John and Tiffaney Malott are top earners in a Dead Sea skincare company that has sold more than $1 billion in retail product sales. The company, launched in 2005, started a network marketing division in May, 2011. Recognizing a ground floor opportunity and attracted to the company’s wow-factor products, the Malotts joined forces with the company in June, 2011 and created rapid success.

They feel their previous multilevel marketing experience, 11 years for Tiffaney and 17 years for John, has prepared them for where they are today. “We are a culmination of our learning experiences,” says John. “Success comes as a result of paying attention, learning from failure, and refusing to give up.”

First Encounter
In 2000, Tiffaney Malott was working for a jelly factory in Memphis, Tennessee, 60 hours a week on the third shift. Her father had passed away the year before after a 30-year career in the manufacturing industry. Despite that service, in the last nine months of his life the company he worked for cut his short-term disability, making the final months of his life more difficult for his entire family. Dealing with the grief of losing her father and feeling overworked and underpaid, Tiffaney was fed up. But she didn’t know where to look for something different.

It was by chance that she met a man who owned his own business. Having a college degree in business, Tiffaney had always been interested in entrepreneurship and had even been encouraged by her father to consider business ownership. Learning that the business owner had experienced the same struggles as she had in the corporate world, Tiffaney was instantly intrigued by the solution he had found. She asked him to send her information on his company. A few weeks later she began her career in network marketing.

Getting Started
Having no experience in multilevel marketing, Tiffaney listened to her sponsor who encouraged her to approach those she knew best with the opportunity. So, Tiffaney began showing her one VHS tape to everyone she could. In her first month, she made an extra $1,000. Feeling encouraged, she built a team and taught them the simple system she was using to create success.

Tiffaney was able to walk away from her job having reached the company’s top rank after five months and was earning a six-figure income three years later. She took an underdeveloped Memphis market and helped more than 40 people reach the top position. She grew a weekly meeting from 30 to 250 people on average.

One day she was looking for a speaker for one of her events. “Many of my business partners recommended John as a dynamic presenter so I called him,” she says. “We met for the first time in 2003 at the event I hosted and have been working together ever since.”

Nearly 20 years ago, long before John took that trip to Memphis, he was also searching for a new path. He attended a motivational seminar where he picked up a newspaper entitled Health, Wealthy, and Wise.

“It featured a promotion for a satellite dish company that brought personal development into your home,” John says. “I knew I needed to work on myself, so I was immediately captivated.” Lacking a college degree or even a high school diploma, John was working as a janitor. Looking for a positive change, he signed up with the personal development company.

Trainer and entertainer, John uses humor to impact lives.

Overcoming Obstacles
John’s early years in network marketing were challenging on many levels. “I felt behind in life,” he says, “specifically in my finances and the way I interacted with people. I recognized I had many character issues I needed to work through before my income could grow.”

For the first four years in his company, living and working in Wisconsin, John never made more than $1,000 a month. His company was bought by a legal services company. Policies and procedures in the new company brought about a change in doing business. John and his team needed to acquire a license to sell the legal plans. This made progress difficult. But, committed to making it work, John continued building and made a little more than $4,000 his first year. The next year brought more success with around $20,000. His third year with the new company brought his six-figure breakthrough of $116,000. Two years later, John was earning over $250,000 per year.

“Though it took me almost seven years to make six figures,” says John, “I was becoming a better person because of the personal development. Les Brown once said, ‘Jump and the net will appear.’ For me, I bounced off the pavement a few times before the net showed up. I now understand I had to go through that process. The alternative was going back to my job as a janitor, which wasn’t appealing. I saw my network marketing opportunity as a way to become more—to improve myself. I also could see myself one day achieving some of the top levels I was watching other people hit.”

Tiffaney had her own set of challenges to overcome before she met John. She learned the importance of people skills and positive communication, which she says she lacked 15 years ago. “Coming from a background in the military and in manufacturing, you don’t really worry about people’s feelings so much,” she adds. “I had to learn how to get people to like me, because in network marketing you work with a volunteer army. If they don’t like you, they don’t have to stick around.”

