As long as you have skills, you will never be without a job. This was the consistent message my dad taught me throughout my youth. When he insisted that I learn how to drive a stick shift despite me whining that all my friends were learning on automatic he replied, “You will be able to drive a high-end sports car or a tractor. You can either be a race car driver or work on a farm.” With his determined, engineer’s mind, we continued the lesson even though the transmission rebelled against my constant mishaps.

My father was a serial entrepreneur. When he started his telemarketing business, I became his first employee. At age 14 I learned how to cold call a list. “Susan,” he said, “as long as you can sell, you will always have a roof over your head and food on the table.”

Little did I know my father’s constant inspiration to learn and apply new skills would eventually lead me to a career in network marketing. Everyone agrees it’s an arena that avails us to pursue personal betterment. It’s more than a profession; depending on what we put into it, it can become a vehicle for self improvement in all areas of our lives. In this business, our ability to grow our incomes parallels our ability to grow ourselves. Unlike many other career paths we could take, network marketing challenges us to evolve constantly.

In this issue we ask network marketing leaders, “How has this profession made you better?” And we mean physically, financially, mentally, as well as spiritually.

I feel deeply honored to write this issue’s leadoff. Dr. Josephine and Chris Gross, cofounders of Networking Times, have always inspired me to be a better person. They ceaselessly invest time from their highly productive schedules to educate me on our profession and search for innovative ways to spread the message that network marketing is a bona fide career path, one that will soon be on par with other credentialed fields. Josephine and Chris are shining examples of people who firmly believe that network marketing not only makes us better, it makes the world better!

We all require others, like my father, who challenge us to grow. Without growth, there is no life—only stagnation. We hope you will devour this issue and be inspired by the stories and pictures that portray how our profession is helping individuals, teams, and families around the world to become better every day. We also encourage you to share this issue with everyone you know so they can be inspired to live into better version of themselves.

P.S. Please continue to share your photos, videos, and stories of how our profession has made you better

SUSAN SLY is a top income earner, bestselling author, sought-after speaker, and reputable trainer in the network marketing space. A passionate advocate of the profession, she serves on the editorial board of Networking Times.

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