Network marketing is the only business in the world that offers ongoing personal development training. I work with my team with love and always want to bring out the best in everyone. Network marketing has also made me:

A Better Spouse:
The institution of marriage is challenging due to the partners’ differences in upbringing, emotional makeup, and so on; however, we can apply a team dynamic to make it work. Network marketing has taught me a lot about attitude: having a huge ego can ruin things, while humility pays better.

Listening to my spouse brings out the best in her and working side by side gives us great joy because we are not competitors; we see the dream together and share a common goal. It is very beneficial to my team members to see me working lovingly with my spouse, because they see the need to work with their spouses and build healthy relationships. Remember, a team copies 99 percent of what the leader does. An unhealthy relationship with your spouse shows a lack of respect for the leader, and may result in stunted or no growth for the business.

A Better Teacher:
I never knew I had so many talents until I joined this business and had the opportunity to be mentored and trained by top leaders around the world. To be a better teacher, one first needs to learn a lot and master the basic skills to be successful.

I invested in personal development and attended events like Art Jonak’s Mastermind event, which totally blew me away. Having grown into a teacher, I now know better how to positively impact people’s lives and how to help others understand with simple explanations how they can be a part of this fabulous profession.

Having no wish to be employed, because I do honestly love what I do, I know there will be difficulties in one way or another. However I believe I’m safe compared to if I were working for somebody else. In my community I’m known as a leader helping my fellow men and women, old and young, to start and run their own business instead of waiting for employment that may never come.

Network marketing has also made me a powerful speaker. It has made me consider motivational speaking as a force for change. I can speak confidently in front of large audiences without display of nerves. This confidence has helped me focus, set smart goals, and work out plans to achieve them successfully. Seeing me speak and motivate young ones as a teacher has also opened up a lot of entrepreneurship avenues for the unemployed around me.

A Better Parent:
Parenthood does not necessarily mean having biological children; with your team members you can create the fun of parenthood. Guiding them through difficulties, celebrating their achievements, acting as a counselor to manage their emotions, and reprimanding the disorderly all make up the elements of parenting. The network marketing profession has made me good at it without even having my own kids yet. The profession exposed me to all the intricacies, quirks, and emotions of managing fellow humans and this has set me on the path of being a better parent.

When managing team members and relations, you need to apply love, forgiveness, and a lot of patience. These are the same characteristics required for parenting and they were mostly lacking in me (especially forgiveness and patience). This profession has also made me better in managing different expectations.

A Better Neighbor:
Growing up in a communal African society has been fun. We were taught to share with others and that foundation in addition to my chosen career has enhanced my potential to love. The network marketing profession makes me want to give more of my time and share more of my experiences, joys, and challenges with my neighbors. It makes me help more. We’ve not had any problems with our neighbors and any misunderstandings are resolved since I always want to model the right behaviors and enhance the beauty of this career with goodness.

A Better Employee:
I have never been employed, however my spouse has been working for someone. She also has benefited from the network marketing model since she sees me set goals and endeavor to achieve them. This spurs her to want to deliver in her chosen career. She has earned the confidence of her bosses, and the love and respect of her junior colleagues and peers.

In summary, network marketing has brought out qualities in me I never thought I had, such as compassion, patience, empathy, and forgiveness. The willingness to learn from my mistakes has made me see difficulties and challenges as building blocks for growth instead of letting them discourage me. Improving my communication skills, working on my shortcomings and temperament, and being much more accommodating to all has in effect made me a better person.

I’d like to use this opportunity to thank those who have made a huge impact in my life due to their selflessness and professionalism. I had the privilege of meeting and learning from these pace setters: Art Jonak, Tom Big Al Schreiter, Jordan Adler, Randy Gage, Sarah Robbins, Chris Gross, Andy Duli, Wes Linden, Orjan and Hilde Saele, all my team members and leaders, and a lot more people I may not mention. Thanks to all for making the network marketing Mastermind event a hub for building professionals. We are so grateful to the pioneers of this great profession for never giving up. Because of their genius ways of persevering, a lot of people are living healthy and wealthy lives today.

Based in Nigeria, GENE ADIGU is a young network marketing professional who does the business full time while his wife Didi helps him part time. Gene and Didi built a multiple-6-figure income and have helped many others succeed in the last 4 years. Gene is a leader who brings hope to the young generation, not just in Africa but around the world.

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