So you want to be successful in your business? Brilliant. Go for it! Are you going to follow the Wolf of Wall Street or fancy yourself as the next shark on Shark Tank? I was recently asked by a reporter whether these programs demonstrate how ruthless we need to be to get on in business. Certainly not. To achieve success we need to have a spiritual attitude. Real success comes best through the spiritual qualities of caring, patience, determination, endurance, understanding, and helping others.

Simply put, the principles for any great business can be found at a neighbourhood restaurant. If the staff are friendly and helpful, understand your needs, can answer your questions, remember your order, bring the correct order, serve you quickly, the food tastes good at a reasonable price, and you feel valued and welcomed, then you’ve just experienced the same principles that are the basic ingredients for any great business. Here are ten tips that I have practiced in my own business ventures and found to bring more success:

1. Be Enthusiastic
Enthusiasm is contagious. It creates a positive stream of energy and attracts people who want to do business with you. Waking up with joy and a positive outlook for the day can only breed success. Banish the words “I cannot” and attack your “to-do list” with enthusiasm. Remember that if you don’t deliver what you promise, even down to the basics of not returning client calls or email, then these failings will manifest in other areas of your business and your life.

2. Decide What You Want
Once you decide on your goal, plan what you need to do, trust yourself and just do it. Aspiration and ambition when channeled correctly are core ingredients to success. Having a goal is essential. Be realistic. Once the goal is set, decide how you are going to achieve it and action it. Ask your potential clients what you need to do to win their business.

3. Practice Endurance
Endurance is needed especially when the going gets tough. Remember your goal. Stay alert by eating healthily and keeping fit. Success won’t happen unless you are committed and really want to reach the goal. Nobody is going to do it for you. Keep going! Constant fine-tuning will help maximize your profits.

4. Find Opportunity
Understand the small print and cover all the angles. The word entrepreneur derives from the French verb entreprendre meaning “to begin something.” Entre means “between” and prendre means “to take.” In short, the successful entrepreneur takes the real opportunity which others cannot see. The smart entrepreneur also takes the least risk by hedging exposure.

5. Analyze Your Strengths
Focus on your abilities and strengths. Remember that self-analysis is not self-criticism. Continue to excel at what you do best, but remember it can also be good to learn new skills. Be truthful to yourself and others about what you know and don’t know.

6. Stay Positive
Your possibilities are another person’s impossibilities. Be careful who you trust and show your gratitude to those who help you. Say thank you and reward others accordingly. To meet aspiring contemporaries can be helpful, but don’t get caught up in the negativity of others who haven’t succeeded. Use your day wisely, keep good company, and put into practice what you learn immediately.

7. Learn from Your Mistakes
Realize that mistakes are only an opportunity for self-correction. Never make the same mistake twice, and always remember it’s better to learn from the mistakes of others. Success comes through change. Repeating the same mistakes brings the same results, which often include pain and suffering. The journey becomes easier when we add good habits and reject bad ones.

8. Practice Self-Discipline
Sound preparation makes finding success easier. Bad preparation and half-baked solutions bring only aggravation. Discipline is your friend and not your enemy! To start a business or become a business leader it is essential to exercise self-discipline, tenacity, a great work ethic, and good decision-making. There are no shortcuts to achieve your goals. The Wolf of Wall Street is not the reality. In the good times save and repay your debts. Greed leads to arrogance which leads to poor judgment and often “the deal of a lifetime” where you may lose everything.

9. Meditate for 1 Percent of Your Day
Meditation gives you a cutting edge and advantage in business and life. It brings greater concentration, calmness, clarity, confidence, and creativity—and tunes us into our intuition. Stressed out, focused, and busy people make the best meditators because they feel the benefits quickly. Meditation was the best investment I ever made for my business and my life.

10. Understand Real Success
Contemplate deeply and be brutally honest with yourself about what you really want in your life and your career. Don’t waste time kidding yourself; instead fully use the talents that you have been given. Money helps, but will it bring contentment or restlessness? Rewards are not just financial. Giving and receiving are two of the most valuable gifts in the world especially when done with a smile! Be truly happy and enjoy making others happy. This is success.

DAVID GREEN is an entrepreneur who set up his business when he was 23 until it was sold when he was 42. David is now an author who writes about leadership, business, and meditation. His latest book, The Invisible Hand, describes how meditation changed his approach to his business and provided more success.
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