Four years ago my wife Romi stood on stage at our company’s convention to accept the Top Recruiter award. “In order to be wildly successful at this business,” she said, “we have to become better versions of ourselves.”

Still a relative newbie, she’d already learned this business forces us to address the parts of our personalities, thoughts, and habits that hold us back from becoming all we can be. Holding up a mirror to herself, she learned some things had to change. In her previous careers as a lawyer and PR consultant specializing in crisis management, Romi’s ability to manage others and control events was a huge asset. But in network marketing we don’t manage people and don’t have control over when or if someone will buy our products or join our business, or what they’ll do with it. To thrive we instead provide them the tools and support to succeed and inspire them to strive for more, become more, and dream bigger.

Romi loves to quote legendary coach John Wooden, “The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own personal example.” As soon as she focused on simply becoming the kind of leader she’d want to follow, she started experiencing huge growth personally and in business. Leading by example through consistent income-producing and personal development activities, she sets the pace for our team.

The lessons she learned in network marketing have transformed how she thinks and feels about people in all aspects of her life. Some people may not be who we expect them to be, or stay as long as we’d like. But Romi now celebrates every person coming into her life as a gift, each bringing new experiences and lessons.

These invaluable lessons have made Romi a better wife and mom for our two kids. I’ve watched as she’s become more relaxed, more accepting, and a lot more fun to be around. She models for our children the same behavior, ethics, and love for service that she does for our team. And in so doing, she hopes to give our children the best possible foundation that they’ll refer back to throughout their lives.

As most parents, we don’t always understand our kids’ motivations or how different their priorities and goals might be from ours. This business has helped Romi accept them for who they are and who they want to become, and to do her best to talk to them in ways that help them cultivate their own strengths and talents. I marvel as I watch her share her experiences and insights, always making sure the kids feel supported and loved no matter what.

This profession is a never-ending opportunity to reflect and grow, and Romi’s personal growth has kept pace with the paycheck. That’s a mirror I know she loves looking into, and she’s a partner I love sharing my life with, now more than ever.

ROMI & JOHN NEUSTADT escaped the billable hour through network marketing. They wrote these pieces “serenaded” by their kids’ singing, yelling, laughing, and bongo-playing. They live in San Diego, California and love to have business meetings on the beach.

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