As Tiffaney was growing in her ability to be relatable, her determination and passion kept her team around and growing. “People still stuck with me even though I wasn’t the easiest person to work with. I believed the Memphis market was going to be huge, despite the fact that no one had been able to grow it big in the 28 years the company had been around. My belief was so strong and my passion so contagious that despite my flaws, people wanted to be part of that journey to the top.”

Changing Companies
John and Tiffaney married in 2006. They built their first company together for five more years, working side by side in business and in life. “There were times when we were ready to kill each other, because we both have strong personalities,” says Tiffaney. “Over the years, our relationship improved as we discovered each other’s strengths and learned to appreciate our differences.”

John adds, “Our work became much better after we met, because we were able to bounce ideas off of each other. In many ways, we are polar opposites. I dropped out of high school in the tenth grade; Tiffaney is highly educated. I’m white; she’s black. These differences allow us to cover a lot more ground than if we’d been building alone. People who didn’t relate well to me related well to her, and vice versa. This allowed us to attract a much broader audience.”

When John and Tiffaney joined their current company in 2011, they experienced a tremendous payoff in all their hard work learning to build together. “We were able to take all those years of working through our own challenges, and turn that into a launching pad for our new business. We really had a grasp of who we were and what we stood for. This attracted a lot of people very quickly when we made the transition.”

Creative yet no-nonsense, Tiffaney´s trainings
give her audiences something to remember.

"Laughter is the best policy!" Even when accepting an award,
John finds a way to use humor to make it enjoyable for all.

Flowering Success
After achieving success in a previous company, starting all over again was daunting. Being hard workers, John and Tiffaney got back into the trenches. They started making calls and looking for people hungry for an opportunity to change their circumstances. It wasn’t long before they began to see the silver lining in a dark cloud.

“We went back to what we call phase one,” says John. “We made presentations in kitchens and living rooms, doing the very thing we ask our new people to do.”

Tiffaney adds, “We made our lists and went to work all over again to lay the foundation for this company. Our situation back then turned out to be what my dad used to call a left-handed blessing. It didn’t look so great in the beginning, but it turned out to be the best thing for us.”

John and Tiffaney also used social media to expand their contact list. “Although we used technology, we were very old-school in our philosophy on approaching people.” says Tiffaney. “We asked to speak to people and shared our enthusiasm. Our passion is what attracted people in the beginning and it’s still attracts people today.”

Working long hours paid off quickly. Though the Malotts were considered successful in their previous company, in their new venture they have reaped substantially higher financial rewards. Tiffaney credits a spiritual approach to life for this gain. “We are grateful to God because we know we would not be here without Him.” she says. “We put Him first in everything we do. We feel that’s why we went from a few hundred thousand a year to over $100,000 per month in three years.”

Just under four years old, their company’s network marketing division has expanded into six countries. John says, “Because of the reach of our retail company, the international expansion on the network marketing side is happening quickly. Our philosophy is build locally, think globally. We believe people should start building in their own back yard, while also introducing international contacts long distance.”

Tiffaney adds, “For the longest time we couldn’t build internationally. Our focus had to be creating strong markets in this country. Now, we benefit from our national leaders having their own international contacts, so our business took off globally without us having to travel. Because we had a large organization at home, it led us to large organizations outside of the U.S. We currently have huge groups in Canada, Korea, Australia—and we are now launching in Japan.”

Duplication and Retention
John and Tiffaney maintain a simple and systematic approach to everything they do, something Tiffaney attributes partly to her past experience.

“I already understood system dependence,” she says. “When you are in the military you can’t veer from the system at all. The cost of changing the system there can be lost lives. When you’re in manufacturing, deviating from the system creates downtime and lost profits. I had no problem following a proven system. I was actually relieved I didn’t have to come up with a new program.”

