Stormy Wellington was introduced to network marketing by a stranger. Skeptical at first, she chose to give the business the benefit of the doubt. Experienced in retail sales, she hit the ground running. When she saw her first month’s check, she thought the company had paid her by mistake.

Stormy’s philosophy for success is taking massive action. Her methodology for momentum is to create massive duplication. She’s been the top recruiter in every company she’s been a part of. “That’s mainly because I know 20 percent of the people will do 80 percent of the work,” she says, “and before you quit on me, I already have your replacement.”

Less than six months into her current business, Stormy has 57,000 people in her organization, which is growing in eight countries. “We have 20 people making between $15,000 and $55,000 a month already,” she says, “To me, this is 100 percent supernatural.”

Stormy believes success is a spiritual affair. “If you give yourself to a cause bigger than yourself, you invite higher forces to propel you towards the fulfillment of your goal, which in my team’s case is to help 1,000 families make six figures this year.”

Stormy loves what’s happening for herself and the people who have bought into her team’s vision. Every day she tells them, “Focus on a cause bigger than yourself so that nothing or no one can get in the way. Let’s embrace one another and stay humble, because it’s all God.”—J.G.

How were you introduced?
In 2008 a friend dragged me to a party I didn’t really want to go to. I ended up meeting a housing developer there who did construction and refurbishing. Three months later I was behind on my house payments and my car got repossessed. I was looking to rent my house out, and the person interested in renting it wanted me to fix up the basement. I called the developer hoping he could do the work at a discount. He came over to my house, and one thing led to another. He shared how his wife had lost a lot of weight using this product, and how they were now making $50,000 a month.

Did you have any skepticism towards network marketing?
I never believed in it. In my early twenties I tried selling makeup door to door. It didn’t work for me. When this contractor introduced me to his business, I was with two girlfriends, and neither of us believed him. We were thinking, “Here we go, another pyramid thing. This guy’s just trying to make money off us.” As he continued, I remember thinking, “What if he were telling the truth? What if we really could make some significant money with this opportunity?”

I have a retail background. I’ve owned three boutiques in the past, so I understood the direct sales aspect of the business. I understood buying a product for $10 and selling it for $20. In the beginning I looked at it just as a way to make retail commissions. When I received my first check, I thought, “This company made a mistake. I couldn’t have earned this much.” I was very skeptical. As a matter of fact, my two friends I was with at the time didn’t even join. They said I was stupid. All my friends said I was crazy for joining that pyramid scheme.

What was the first thing you did when you signed up?
I reached out to friends and family, who as we all know are the last ones we should talk to, because they’re the most skeptical. They’re the last ones to follow you. None of my friends or family joined me, but I continued to believe. The products worked, I personally experienced the results. Armed with my belief, I began to visit beauty salons, daycares, Walmart, Target. I set a goal for myself: I was not going home until I had $150 in my pocket. I pushed myself to go out there. I didn’t care if it was the local restaurant or Target—I would go anywhere. I would walk into a beauty salon and just start talking to the owner.

Did you experience a lot of rejection?
Oh yeah, people would look at me like I was crazy. I focused on retail, but I also set out to make new friends. My goal was to connect with people. If I made you into friend, I might be able to turn you into a customer, and also get referrals. I had a notebook where I would write down everybody’s name and number and what they bought from me. I would write something like, Jackie Brown bought XYZ, and she had a red shirt with a pretty purse, or Keisha Smith wore XYZ. I loved her nails.” Each time I met someone, I would call them three or four days later and do customer acquisition. “Hi, this is Stormy, how are you doing? You still got those pretty nails, girl?” I’d say something to make them remember me and to compliment them. Then I would ask for referrals. When I made new friends, I would do home parties for them. I was really big on retail, but also good at relationship building.

Tell us how your business grew.
My first month I didn’t know what I was doing, but I made $8,000. I was excited, so I quit my job. I used to do collections and make $13 an hour. After bringing in a million dollars in six months, I remember my boss announcing I was going to get a raise. When I found out it was going to be $0.25, I told him, “You give me a $0.25 raise after I bring you $1 million? I’m going to go and give myself a raise.”

I remember learning from my monthly check what worked and what didn’t. I didn’t wait for anybody to give me information. Even though I wanted it, it was not as easy to find training and coaching. Every time I received a paycheck I would learn more. I listened to conference calls. I’d go on Google and YouTube. I read books and attended events. My second month’s check was $9,000. When I showed it to some of my friends, they started to be intrigued. My third month I made a little over $13,000. At this point everybody went, “Wow!” Now my friends started joining me. My fourth month I made a little over $27,000, and my fifth month I made over $86,000. I hit the top of the compensation plan with the company in five months.

