curious.

“I decided to jot down my contact information on a slip of paper to hear more,” she says. “I really didn’t know what the business entailed or what I was getting myself into. Yet I knew if others could do it, so could I. I just had to figure out the how.”

Bri came with her fair share of skepticism towards multilevel marketing. Growing up, she had been warned by her parents to be cautious about enrolling in such opportunities. Her mother would say, “You never want to pay to get involved in something that will supposedly pay you eventually.”

Despite Bri’s early conditioning, she felt the opportunity seemed worth the risk. She’d only have to pay a $99 fee to join, and if the success stories she’d heard were true, there was nothing that could stop her from achieving similar success.

After investing all her savings in inventory, she put her nose to the grindstone and focused on selling as many products as possible. She tried different approaches, including hosting home parties, but nothing seemed to bring the results she was expecting. “Unfortunately, the opportunity wasn’t as good as it was presented to be,” she says.

Bri’s first foray into network marketing had confirmed some of the doubts she originally had about the business. “In my mind, this was proof my mom was right,” she says. “That first experience left a sour taste in my mouth. It wasn’t until a couple of years later that I was willing to consider doing this type of business again.”

In 2010, after being out of network marketing for several years, Bri found herself at a trade show learning about a company that was selling jeans. An intriguing offer to make some extra cash by retailing the product piqued Bri’s curiosity again. However, remembering her initial failure just a few years prior, she was unable to convince herself to give it another try. She told herself, “We’ve already been there, done that, and failed horribly.”

Yet it wasn’t long after her first contact with the jeans company at a trade show that the opportunity came knocking a second time. A few days later she saw the jeans again, this time on Facebook. She was still curious, so she decided to do some more research.

This second network marketing opportunity had a significant difference from the first. Bri wouldn’t have to spend time and money acquiring inventory or putting together a website. A one-time $99 fee was all she needed to get started. Energized by her lingering dream and what appeared to be a lower-risk opportunity, Bri decided to give it a go.

With colleagues and Eric Worre at his millionaire luncheon, Las Vegas.

Finding Her Sea Legs
With renewed enthusiasm, Bri began selling the jeans and earning some extra cash while working mostly from home. Once she felt she’d mastered the jeans, she decided to add a complimentary accessory—a slimming body wrap—sold by another network marketing company.

After a year, Bri was making around $1,000 a month in combined earnings. “I did a ton of home parties in order to build up to that $1,000 mark,” she says. A full-time mom and wife, Bri was thrilled to be able to make some extra money working from home around her children’s schedule. Nevertheless, she wanted more. Seeing how the network marketing space was evolving, with more and more people using social media to sell products and recruit business partners, she sensed how this could be a game-changer for her own business.

Bri began studying the network marketing business model and how she could apply it to be successful selling any product. “I discovered leaders like Eric Worre and Sarah Robbins,” she says. “I read their books and followed them on the internet. That began a period of rapid self-development for me in terms of my understanding of the profession.”
Armed with new knowledge, Bri now realized she’d been going about building her business all wrong. “I realized that in order to succeed, it wasn’t enough to simply know a particular company well. I had to understand the growth structure and the psychology of the business,” she says.

In Bri’s mind, a new chapter in her network marketing career was unfolding. She began to overhaul her strategy by focusing on one product and building one company. She abandoned the idea of the jeans and went all in on building her business selling the slimming body wrap… until another product caught her eye.

“I came across an online ad for a revolutionary mascara,” she says. “I was already planning to get it for myself, so I decided to inquire about the company behind it.” This was in 2013, and Bri’s self-education had begun to pay off. Impressed by what she saw in the company and its product line, she began to consider her options.

Unsure if she should abandon the wraps, Bri decided to hedge her bets. She bought the mascara for herself and posted a picture of herself on Facebook to gauge interest in the product. The response was overwhelming; all her friends wanted the mascara.

Envisioning how easily she could succeed with this new company selling mascara, she decided to shift gears yet again. “Worst-case scenario,” Bri thought, “I can sell the mascara to the ten people who just responded positively to my Facebook photo.”  It didn’t take long after that for Bri to realize she had finally found her home.

Moving Up
Bri knew in her heart that once she had found the right company, she could compete with the best in the business and rise to the top. The mascara company was offering an incentive program to new members, so she was more motivated than ever to succeed. “It’s just part of my nature to want to win and be on top,” she says.

Putting her prior experience into practice, Bri hit the ground running. What took her a year to build up to in her previous company—$1,000 of monthly earnings—she reached during her very first month selling mascara. With this small taste of success, Bri felt reenergized to see how far she could take her new venture.

“This was a completely new company and product for me, so I was mentally prepared to start from scratch and put in the time to build slowly,” she says. However, “slow” would be no way to describe the type of growth that would soon come.

