What are you doing this spring to keep your mind fit and strong? I’m reading Tony Robbins’ new book, Money: Master the Game. Tony’s illuminating look at the myths and truths of money management is a must read for any network marketing professional. In the words of our Nov/Dec 2014 cover feature, Eric Worre, “We all have two businesses. The first is generating income from our network marketing business and the second is managing the money created from that business.”

Understanding money or financial literacy is not something we should ever put off. Much like getting that workout in—the one we know will help us perform physically at a higher level—flexing our financial muscles, as painful as that may sometimes be, is imperative for financial health.

According to the D.S.A., the median income for someone actively working their direct selling or network marketing business for 40 or more hours per week is $34,130. Compare that with the 2013 median income for U.S. men—$33,517—and women— $19,679 (don’t even get me started on this one!)—and you can see that network marketing is a legitimate career, one that demands that we pay attention to our earnings in an even greater fiscally responsible way than if we were working in a traditional job.

In a job, your boss garners your wages, remits your taxes, and perhaps offers you some sort of stock option or savings plan. In network marketing, even working part time, we have the benefit of taking business deductions, managing our own money, and creating an infrastructure that lends itself to realizing the dream of true financial freedom. Our responsibility, as entrepreneurs, is not to bury our heads in the sand. Instead we must be our own financial advocates and the only way to do this with certainty is to educate ourselves!

I want to personally congratulate you for making a decision to own your future and encourage you to devour this entire issue. Orrin Woodward will teach you about the financial matrix we all live under, and how building a network marketing business is the best vehicle for most families to escape an endless circle of compounded debt. Tax attorney Sandy Botkin will show you how to Be prepared for retirement, and John Solleder introduces the concept of the four-generation family, giving you a plan for building a financial fortress around your loved ones.

At Networking Times we are proud of our readers, just like you, who are striving to get better and better. We want to hear how you are flexing your financial muscles. Visit our fan page on Facebook and share your stories with #networkingtimes.

Let’s go out there and be shining ambassadors of our profession by sharing with the world how financially empowered we can become with network marketing.

Go for it!

SUSAN SLY is a top income earner, bestselling author, sought-after speaker, and reputable trainer in the network marketing space. A passionate advocate of the profession, she is an Editorial Adviser for Networking Times.

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