Words of Wisdom by Mark Yarnell

Business Tips from Mark Yarnell

"Back in Missouri where I grew up, every night like clockwork, when the Frisco train pulled away, out came the old barking dogs. Even as a little kid I wondered why those barking dogs chased the train, but now I know: that’s just the nature of barking dogs.
Network marketing is a lot like that. As soon as you pick a company that suits you and start building momentum, out come the barking dogs: the negative parent, the whining spouse, the untrained scientist with expert opinions, the cross-line person from the other company, the list broker who never built squat—all BARKING DOGS. Ignore them. Keep moving forward and you’ll leave them behind; focus on their barking and you’ll temporarily lose your momentum.
Barking dogs chase trains. Let ‘em bark. Let’s roll!"

—Mark Yarnell

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