Brian Knowler
At first, network marketing was just a way for my wife and business partner Cathy, my children, and I to start consuming some healthy products and pay a few bills. Then came my job-related PTSD diagnosis (I’m a police officer in Ontario, Canada.) After that, our network marketing business became literally a life-saver: taking our products helped me heal mind and body, and growing our business gave me a focus other than my trauma. Now, three years later, I’ve grown our network marketing practice into Project Healthy Heroes. My goal is to show other “first responders” that PTSD can be conquered through natural methods and that by creating a network of strong, supportive, likeminded individuals, nothing can hold us back from rediscovering who we used—and are meant—to be! 

Jeff & Alissa Boris
Network marketing not only made me a better person, but created a better lifestyle for enjoying more of what excites us. Every night I go to bed with dreams and wake up to a vision and vehicle to accomplish them. Wanting more for others than they see possible for themselves is what drives my wife and I every day to do what we do. Living in harmony with our dreams and in service of others has also been the greatest example we can set for our children.

Lise Gravel
Being in my 25th year of teaching, I have a part-time network marketing business that has given me wings to expand my skills and passions. I love to have the sky as my limit as I constantly push myself, learn from my leaders and team, and show my own two children that there is another way!

Sarah & Evan Young
Graduating college during an economic recession left myself and many of my peers speechless. We didn’t realize it at the time, but we would be the first generation of the 21st century to navigate and create an entirely new way of making a living. To this day, only a small percentage of my peers are able to find work within their field of study.  When they do, they are forced to compete heavily against each other for the few positions available.

When network marketing came into my life, it became my purpose. I started sharing it to empower my generation to rise up and take back our lives. Today, my husband Evan and I work with all age groups to create a community of collaborators versus competitors. Our passion is to educate our millennials and future generations on how to take full control of their future and create fun, abundant, and purpose-driven lives through the profession of network marketing.

Sheri Clotiaux
Network marketing gave my life a purpose again! After teaching art for 14 years and then quitting I felt at a loss for what to do. Network marketing has given me self confidence and direction. I see not only financial freedom for my own family, I also see a way to pay it forward and help others. I love our products because they give me vibrant health every day.

Christine Slater
Network marketing has made me a successful business woman by providing a safe environment to overcome fears of connecting with new people and to assist team members in achieving their business and personal goals. My business has enabled me to successfully replace our family’s second “traditional” corporate income with residual income, allowing us the freedom to do what we want to do, when we want to do it.

Teresa Van Hoesen
Before network marketing I was a sarcastic, unhappy person with bad habits that kept my life in a holding pattern. Network marketing is “a personal development program with a pay check.” Since I wanted the pay check, I immersed myself in the personal development. As a result I’m happy, confident, social, and I have dropped those bad habits. Who I’ve become is more valuable to me than anything money could buy.

Dr. Michelle Statton-Dickie
Network marketing is allowing me to slow down to speed up and enjoy my family.

Shannon Lewis
I’m so surprised one of the biggest benefits I’ve received so far from network marketing is the personal development. As I work on myself, I’m becoming someone I never thought I could be--mainly a leader. I am a better listener and give unconditionally, without the expectation of anything in return. Conquering some of my fears in this business is a process, and I know when I conquer them, watch out! Network marketing has uncovered my drive and ambition, and I have no doubt that I will retire my husband in 4 to 5 years from his corporate job which is stressful and exhausting. We will live a life of freedom, abundance, and contribution. I’m turning into a hero in my own right!

Becky Ford
While on my quest for financial freedom, I found network marketing. This business model has taught me to be free from my own hang-ups and get out of my own head. I’ve learned to worry less about how people might perceive me, and I avoid making up stories about what they may think. As a result, I am reconnecting with old friends and opening myself up to meeting and befriending new people. I usually ask them one simple question, “Are you open to take a look?” Then, I just honor their answer and where they’re at in life. What a concept! Loving my business. Loving people. Loving life!

Laura Mulvihill
Network marketing has allowed me to be a balanced wife, mother, friend, and business owner. No other profession allows you to put your family first and create a 6-figure income in the pockets of your day. I love being home to send the kids off to school and here as soon as they walk in the door. Between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m. I work with my team, work out, do conference calls, and plan healthy meals. I also love working from our cottage all summer, or on the beach! It truly is life changing.

Elliott Kosmicki
Network marketing has given my boys a father who has his destiny in his own hands instead of in the hands of someone else. They will have a legacy to learn from and build on if they choose. I owe this to the profession of network marketing.

Lisa Jimenez, M.Ed.
Network marketing has given me the leveraged, dependable income that was missing in my speaking and coaching business. As lucrative as my speaking business is, as soon as I step off a platform, I’m basically unemployed. With network marketing I have consistent, dependable income. It’s been incredibly fulfilling to help grow, mentor, and inspire a team of likeminded people who love people, and to be rewarded financially for helping them create their own leveraged income. What a beautiful business model we have!

Cindy Holt
Network marketing has made me a better person because it has taught me to deeply listen to people and try to understand what they want at a core level. I feel I am a better communicator all around as I no longer try to listen to “just enough” of their story so I can tell mine.

Steve and Amy Machado
We are so thankful for finding network marketing and everything it has helped us achieve. The personal development and vision work we have been involved in has made us better parents to our amazing children, better leaders in our other businesses, a better couple, and better people all around. This business has allowed us to share amazing trips with our family and create lasting friendships that continue to propel us forward. Thank you for this great opportunity!