After that first month, Bri was not only making much more than she expected, she had assembled a team of 17 presenters who were willing to work and partner with her. Confident and aided by an eager group, Bri felt “this opportunity is a no-brainer.” She decided to run with it and build upon her success.

With her previous company, Bri was spending a lot of time planning parties and scheduling meetings where she’d eventually sell her products. “I wasn’t actually talking to people and making a difference until I got in their homes,” she says. By Bri’s reckoning, all this planning time could’ve been used much more productively by being in front of people in person or online.

Pancakes and Pajamas meeting in Houston.

Bri’s new company strongly encourages and technically enables its field force to leverage social media activities in order to grow the business. With new tools at her disposal for working online even more than before, Bri immersed herself in the social scene.

“In the beginning I was on social media 15 to 20 hours a day,” she says. “From the moment I woke up until my head hit the pillow at night, I was on my phone or on my laptop getting things done. I would literally be answering someone’s question about the product or the business in between changing diapers and feedings.”

By her second month with the company, Bri could already see the potential for significant growth. She began attending local craft fairs and neighborhood shopping parties. She’d go anywhere she could have access to a vendor booth, with the goal of getting in front of as many individuals as possible.

At the same time, she was building a following on Facebook and eventually on YouTube and Google. “At first I was mostly doing product demonstration videos,” she says. “As my team began to grow, I ventured out into doing training videos for my new presenters.” Bri’s telegenic personality allowed her to connect live with multitudes of actual and future team members who could tune into Google Hangouts from the comfort of their own homes.

Another element leading to Bri’s rapid success early on was hosting in-home opportunity meetings where she would showcase the products and provide basic training. “We always kept it fun and would have a theme for each party, like Pancakes and Pajamas, so everyone could have something to eat while getting acquainted,” says Bri. Before long, Bri’s in-home meetings were outgrowing the capacity of her house. “People were literally filling my hallways,” she recalls. “At that point it became clear we couldn’t do this at home anymore, so we started looking for a venue.”

Empowering Others
With her new company, Bri completed her transformation that began several years prior with studying Eric Worre and Sarah Robbins. “When a lot of people first get involved in network marketing, myself included, they lack a real understanding of the business structure,” she says. “In my case, when I got started I was totally focused on being the number one retailer in my company as my way to get to the top. Over time I came to realize that I didn’t need to push my product as much as I needed to build a team and lead it.”

Bri credits much of her success to a fundamental change in mentality with regard to how she viewed the success of others. “There was a time when I didn’t care if someone was successful in my business,” she says. “If they wanted to work, that was great. But if they didn’t, I wouldn’t lose sleep over it.”

According to Bri, her business began to truly take off once she began investing most of her time in the success of her team members. Powerful stories of overcoming personal challenges and financial hardships were unfolding before her eyes. “All kinds of people approached us who were barely getting by and even living on food stamps,” says Bri. “They were joining our team on a credit card, and in a few months’ time their lives were completely turned around.”

Seeing how network marketing could positively impact the lives of so many families, Bri was motivated to grow her team even more. By early 2014, she knew she was onto something special that wouldn’t just make her personally wealthy, but that could provide new hope for countless others. Fully investing herself in coaching and mentoring others brought exponential growth, so that by her fifth month in the business she was making close to $10,000 in monthly earnings.

“When that check came in the mail, my husband could hardly believe it,” she says. “He thought that coming from a networking marketing company, it had to be fake.” As the business took off, Bri and her husband had to pinch themselves at several occasions. “Where’s Ashton Kutcher? This can’t be real, we’re being Punk’d,” they would tell each other, citing the popular TV show that films real-life pranks.

In addition, as one of the first ten in the company to reach the top of the compensation plan, Bri was awarded a $10,000 bonus check, bringing her fifth month’s total earnings to $20,000. Her team had expanded to over 27,000 presenters, 188 of which she had personally sponsored. Today, her team comprises a staggering 75,000 members, 250 of whom are her direct recruits.

Makeup Maniac Midnight Madness at 2014 convention.
Dinner with Elite leaders at company CEO’s home.
Attending the Les Brown Speakers Academy.
One of the first leadership meetings at her home.

Igniting Her Passion
Bri believes she found success quickly in her current company because she had been preparing herself for almost a decade. Years of struggle and failure had forced her to study the profession and educate herself. “I learned how to build, not just how to sell,” she says.

While Bri rose to the top of the ranks quickly this time, she remains as committed as ever to growing her business and leading her team. “When I first started building, I was working with a much smaller team on a much more intimate level,” she says. “Now my focus has shifted from my entire downline to cultivating leaders on my frontline. It’s become more about growing them into leaders capable of guiding their own teams to go out and be successful.”

