I have been in network marketing for about 28 years and have seen some amazing things come and go—from technology, to companies, to leaders. Our business truly has a somewhat transient culture in some respects, but in others there is a lot of consistency. One thing I have learned over time is that there is nothing more powerful than network marketing to make you a person of power.

Many people live their lives with a weakness-driven focus. They do not engage their strengths, but instead engage their weaknesses because it feels comfortable and they learned it from their friends and family. There is nothing wrong with that, but it does limit a lot of what we can accomplish over the course of our lives.

Weakness is an accepted part of life in our western culture, as most simply “follow the herd” and let the power that is inside of them become dormant. However, there are those of us who discover network marketing and suddenly it seems as though the power switch gets flipped on. They start seeing possibilities they were missing before, realizing things they had missed and expecting things they had never dreamed of before.

Truly network marketing is a “power releaser.” There are 4 ways in which network marketing makes you a more powerful person and leader. I have been blessed to experience them all, and have been radically changed by it. I hope you will as well, because there is no more powerful path to travel. Here are the 4 ways:

  1. It makes you a more powerful communicator.

    Communication is critical in our profession. If you are not a good communicator, then you will surely struggle. My wife Jodi and I have learned so much about how to communicate, how to drive a message forward, and how to craft a message online that pulls people in. It was network marketing that forced us to get better at messaging and communicating.

    Here is something I learned from my mentor: The most powerful communicator wins. If you are struggling or new in the profession, take the time to learn how to communicate more powerfully. Network marketing demands it, and nothing else will satisfy that demand. Talk to your upline and find out the secrets of magnetic communication. Be confident in what you say, be convinced in what you message, and be relentless in your commitment to it. The more powerful the communication, the more powerful your results will be.

  2. It makes you a more powerful people person.

    Network marketing is a people business. Because of that, it forces you to become more people-driven and more people-focused. Hone your people skills so that you are able to connect with people and construct lasting friendships.

    Network marketing forces you to get out of your shell. You cannot be a hermit in this profession. Because of that, it takes you to a new level of interaction and connection. This can intimidate people, as it is a skill that most of us are not born with. But as you grow with this profession (and I have coached hundreds of folks on developing magnetic people skills), you will find that your interaction with people online as well as offline becomes more powerful and natural.

    People skills are a must in network marketing. You must learn to be comfortable with those you know and even those you don’t know. You must learn to focus on what people want, not what you want. There is no better place or “school” to learn this then network marketing. It truly is a people-powered business.

  3. It makes you a more powerful problem solver.

    In every business there are problems. The very nature of business is filling needs and solving problems people have. Network marketing forces you to get better at looking at and understanding situations, and then coming up with the right solution for your team as well as for your prospects.

    The greatest leaders in our profession are the greatest solution specialists. They have learned that you must become more creative in your approach to overcoming obstacles—which can be as simple as changing your own thinking. Whatever the problem or obstacle is, network marketing forces you to look at it differently than you might have in the past, and come up with a solution that most would not even think of. That is the transformative power of this profession. It forces the best in you to come out and be developed. That is what we all want in business and in life.

  4. It makes you a more powerful friend.

    Friendship is an important part of life. It is also a critical element in network marketing. There is a saying, “It’s easier to recruit a friend than a stranger.” Network marketing will “force” you to become better at making new friends as well as at deepening existing friendships. Why? It is the nature of the profession.

    Any time you develop a new discipline, it is going to impact every other discipline you have. Building more powerful relationship skills is one of the true gifts of this profession. You will start looking at friends differently. You will build closer friendships with them because of the closeness and collaboration the business requires. You will care more because of it. You will become more aware that it is not about you, but them. You will want to do more for them, as that is what true friends do.

These are the 4 ways in which network marketing can help you become a better and more powerful person. If you stay the course, you will find they will do wonders for you and your business.

DOUG FIREBAUGH has been a coach to networking professionals and a veteran networker himself for 28 years. He also is an author, a cofounder of the Home Business Radio Network, and the show host for the daily radio talk show “The Millionaire Road.”

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