Network marketing started teaching my husband invaluable lessons even before he was working the business. John was introduced to the profession when I joined our company and quickly started growing a team around my PR business, our kids, and a host of extra-curricular activities.

When I started I had a lot on my plate, but John was juggling even more: a thriving medical practice, writing his latest book, building a dietary supplement company from the ground up, and lecturing at medical conferences. Yet he was willing to stretch even further and start shouldering more of the responsibilities around the house and with the kids. This teamwork within our marriage and home helped John focus more on our family, and we grew closer and became even more a part of each other’s lives.

About a year later my income allowed John to step away from clinical practice, which he no longer loved. We moved from Montana back to Southern California where he had the privilege of helping his mother during the final years of her life. Network marketing was causing my husband’s life to become less frenetic and more balanced.

For a while John was struggling with the fact that his primary identity had changed from a prestigious, internationally recognized clinician, to a husband and father. After all those years of med school, building his practice, securing his reputation as a researcher and writer, and building his own start-up, he had a hard time allowing himself to love his new-found passion for cooking, raising kids, and going surfing on a workday.

Thankfully he started hearing from lots of men how lucky he was. He started to see he’d been given one of the greatest gifts a husband and father could have: total time freedom to spend with his family, build an entrepreneurial venture of his own, and explore passions and hobbies that had been put on the back burner. Network marketing forced him to relearn how to relax, be in the moment, discover his innate sense of self-worth separate from any job title or career and get more clarity about what he wanted to do next.

When his dietary supplement company grew large enough that it didn’t require as much of his time, he knew he didn’t want to return to clinical practice and lose the freedom he had come to love. He realized that if he joined me in business, geography would be irrelevant and allow him to impact the lives of thousands.

In the year and a half we’ve been building our business together, John’s experienced the invaluable benefits I have. He’s energized by our connections to so many amazing people and he’s having a blast. On a company incentive trip in Bora Bora, he was even given the unofficial award of “Most Fun” by one of our company founders.

We give thanks every day for all the gifts this profession has showered upon us. Chief among them is how it has allowed John to become a better husband, father, teacher, and ever-closer to the man he was destined to be.

If you ask John today who he is, he’ll say he’s a dedicated husband and father to two amazing kids. And he’ll also tell you he and his wife are entrepreneurs who help people dream more, be more, and have more. Network marketing gave John the prescription to live full out, and gave both of us the life of our dreams.

ROMI & JOHN NEUSTADT escaped the billable hour through network marketing. They wrote these pieces “serenaded” by their kids’ singing, yelling, laughing, and bongo-playing. They live in San Diego, California and love to have business meetings on the beach.

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