What would you say is the reason for your rapid success?
Honestly, I believe God has dominion over my life. I don’t say this a lot at meetings, because I respect everybody’s religion, but that’s really what I believe. If it wasn’t for God favoring me, this wouldn’t happen. From a business perspective and what people want to hear, I say it was my determination. I’m determined to win at all costs. I don’t make excuses. I try to find the good in everything. I’m big on work ethic. I believe if you lack in skill, learn and make it up in numbers. This business is not about talent, it’s about heart and being coachable. As I began working the business, I found people who were winning and became their student. I would follow them places and serve them, because I wanted to be in their presence.

I believe you either pay your way or serve your way into a relationship with a leader. After learning from the ones who were winning, I would then put my own personality, my own twist on what they were doing. That’s because my audience may not necessarily connect with your delivery. As long as I’m following the strategy you’re using for success, and I do it with my twist, I can’t fail.

Team photo shoot in Houston. &ldWe are every woman!”

How did you learn to lead a team?
I’m big on reading books and speaking affirmations. I’m really big on mentoring and coaching. I believe when you have something, it’s not for keeping it to yourself. You implement it, you get results, and you share with others. I like to work with people and create duplication in my organization. A lot of my people have duplicated what I have done—not necessarily my personality, but the specific strategies of how to get it done. I’m big on team work and making sure I’m not the only one winning. Duplication means everybody else can win as well.

Also make sure you create a vision. In my organization we now have a vision people have bought into. Our goal is to help 1,000 families make six figures in 2015, so it’s much bigger than just the company and the product. It’s about bringing people into an environment and giving them the belief, the hope, and the tools to transform their lives. When you inspire someone and build up that person, he or she will go out and build a business. I’m really big on people building versus pushing product.

Who are some of your mentors?
The first book I recommend, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, is not a network marketing book; it’s about personal freedom and a different perspective on life. Another book I love is Think and Grow Rich and Your Right to Be Rich by Napoleon Hill. The Science of Getting Rich and Three Feet from Gold are also books that have shaped me.

Holton Buggs was my mentor at my last company, and I learned a lot from him. Even though I’m not in his company anymore, the principles he teaches are timeless and universal. I gleaned many lessons from leaders in other companies, but there’s no one who has been more impactful in my life than Holton.

With biz partner and friend Reginald Saunders.

Tell us more about your spiritual beliefs.
I started in my current company in November 2014. My income surpassed $100,000 in 90 days. I now average between $150,000 and $200,000 a month. There’s no way anyone could think that’s me. It’s not me; it’s God using me. Of course, I contributed, I was obedient. I’ve been through a lot. Just a few months before I joined this company I was broke. My biggest month was $210,000 and it’s not even six months yet. I believe it’s supernatural.

I’m big on creating community and culture. When you create a culture and a community for people to belong to, and you help them to be inspired and to believe, you put God into the equation. That’s when you see an organization move at the speed of light. I believe Christ came so we could have life and have it more abundantly. Many people read and repeat the things the Bible says, but they don’t really believe it.

My philosophy is that you cannot outwork me. You cannot out-faith me. I’m not religious. I’m not in church every Sunday. I don’t read the Bible all day long. I’m not one of those “holier than thou” people. I curse. I get upset. I get mad. I’m not perfect, but I know the vision that was given to me, like our goal to help 1,000 families make six figures in 2015, came from Him.

I respect if you’re an atheist, a Buddhist, or a Muslim, so I don’t talk a lot about God. However, sometimes it’s hard to hold in how I feel. I just choose to allow His light to shine through me.

Were you born with that faith?
I developed it through pain, the pain that I’ve endured at times when I was alone, when nobody was there but God. All I could do was believe, because there wasn’t anyone who believed in me. There was nobody I could talk to. There was nothing else. All I had was my faith and the Word.

How long did you stay with your first company? Why did you move on?
I was there from 2008 to 2011. I left because there were things happening in the field and at corporate that I was privy to and that the masses were not. Mainly I saw there were leaders at the top making money, and people underneath us who were not. I saw a lot of people’s checks decline. Granted, I know that happens in network marketing, but I think if the company can prevent it, or the leaders can do something to support the people making $500 to $2,000 a month, if we can prevent those incomes from going away, those at the top will continue to prosper, and that’s what network marketing is about.

There are people for whom making an extra $1,000 a week or even a month can change their lives significantly. When I saw that the opportunity for that to happen was taken away, I knew it was time to go. God gave me confirmation. I trusted and moved on in 2011.

I didn’t make as much money in my next company, but I learned a lot. Being mentored by Holton, I went Diamond in four months. During that time my mom passed away. Literally I went Diamond mourning the death of my mother. She was my rock, my world, but I took that pain and put it into my business. When I look back, I understand why I went through that. I went through a very dry season in my life—dry physically, financially, and emotionally.

The Diamond income lasted for about a year and a half, but then it started to decline. At one point I was about to get food stamps, this is how broke I became. I was pregnant and had to buy things for my baby. In that moment you realize you can’t count on man, but you can count on God. My strength and my faith got stronger in that dry season. In addition, Holton Buggs and leaders like David Imonitie taught me lessons that money could never purchase. I could not have taken a class to learn the things I gleaned because of the relationships while I was there.

