Social media and network marketing go hand in hand because both are all about building relationships and adding value. Social media has opened up a whole new world to network marketers. How else could you be chatting with someone in London while doing a party with someone in Canada and face-timing someone in Mexico all from your home in the United States?!

If I were starting over from scratch on social media, the first thing I would do is an audit on my current profiles. Statistics show that your cover photo and profile photo are the first things people notice, and if it doesn’t draw them in, they won’t look at the rest of your page. My advice: make your cover photo inspirational and always, always, show your own beautiful smiling face. Remember people are building relationships with you, not your company logo. My biggest tip if you are just starting to brand yourself is to provide content that brings value to your audience. That’s the stuff that is viewed and shared. Make it not about you but about the person you are wanting to connect with. The top 3 mistakes I see network marketers make on social media are: 

  1. Making it all about ME (example: join MY team, host a party with ME, come to MY website). Why would anyone do any of these things when you’ve never even said Hi to them before? 
  2. Spam... Just don’t do it! Do not post your link on someone’s wall when they never asked you too. Don’t send a copy-pasted novel about your company to someone you’ve never even messaged to say Hi to before. 
  3. Having your company logo as your profile photo. People join you first, your company second.

Within the next 5 years I see network marketing being one of the most respected professions around the world. With the help of social media we can reach so many more people! 

AMBER VOIGHT built a 40,000 member organization producing over $4,000,000 in new sales per month all on social media within two years. She believes in the power of lifting others up and providing value on social media.

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