The Malotts break everything down to its lowest common denominator, even the most basic business-building functions such as contacting and inviting. By giving their team a step-by-step process, they eliminate fear and maximize progress. “We don’t do what works,” says Tiffaney. “We do what duplicates. To sustain duplication in your organization you have to keep a simple system that gets results. When people see it working for them, they will stick with it and teach others to do the same.”

The key to retaining team members, the Malotts say, is to provide a bigger mission for the team than the acquisition of a check. “Every company can show you how to make money,” says Tiffaney. “However, working towards a higher purpose is paramount. That, along with showing your distributors sincere respect and love, establishes an incredibly strong culture and creates loyalty and success.”

Whether they are on stage in front of thousands or in an elevator with one, the Malotts strive for authenticity. They want their team to know they are fully committed to each individual’s personal growth and business success, regardless of their rank.

Tiffaney adds, “One definition of leadership is getting someone to do something they wouldn’t have done without you being there. We help people not just achieve a rank or earn a bigger check, but truly—from the inside out—become more. I believe people are extremely loyal to leaders and companies that pull the best out of them.”

Unafraid of failure, the Malotts believe in providing training and coaching for the task—from inviting and presenting to recruiting and leading—and then stepping back. Tiffaney says, “You don’t learn if you never fail. If you get everything right all the time, you haven’t grown. We want people to be their best selves; and the only way to do that is to let them fail. But be right there to encourage and redirect them to get better for the next time.”

John adds, “We’re totally focused on empowering people—really developing them and getting out of their way. It’s just like letting my daughter fall off her bike a few times before she can start pedaling on her own. Going through the challenges is a necessary part of being able to lead the next generation.”

Developing Self and Others
Both Tiffaney and John credit their desire to grow into better people as a source of their success. When asked which books he recommends, John says, “Everyone should start with How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie. Next, read everything by John C. Maxwell as well as Jim Rohn. We love Tony Robbins’ new book, Money, as well.”

Tiffaney adds, “My life was totally changed and I became a more empowered, determined woman after I read Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. Also, absorb everything you can to gain understanding about leadership and communication skills. But you should be somewhat choosy in who and what you attach yourself to in the field of personal development.”

“Find someone who reflects your philosophy and elevates the profession,” says John. “Stick with the ‘tried and true’—those who teach what’s been tested in battle and emerged victorious. Plug into teachers who actually have experience, not someone who wants you to test an idea they developed in a study that’s never been tried.”

Goal-setting has evolved over the years for the Malotts, and their focus has expanded from their own personal success to looking for “successors” in their organization. Short-term goals include their own rank advancement—they have one more rank to achieve in their company—as well as continued personal growth.

Tiffaney has written a book and produced a corresponding short film called Check Your Baggage. She has more books and events in store to empower networkers around the world.

John adds, “We’ve helped about 50 people in our organization reach a six-figure income. Our medium-term goals include increasing that number significantly by pouring ourselves into the leaders committed to reaching this milestone.”

Tiffaney laughs, “This is so different from when I first got started. My first goal was to just get my investment back. Now, focusing on the success of others drives me a lot more than my personal success. I can work a lot harder for a longer period of time for somebody else than I actually would for myself. It’s an interesting transition we find ourselves in.”

"Work hard, play hard"
Creating new adventures off the coast of Maui.

The Malotts´ Why—family portrait with two of their daughters.

"Creating shares of life." John and Tiffaney include their
children in enjoying new experiences in the Cayman Islands.

Enjoying the Rewards
Both Malotts share a burning desire to continue to impact people’s lives in a significant way. Tiffaney holds a special place in her heart for helping women become stronger as leaders in every aspect of their lives. She says, “I feel I’ve been blessed to be a voice through my leadership and my unique perspective on life through this great profession.”

