The network marketing profession promises unlimited opportunities for wealth and freedom. But can it make you a better person? In my own experience, it absolutely did. Here’s how the business changed my life.

I joined my first company in the eighties. I had just gotten clean and sober after years of battling addiction and I was starting over from square one. With minimal start-up costs, network marketing allowed me to launch and build a business from the comfort of my small, modest apartment.

From the very beginning of my network marketing career, I was exposed to high achievers—5- and 6-figure income earners—and had the opportunity to be personally mentored by them. One of my greatest privileges was meeting Jim Rohn soon after I got started. By watching and listening to him, I learned incredible lessons about personal development and self-improvement. I gained a new sense of confidence and self-esteem.

Personal development provided me with an entire education. I began attending conferences and events, reading voraciously, and listening to audio programs. The book Think and Grow Rich changed my life. Through network marketing I realized the world was a much larger place than I imagined. My own world changed, and I developed a global perspective. I began to think big—and dream bigger. In addition, a whole new world of health and nutrition opened up for me.

I joined a spiritual community I felt deeply connected to. I had the privilege of being part of mastermind groups. I learned the power of leverage. The typical individual gets paid as long as he or she works. There is a limit to the income that person can earn—whether he is a hard-working construction worker or a prominent attorney. In network marketing, I learned how to make money work for me by leveraging the efforts of others. I was in business for myself—but not by myself.

I went from being a solo-preneur to building my first organization, where I learned to lead and mentor others. I discovered the power of influence.

The setbacks I experienced (and there were many) taught me the value of failure. I learned how to get back up, and I developed the mindset of not being denied. I held onto my vision, even when I couldn’t see the path that would lead to its fulfillment.

My business skills increased, as did my people skills and communications skills. The training I received in sales, marketing, and branding was of the highest quality and of more practical value than if I had earned an advanced college degree.

Network marketing impacted every area of my life in positive ways, but the most important way it made me a better person goes far beyond the wealth and freedom I experienced. It’s the person I’ve become and the relationships I’ve been able to develop with so many exceptional individuals.

JEFF COMBS is an internationally recognized network marketing and direct sales trainer, specializing in prospecting, leadership, personal breakthroughs, prosperity consciousness, scripts, and mindset training. Jeff is the president of Golden Mastermind Seminars Inc. and is committed to assisting people change the way they feel in order to achieve their goals and dreams.

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