It was 1:00 a.m. in Bulgaria—never too late there to keep celebrating. I was sitting in the audience at a Eurasian gala event, tears of joy flowing freely. I was seeing the ripple effect of a pebble I had tossed into the waters of network marketing more than two decades before.

The emcee had just invited all the children up on the stage. These were the offspring of a substantial team I had grown throughout Eurasia. There might have been more than 200 of them. They had come with their parents to celebrate the personal and financial rewards of changing lives.

Network marketing can change you in every area of your life. I’m not even remotely the same young girl that started her business in the late 80s. Single mom, no business experience, little money, three little kids, and a fourth to come in the future. My children were my why. I wanted to give them extraordinary lives. I had the burning desire to succeed.

I made my first million dollars within my first three years. Over time I would discover the greatest reward of all. It’s who you become, and who you help others become in the process. The depth of personal development and the breadth of business skills you learn can lead to the financial and time freedom promised by our business model. This and the joy of helping others can’t help but transform lives. I’ve seen it happen over and over again.

I’ve also seen my children become self-sufficient, resilient, responsible adults and entrepreneurs—probably as an indirect result of my early activities. Almost always on the phone or on the road, I was driven to develop a system that would keep order in our household and get things done. It helped me teach my children the character values, life skills, and business skills that would serve them forever, while also saving my sanity and enabling me to build a team. In turn, the recurring income afforded us extensive world travel, which enlightened and expanded their perspectives even more.

Now watching the children of my Eurasian team members, I was seeing all the proof you’d ever need of the life-changing power of our profession. They were here because their parents had chosen to pursue their dream. I started this business for my children, and now more children in different parts of the world also have promising new futures—children whose names I don’t even know. That’s part of the magic of network marketing. You never know the ripple effect of a simple act.

In this extraordinary profession, you can’t succeed unless you help others. To do that, you’ll be constantly growing yourself. If you continue this journey and keep an open heart, you’ll find that every area of your life expands. You’ll experience more joy, you’ll become a better person, and your life will be unrecognizable compared to what it was when you began.

MARGIE ALIPRANDI is a 27-year network marketing veteran with a team of over 250,000 people spanning 29 countries. She is an international speaker/trainer, bestselling author of How to Get Absolutely Anything You Want, and coauthor with Martha Finney of the bestselling Best Worst First.

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