When asked if he’d have done anything differently, John says through the years he’s learned to appreciate the entire range of their experiences. “I’ve discovered in over 20 years in this profession that if we endured something difficult, it was because we would eventually bring a leader in who would need us to help him or her get through a similar situation. I embrace all the challenges and frustrations, realizing that it is God preparing us for what is yet to come. Everything is for a purpose.”

John is not shy either about the benefits of their chosen life. What he most enjoys is the flexibility of being financially free. “Every day we get to pursue what we want, without our schedules being dictated by a boss or a bill. That’s by far the best part of building a network marketing business.”

Tiffaney agrees, quoting one of her favorite sayings of the company’s CEO Izhak Benshabat: Money is just shares of life.

She explains, “Not only do we have the chance to create our own shares of life, our business enables us to do this continually for others. “I love waking up knowing that I have another day to help people get their breakthrough. What I’m doing for them—whether through a conversation, a training program, or by spending time with them—helps them create more shares of life for themselves and others.”

John adds, “I love seeing changes in people’s lives—how they’ve grown from being scared and timid to powerful and unbelievably strong leaders in their own right. It’s amazing how dramatically a person’s life circumstances can change. Some of our agents had never left their state, and now they have a chance to travel the world.”

Tiffaney fully embraces change, especially when it comes to changing herself. “Over the past 15 years I’ve become a totally different person; and I am just as excited about who I’m going to become over the next 15 years. I am a 10 in the making. I am happy about my process and about becoming better from the inside out.”

Ambassadors for the Profession
Years of personal growth and the experience of leading successful teams have expanded the Malotts’ perspective on life. They agree that at a certain point, success stops being about earning money. John says, “The things I thought were once important, I’m not running after anymore. At this point, my life and work are about significance and legacy. I want our story to be told to the next generation and beyond. We want to be remembered as leaders who paved the way for others in our profession.

“As a part of our legacy, we want to help improve, through our example, the reputation of network marketing with the general public. We want people to look at us and say, ‘Here is a couple that elevates not just their own company, but the profession as a whole.’ Of course, our company is the place where we specifically do that daily; but we’re eager to share and support the possibilities network marketing offers to people across companies.”

John and Tiffaney take their leadership responsibility seriously and are grateful to be a part of the profession. “I grew up with a very low opinion of network marketing,” says Tiffaney. “The irony is that today it’s what I do for a living and it’s been my greatest blessing.”

Looking back on the difficult times throughout their multilevel marketing journey, John and Tiffaney both agree, “We’re glad we stuck it out. This is definitely where we belong.”

Successfully Working Together
Top 10 Tips for Couples

  1. Put the relationship above the situation. The situation will be resolved and over one way or the other. Make sure your relationship isn’t over with it.
  2. Stay in love with each other’s differences. Your differences are what attracted you to each other.  Don’t stop loving the very things that make you the amazing couple you are or can be.
  3. Both of you should be active in your business, because couples cover more ground. Yes, one of you may recruit better, or the other trains better, or is the better organizer. No matter what, because of the two of you, your team will be better.
  4. Listen... and love the different perspectives your partner brings. Different points of view create better business decisions.
  5. Don’t put the business before your relationship. You fill your calendar with events, webinars, and appointments to build your business; be deliberate about scheduling time to build your relationship.
  6. Set goals together. If both of you don’t have a say in where you’re going, it won’t be as much fun getting there.
  7. Edify each other. It’s amazing how distributors often brag about someone else’s success story, but won’t speak highly of their life partner who helps them become their success story. And if your partner isn’t edifying you, you start first.
  8. Communicate with love and respect. Even in a disagreement, fight fairly (and after the presentation or meeting is over). Sticks and stones may break your bones, but ugly words break hearts and destroy dreams.
  9. Travel together as much as you can. Yes, you may have kids at home and can’t go every time, but create new, tax-deductible memories as often as possible. When love is flowing between the two of you, your kids benefit from it the most.
  10. Confide in each other, not fellow distributors. If you can’t resolve it together, go to a Higher Power, not a higher rank.

John and Tiffaney Malott

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