John W. Riddle
Network marketing has made me a better listener. Instead of asking questions with an agenda, I now ask because I’m truly curious to find out more about the other person. It brings me great joy and fulfillment to have people feel honored by our conversation whether they join our company or not. I’ve always been a people person, but network marketing has given this a whole new meaning and taken my contribution to others to whole new level.

Kelly Ann Zander
You’d like to learn to skate? Yes, you can! You want to ski? Of course! Disney World? Let’s do it! Network marketing is the vehicle that’s allowing me, as a parent, to be able to financially support my girls as they discover their passions.

Lara Marjerrison
Network marketing made me a better mother by helping me grow and change through the worst trauma of my life. My son sustained a profound brain injury at age 2.5 and deteriorated over time to the extent that I nearly lost him in early 2013. Network marketing not only provided the health products that kept us both physically and emotionally able to endure and recover from the crisis, it also granted me the time and financial freedom to be where I belonged—with my son. I have grown, through the incredible personal development training inherent to the profession, from someone who was angry and distraught into a woman who is available, at peace, more present, and focused on the few things in life that truly matter. Network marketing has been our greatest Godsend.

Emmie Olivas
Network marketing not only allows me the opportunity to be present and stay home with my 6-month-old daughter, it has also allowed me to change the lives of other mothers who were looking for a solution to earn income for their family while being able to raise their children. This business has also made me get out of my own comfort zone to connect with people I normally wouldn’t connect with. This ultimately changed their lives, while also changing mine because I can be a part of their growth.

Debra-Lee Pollard
I’m a mother, pastor’s wife, teacher, friend, daughter, and sister—and this is where my list always ended. Since I started network marketing almost 2 years ago I would like to add a few more words to that description: I am determined, driven, capable, coachable, inspiring, and confident! I am a network marketing professional and I love everything I’m learning about myself. I especially love the ways I am now able to help so many people step into a life of happiness and freedom. I am excited for all that lies ahead. This is a better way!

Leigh Ann Levy
As a result of building a network marketing business, I am no longer the same person I was when I entered the profession. I have a positive outlook on life and handle people and situations more effectively and objectively. The people I’ve met along the way have assisted me in creating the life and business of my dreams. I’m eternally grateful to God and the series of events that led me to network marketing. I look forward to continuing to build my legacy in the profession.

Jenn Perry
Network marketing has opened my heart to new possibilities: the possibility of not trading my time for money; the possibility of being paid what I am worth depending on how hard I choose to work. I have regained my self-worth and confidence. In this business I have met incredible people who share the same vision. I have developed long-lasting, healthy relationships and allowed myself to let go of the negative ones. For the first time in my life, I feel in control of my destiny--and I love helping others take control of theirs in the process. This all leads to me being a better wife, mother, friend, business partner, and most importantly a better version of myself.

Jo McKee
I love that network marketing shapes me every day. I’m learning to listen and serve; and when we learn, we come alive! I see my role as a “water carrier” bringing life-giving resources to both my customers and my team. And what an incredible privilege it is to run a business that truly allows people to achieve their dreams!

Marissa McDonough
Network marketing has made me a better mom, wife, friend, and overall person, simply because I have control over my time. I have the ability to choose how to use my time, talents, and resources to help others. I am now a present mother and a contributor in my community, giving financially to those in need—all things I struggled with in my former life as a real estate professional. Most of all, I can help others realize there is a better way and they have a choice to change.


Patti Ann Ridgway
The “divinely inspired” business model of network marketing has given me the opportunity to grow into the person I was created to be: one who can make a difference in people’s lives and the world at large. My motto in the business is, “Withhold not good from them to whom it is due, when it is in the power of thine hand to do it.”—Proverbs 3:27.

Faouzi Daghistani
One of the first things we understand in this profession is that it’s not just about products and pay plans. Our main interaction is with people. My business has helped me develop understanding, empathy, inspiration, sociability, sincerity, and many other qualities that are required to lead an organization of people of all backgrounds and temperaments. These qualities have helped me enormously in my interactions with people outside of network marketing. Without this profession, I doubt I would have realized that developing myself personally is a major key to success in all areas of life.

Sarah MacIsaac
Networking marketing has given me the confidence and the competence to thrive in all areas of my life. I have deepened both my personal and professional relationships and I continue to do so. It has brought my best self out and pushed me to grow in ways I did not know I was capable of.

Gianna Miceli
How network marketing made me a better person? It’s a constant evolution of self-improvement. I want to be the best person I can be and help as many as I can with the same goal.

Amber Voight
The personal development you go through in our profession can be used in all aspects of life. I’m a better mom, better wife, better friend, better me thanks to the books I’ve read and conferences I’ve attended. I can take the skills I learned in this profession and use them to excel in anything in life.

Joel and Chris Medina
Network marketing makes us better people by giving us the opportunity to be a young-adult married couple leading by example for the new generations that want to make a change in their lives within our country and the world. Here in the Dominican Republic, a third world country, basic needs such as education and health are big struggles for most because of poverty. Thanks to network marketing, we show the community we have options and we share them. We don’t have to rely on the government, jobs, or charity to meet our needs. We can achieve our dreams by building our own business and be financially free. Network marketing makes us social entrepreneurs liberating families from financial pain.