A vision bigger than herself...

How does one join a company and make Diamond in four months?
Persistency. I believe this business is psychological. It’s also a numbers game. Understand the psychology of what it is that gets a person motivated and excited to win. What are the things you have to say and do to get a person to believe and take the actions necessary for them to be a part of the mission and the vision?

The numbers part means going out there, whether on Facebook, Instagram, picking up your phone, walking into a beauty salon. You have to be willing to talk to as many people as possible. He who connects with the most people makes the most money. You cannot wake up and have this dream of making all this money—and fear talking to people. I don’t care if it’s going to a trade show, a networking event, or a seminar—or if it’s at church. You now are a relationship builder.

A typical day for me would be to get up and get out of the house. I would not come home until I met new people. I believe you should expose 10 to 15 people a day to the business, whether on a webinar, a Google Hangout, or an opportunity call. You should always be in massive exposure mode.

I have a live call every night. I also have an on-demand call. I do webinars and promote home parties, so my work is never-ending. I help people out when I’m focused. I believe you go very hard and aggressive for 90 days, and then you take a week’s rest—and then you’re back at it again. Your first 90 days is to build your foundation, so it’s all about recruiting. The second 90 days is for others; it’s about training and duplication. Like now, I’m out there traveling, doing conference calls, giving coaching sessions. My calendar is open and people fly in and stay at my house just to spend the day with me.

How did you find your current company?
Kenny Lloyd had introduced me to this company a long time ago, but I was kind of bitter and not really in a good place to start a new business. A friend of mine called me and as we were having a casual conversation, at one point I said, “I’m done with network marketing. I don’t care if I could make a million dollars in a flash.” My friend said, “I know this company that’s going to be the biggest thing to hit network marketing in 2015.” I said, “Really?” When he told me it was the company Kenny is building, I said, “You’re crazy. No way, I don’t believe it.”

Long story short, my friend sent me the products, and I had a great experience. I gave the product to some of my girlfriends to see if they would have the same results, and they all did. I started to research the company and when I saw what it was doing for people, and I ran across the slogan, “Lose 5 pounds in 5 days!” This was October 2014 and I knew we were about to get rich.

“The tea brought us together, the bond keeps us forever!”

Can you give us an overview of your first six months?
I got into the company and started putting the products into the hands of people, who all said the product worked. As I said before, I believe that to succeed you have to engage in a vision bigger than yourself, so that nothing or no one can get in the way. I knew my vision of helping 1,000 families make six figures was not something I could achieve on my own. So I connected with some leaders who also believed in the products and in the vision. We knew if we put our faith into this and went out there, we could impact the lives of thousands—and we would eventually go into millions.

I started to do launch calls. I have a 20-minute Wake Up and Win morning call Monday through Friday. We average between 500 and 600 people on each call. We started doing home parties. We kicked into full gear. The moment I said yes, the next day I did my first launch call with 22 people on it. Ten got started, and our team began to spread like wildfire. I did a party at a restaurant with eight people, three of whom joined and hit the ground running. We just put our heads down and went to work.

Where do you see yourself a year from now, five years?
In December I want to have a big event. I can already visualize all the leaders on stage with their names scrolling, showing they made six figures. I’m not going to stop until we have impacted 1,000 families to consistently make over $8,500 a month. That’s all I care about, because I know there are families right now that if they could just make $5,000 a month there would be peace, there would be harmony. That’s my immediate goal.

My next goal is to buy a house. I take care of my sister, my dad, and I have three children. I remember the days when I didn’t have money and my number one fear was to lose our house. So I’m first buying a house cash for me and my family. Then I want to go on a crusade to show my leaders how they can own their house and get rid of their mortgages.

Next we’re going to continue spreading our wings internationally. I see a business in Thailand, Mexico, Colombia, Jamaica, the Bahamas, the U.K., Germany, and France. I see us doing events in different languages, and we take the same blueprint of helping 1,000 families and apply it to the international market. From there it takes on a life of its own. I see myself doing this year after year.

Any final tips?
A lot of people out there have been wounded by network marketing, and I understand. I was one of them. I just encourage them to give the business another shot. When selecting a company, just make sure the 5 P’s line up—people, product, process, principles, and pay.

Realize your kids are watching. My son is 18, my daughter 15. I recently attended a big regional event where I received my six-figure ring. My daughter made a video for me with a song playing in the background, I Win Again. It moved me because I realized that she knew when I wasn’t winning—and that I didn’t give up.

My son helps me with accounting and the other day he said, “This thing really works. Look at how much money you have in the bank—and you just started.”

Our kids are watching us, and we need to be an example not only for our family; everybody is watching, so we need to set the example for the world. Every time we win, we show how powerful this business model really is.

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