While proud of her success, Bri is quick to point out how in the beginning she worked insane hours to grow her business. “I was going to sleep at midnight and waking up at 5:00 am to do it all over again,” she says about her early days with the company. She also confesses that when she first started out, it was all about “seeing dollar signs.”

“I thought about how much I could earn for myself and how I could achieve top rank,” she says. “Today, my passion is to lead others out of personal struggles. I’m no longer focused on Bri Richardson and what she can accomplish. It’s about changing lives and empowering people to overcome their challenges.”

Having watched numerous lives change right before her eyes as a result of network marketing, Bri has transformed from a total skeptic to a firm believer—and even an outright evangelist—of the profession. “I get emotional about it, because I know the impact network marketing can have on people’s lives,” she says. “I can’t tell you how many messages I’ve received from people who said, ‘I had my kids in daycare while I struggled working three jobs until I found network marketing.’”

Bri passionately defends network marketing against its detractors and hopes to shed light on the good it’s doing for so many across the world. “I want to spread the word about the hope our business holds for families and how you can truly be successful and do things the right way,” she says.

When it comes to attracting others into the business, Bri is careful not to portray it as a get-rich-quick scheme. She realizes her success is atypical, and that many people have to work hard for years trying to achieve a fraction of the success she’s had so far. “I don’t tell my audience about the numerical details of my income growth or achieving top status in four months, because that’s not the norm and it gives the wrong impression,” she says.

Bri believes that while her success may be inspiring for some, it can have the opposite effect on others. “It’s not helpful to discuss the details of my success because there are always going to be people who have different stories. Everyone has their own journey, and hearing mine can be deflating to those who compare themselves.”

One of Bri’s goals is to help people understand the hard work and dedication behind all success stories. With her newfound influence, Bri aims to change the networking marketing mentality from one of number-centric promises of unimaginable wealth to one of consistent and sustainable income building over time.

Mission and Goals
In November 2014, Bri’s financial success enabled her to retire her husband Clay from his job. “Clay has always dreamed of starting his own business, but that was never a possibility before my network marketing career took off,” she says. “Today, he is still in the industry he loves, but he works for himself. In terms of network marketing, he enjoys learning about the business and sharing the opportunity with people. There have been occasions where he’s been at the bank or running an errand and he’d start talking to people about our mascara, which I find hilarious.”

Despite her extraordinary journey in network marketing and the wealth that has come with it, Bri stays grounded. “It was admittedly surreal in the beginning,” she says, “but now I’ve settled into my new role now as a leader.”

Bri believes her company stands out among the rest as one that is mission-based and dedicated to helping those in need. “We recently started a foundation to help women who were abused as children,” she says. “This has become a real priority for my company and my team.”

Bri credits much of her company’s and personal success to focusing on always doing the right thing. “I believe one of the reasons we’re seeing this type of success is because God knows we’re contributing to a bigger cause,” she says. “These days, it feels less surreal because my eyes have been opened to what is happening—major transformation in so many lives—and why it is happening—our focus on making a difference in the world.”

As someone who struggled in the beginning and nearly quit network marketing for good, Bri is well aware that results are not always immediately visible. “There was a point in my career early last year where I’d been doing weekly conference calls for a while and decided to stop for a couple months,” she says. “I questioned myself and wondered if the calls I was doing were really helping people, if anyone was even listening.” By the time her company convention rolled around, Bri received an unexpected response. Several attendees came up to her and said, “Bri, you’ve changed my life,” and “You’re the reason I joined!”

“That struck me,” says Bri. “I began to realize how we impact people all the time, even if we do not see it immediately.” That was reason enough for Bri to launch a new series of weekly conferences—what she calls her Webinar Wednesdays—as soon as she came home from the convention.

At this stage in her career, Bri has no intention of slowing down. “I don’t want to ever stop growing this business,” she says. “There’s still plenty of work to do in terms of spreading the word about network marketing. I will continue as long as I live to share this opportunity with others because it’s my passion and purpose.”

While off to an impressive start, Bri intends to connect with even more prospects and network marketing professionals by publishing a book and continuing her trainings in front of increasingly large audiences. She is organizing a full-day generic training at the Intercontinental Hotel in Dallas for September 2015, where she plans to educate several hundred aspiring network marketing leaders.

“In the long term,” she says, “I’d like to look back at my career and not think of the name I made for myself, but of how many lives have been changed.”

One of Bri’s goals is to rehabilitate the network marketing profession, and she has high hopes for a future where it receives the respect and admiration she believes it deserves. She looks forward to the day when people talk about network marketing not in a negative light but rather, “You’re in network marketing? Tell me more!”

“There’s a stigma that needs to change,” she says. “I hope to lead the way in getting the public to understand and appreciate the life-altering benefits our business can offer people of all walks of life.”