Social media has helped me successfully attract prospects and grow my personal brand. It’s something you can do as well. However, done the wrong way, social media marketing can hurt your business, so make sure you don’t make any of the mistakes below. Social media and network marketing is a perfect match because our business is about building relationships and that’s what social media is about. This leads me into the first biggest mistake:

  1. Treating Social Media as Something Different

    The rules for social media are exactly the same as what you would do in the offline social world. Social media just takes your meetings and relationship building online. If you’re invited to a party at a friend’s house, would you walk in and start pitching products without first having some meaningful conversations? Of course not! Same goes for social media. Don’t just create an account and start selling by posting links about your products and business.

  2. Directly Selling on Your Page

    People use social media to read the news and to stay in touch. It’s a big party and social gathering. A big mistake I see are distributors who constantly post links to their products and business opportunity and turn their social media into a big giant commercial. This would be like walking into a party as a walking billboard with advertisements all over your shirt, hat, etc. The last thing people want to do is being a salesperson and if that is the impression you’re making, it’s the easiest way to lose prospects.

  3. Selling on Other People’s Pages

    When you’re at your friend’s house, would you start leaving your company marketing materials all over his house when he’s not looking? Make sure you don’t spam and tag people in posts that are sales-y. People’s page and wall is like their online home, so please treat it with respect. Take the time to build a relationship before you start pitching your products. Never, ever post a link about your business/products on someone’s wall or in the comments section. That would too sales-y. Instead, if you have a potential prospect, write in the comments area to let the person know you’ll send them a private message.

  4. Inappropriate Tagging

    This is probably the number one behavior that gets someone to dislike you. If you do post publicly about your products and company, never tag a prospect hoping that person will look at the post and become interested. You’ve basically spammed the person. This would be like going to someone’s house and putting a big sign with your company logo on his front lawn without getting permission!

  5. Inconsistent Activity

    The best networkers participate in events and are consistently active in their communities. Using social media well means you have to spend time there. Many Gen X-ers and Baby Boomers have a certain phobia towards sharing themselves online. You have to make yourself present and show yourself.

  6. Incomplete Profiles

    Make sure your info is updated so others know who you are. If people spend 1 minute on your page, would they know what you do and what you like? The more you let others know about your interests, values, and background, the greater chance you have of creating a meaningful connection.

  7. Not Commenting and Engaging

    When you go to a party, you have to talk to people in order to build relationships and the same goes for social media. You have to comment! Liking something is NOT enough. Liking alone is like going to a party and just nodding and not talking. The only way to build a relationship and trust is to invest the time to engage in conversations.

  8. Inconsistent Messaging

    If you want people to take you and your business seriously, make sure what you post is congruent and consistent with your business. Here are three examples:

    I’m not saying any of these things are bad, but they should be kept to yourself. Make sure your messages are consistent with your business, because people always buy you. They buy your commitment, your vision, your values, and whether you are serious about your business.

  9. Not Creating Curiosity

    This is a more advanced strategy about getting people curious about what you do. You can share your values, lifestyle, and hobbies, but don’t reveal it all. This mistake is made is by sharing too much information, for instance about your company. You want people to be curious and information kills curiosity. Even if they’re interested, people will Google your company and after spending 30 seconds on a website, they’ll feel they “know it all” and won’t be interested in attending a presentation.

    This is similar to a social event where the best networkers are the ones who let others talk and ask them questions about what they do. The best networkers never talk much about themselves.

  10. Posting Negativity

    The most liked and shared posts are those that make people feel good. Most of us are sick of the news and stress from everyday life—that’s why we escape to social media. Do your posts make people smile or inspire them? Your posts reflect who you are. Who wants to partner with a negative person?

These are 10 common mistakes many distributors make when it comes to social media. The good news is that as long as you treat social media like what you’d do in the offline world, these rules are simple to remember. Learn to use social media correctly and you’ll see a big boost to your business.

SIMON CHAN is a network marketing trainer who helps distributors find better prospects, sponsor more people, and create duplication. He’s also the producer and host for MLM Nation podcast.

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