Recently, I saw a movie called Into the Woods. It featured one particular scene that made me reflect on how network marketing has changed my perspective in life.

The “Jack and the Beanstalk” segment depicts young Jack as a poor, lonely farm boy. His only friend in the world is his cow Milky White. Jack’s cruel mother sold his beloved cow because she wasn’t producing any milk. Jack is devastated that he wasn’t able to save his precious friend. He feels his life is completely insignificant and meaningless. Later on Jack surprises us as he bravely robs giants of their gold to buy back his beloved cow. As Jack returns to the beanstalk, he is beaming as he hangs high up in the sky and fearlessly leans out into the world, holding on to the beanstalk by his fingertips. Jack looks down on his lowly farmhouse and then his gaze expands to include the entire earth below. His life, once seemingly meaningless, is now transformed by what he has accomplished for such a worthy cause.

His point of reference has now enhanced his once insignificant perspective. He vibrantly sings about how he will never view the world or his life the same way, for he now has a more infinite vision of his existence. This powerful scene reminds me of one of my all-time favorite quotes by Leonardo da Vinci: “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”

When I was a child, my father encouraged me to see things differently and to see myself differently. He counseled me, “Don’t be just a sheep… don’t be a blind follower! You were born to lead. You can choose to take the path less traveled and blaze a new trail. You can try new things until you find out what you are good at and come to know who you truly are.”

Dad shared a story with me back then, about an eagle being raised in a chicken coop believing it was a chicken. That story has guided me all these years. Every child should read it.

Looking back, I realize I was different from most. I was often not present at school. I never had a job. I resented many kinds of authority, conditioning, and programming. I rejected rigid structure and even dropped out of college after just one class. I knew early on that my path was not that of the majority of people. This knowledge, coupled with my parents support, gave me an empowering sense of autonomy that has served me my entire life.

When I turned 16, I remember my dad discouraging me from getting a job like the rest of my friends did. He believed I would be inspired and learn more from challenging myself with a business model that I created rather than bagging groceries at the local store. So he helped me start my own business.

When I found network marketing at the age of 21, I finally felt like I had found my niche, my “perfect fit,” and this profession quickly became my passion. As Leonardo da Vinci so eloquently stated centuries ago, I had “tasted flight” and I craved the freedom it gave my spirit to soar and create without any limitations.

Network marketing has enriched so many aspects of my life. One of the most precious gifts life offers each of us is the ability to form and nurture relationships with the people we meet. This profession has enabled me to develop these relationships, and celebrate the uniqueness of humanity. I have found myself becoming less judgmental and more appreciative of our differences. I have found that we work well as a community when we can collaborate and share our strengths to build something lasting together. Our business model is based on a volunteer workforce, something I’ve come to value and honor. People from many different backgrounds choose to dedicate whatever time they can afford to create a better quality of life for themselves and others.

In network marketing we are in the business of communicating. The better we become at listening, connecting, and understanding and appreciating other people’s viewpoints, the larger the impact we will have in our business and our world. Better communication skills are key to better relationships—and a better life.

Network marketing teaches us to be constantly evolving as individuals. Our quest for personal development expands into all aspects of our lives as we strive to find ways to improve. I get to learn from a myriad of people from many different cultures who all have something to contribute to my life experience and education.

I truly believe the profession of network marketing has made me a better husband, father, relative, friend, neighbor, coach, and citizen. I have more time to serve when called on. I can afford to be there for the moments that matter most, and that has been one of the greatest gifts in my life. To be present, to celebrate victory, or to encourage someone through a storm has given me experiences that have made me understand why we are all here. In other words, I get to say yes more than no. Yes to possibilities and experiences. Yes to relationships. Yes to progress and personal development.

Jack’s “why” empowered him to proactively go beyond his limitations, to forge new relationships, and to ultimately win the prize. Network marketing can do the same for each of us. As we strive for a life of greatness, we too can be transformed by what we have accomplished for this worthy cause.

SEAN ESCOBAR and his wife CRYSTAL live in Utah with their 4 young children. Sean’s dream was to work from home helping people overcome self-limiting attitudes and realize their full potential. He wanted to spend the majority of his time with the ones he loves the most, his family. Realizing his dream, Sean achieved 6-figure income success at the age of 23 and Million Dollar Income Earner status at age 27, a record in his company.

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