Network marketing has a magical way of continually challenging us—and overcoming challenge is how we grow and become better. Looking back on the last three years, I find myself: 

Being more present—in body and in mind. I’ll venture a guess that most people don’t give two shakes about your business until they know what it can do for them. For you to make that connection, your focus has to be on them, which means being present during your interaction with them. And since repeated action is what creates habits, I’ll bet that this is one habit even your family would appreciate. For me, being present translates into taking the time to visit with my nephews; listening to a customer or teammate while they speak instead of verbally overwhelming them; enjoying life moment by moment.

Being more compassionate. I’ve travelled to and lived in different states and countries. I firmly believe we are all humans and that this supersedes any race or cultural differences. However, network marketing has challenged and expanded this belief. In a business built on sharing, customers and teammates will challenge your requests and expectations. They will surprise you by not always doing what they promised, by disappearing, by asking things of you, and even by showing up at inconvenient times. Loving others through our human challenges is not always simple or easy, but doing it with compassion will always take you to the best outcome. 

Being more honest. How many times have you broken promises—to yourself? Not that it’s cool to break promises to other people either. Repeated action creates habits. Continually not keeping your word, to yourself or others, can create a cycle of guilt and fear. On the flipside, being true to yourself eliminates so many of our own hang-ups, because it eliminates that cycle of guilt and fear and leaves its opposite—love! When we are true to our word, we prove ourselves trustworthy. Love and trust make good bedfellows. Do you have a retailer you keep going back to? I’ll bet that trust (and even love) is a huge factor in that.

The best part about living life honestly has been the reduction of my mental chatter. In turn, this has allowed me to be more present and compassionate. Yup, I like the way this circle is going—and as far as I can tell, so do my loved ones.

Will I say I’m no longer a perfectionist? Not yet—and maybe never. Do I still care what people think? Sometimes. Do I love the person I’m becoming every day? Absolutely! This business has definitely made me a better version of myself. I make a conscious choice each day to be patient and kind, not to judge but to love, and to be happy. This is my measuring standard and I’m glad my network marketing business has helped me rise to the challenge.

For graphic designer ROANNE BACCHUS, finding network marketing was a happy accident and an equal opportunity in every regard. Today, family, friends, travel, philanthropy, and sunshine is what fills her life. Two of her favorite things about the business are meeting people from all walks of life and the intangible gifts, such as character development, gained from growing a network marketing business. 

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