Based in Georgetown, Texas Kim Moehring is fulfilling her lifelong dream of building a business from home with her husband Mark and her adult children. Kim was working full time as a Registered Dental Assistant at a local dental practice when she joined her current network marketing company in 2011. She had first been introduced to the business in 1999 by a girlfriend she used to work with. Kim tried building a team with a nutritional company for about six months, but gave up when she felt she had “burned through her warm market” of family and friends.

“I didn’t have great support in my first company,” she says. “I was happy to earn a backpack and a coat! I was a single mom at the time with minimal child support. My dental assistant job barely paid the bills and I was open to any opportunity that might enable me to give my children more than I had growing up.”

Today Kim is happily married to Mark, whom she met in 2006. In 2010 she joined her second network marketing company after meeting a woman in a restaurant, who introduced her to a gentleman, who introduced her to network marketing leaders Ron Forrester and Leslie Hocker. They became close friends and introduced Kim to Renee Olson, Dennis Windsor, and Jeff Olson. In 2011, when Jeff was launching a skincare company, Kim decided to join.

“I initially just wanted to get rid of my crow’s feet and hopefully make an extra $500 to $1,000 a month,” she says. “Most importantly, I trusted Ron and Leslie personally and professionally. I knew that to be successful I would need to make a few short-time sacrifices in order to create long-term success and a lifestyle I had always wanted.”

With Ron Forrester and Leslie Hocker.

Overcoming Challenges
Kim says her biggest challenges were learning that: 1) a no is not personal; you need the no’s to get the yeses; 2) your family and friends may not be supportive, even when you hope they will be your greatest source of support.

Mark encouraged her to form a circle of friends who are positive and empower one another in their life endeavors.

“I’ve had to separate emotionally and physically from a few friends,” says Kim. “Thankfully, God never shuts a door without opening another—and sometimes you look for a window.”

Kim was working full time when she started her business, so she learned to be creative with her spare time, for instance by listening to trainings or personal development CDs while doing dishes, folding laundry, or driving to work. She held a weekly home party on Sunday afternoons and met with prospects in the evenings after work. After ten months of working eight to ten hours a week, her business started to bring in more money than her full-time job, so she reduced her time at the dental office to three days a week. Two and a half years into the business, she earned a $50,000 bonus and was able to quit her job.

Today Kim loves waking up naturally without an alarm, which makes her feel physically better than she’s ever felt in her life.

“I’m happy and full of hope,” she says, “not only for my personal life but also for my husband, children, and team members, including those I have yet to meet as we grow and change more lives.”

Kim starts her day at the gym, which allows her to meet new friends while working out or enjoying a sauna. “I work from home in my PJ’s or dress up for getting out of the house,” she says. “It’s up to me and I love having choices! I also love that I can hop on a flight anytime I want to visit my aging parents in South Florida.” 

With team enjoying incentive trip in Cancun, Mexico.

Prospecting and Leadership
When it comes to prospecting, Kim says she likes “the ping-pong approach.”

“It starts with being aware of others when you are out. It can be as simple as making eye contact and smiling at someone. This may make their day, and if that’s all that happens, I’m happy. If they smile back, it opens the door to say hello. Paying someone a heartfelt compliment may mean I’ve made a new friend. If the conversation continues, I ask questions to learn more about them. As Ron taught me, to be interesting, you must be interested.”

Kim’s favorite prospecting approach is sharing before-and-after pictures. “I don’t have to educate anyone on anything,” she says. “People sort themselves out by showing interest—or not. They either want to try the product, purchase, or ask questions—in which case I give them more information such as a magazine or video so they can do their own research.

“Scheduling the next step and following up with a three-way call is crucial. Mark and I work closely together helping our new brand partners with their warm market, and helping them rank advance to get paid and promoted as quickly as they like. As long as you’re helping others, you always meet new people.”

To create duplication, Kim follows her company’s corporate and field leadership.

“We are blessed to have a proven system that’s easy to share. Anyone with a little desire, faith, determination, and a strong work ethic can make their dreams come true. I’m blessed to share my experience and humbled to be a part of someone’s life change. I never take credit for anyone’s success; I’m simply grateful to share the message that you can have it all!”

Formative Books and Mentors
Kim says her young adult life began at age 24 when she experienced a serious life challenge and felt lost, until she read Footprints: Scripture with Reflections Inspired by the Best-Loved Poem.

“God spoke to me and I listened,” she says. “It’s not always apparent in the moment why we meet someone who is instrumental to us or whom we may be instrumental to. Often the lesson comes in 20/20 hindsight when we discover that we were brought into someone’s life to be of service, to contribute. That’s how I feel about meeting my husband Mark, and Leslie Hocker and Ron Forrester who became dear friends and business mentors. When I met them, I knew deep down I had to stay in touch with them and get to know them. I decided that in order to be successful, I needed to be like a toddler latching on to its parents, do what they do, and trust them (even when it didn’t make sense) when they suggested I try something new or out of my comfort zone.

Another book that has changed Kim’s life is Jeff Olson’s The Slight Edge. An even greater impact Jeff made on Kim was when he personally told her, “Why not you?” In that moment Kim decided, “Yeah! Why not me?!”

Kim also works with David Byrd as her business coach.

“I still feel like a baby learning his Elite Leadership program,” she says. “David’s teachings are helping me to ‘slow down to go fast’ and fully enjoy my days, versus hurrying through life as I had always done.”

Tips from the Field

Dreams and Vision
Kim loves the ripple effect of goodness networking has created in her life and for those she shares it with. Her dream is to start a foundation for single moms and military families to give them the resources to raise happy children who can become successful in life.

“Having been a single parent for fourteen years, I understand the stress that comes with it,” she says. “I remember my mom helping me with a few extra hundred dollars here and there, allowing me to buy something for the children or giving us the opportunity to do something fun together. I want to help relieve some of the financial stress these families experience.”

Kim believes network marketing is attracting more and more credible people who want to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

“It makes me happy to watch my friends make their dreams come true,” she says, “from caring for their family in Cuba with medicine, clothing, running water, and dental work; to watching a 29-year old American history school teacher quit her job to be a stay-at-home mommy with her first child. My dream was to be a stay-at-home mom, but it never happened. It’s okay—my children have become amazing young adults who build the business with me.”

Kim’s son says having his own business has allowed him to grow as a person while giving him more options to diversify in life as he goes through school and into the workplace. Kim’s daughter is a RN working long night shifts and paying back student loans. She loves having a plan B, great friends, and a vehicle to build her dreams and help others achieve theirs.

Kim wants to help as many women as she can to be stay-at-home moms if that’s their choice. Thanks to the business, one of her girlfriends was able to quit her real estate job and is working on retiring her husband so he can practice dentistry as a ministry rather than as a job.

“Jeff Olson is transforming the network marketing profession with his Slight Edge philosophy, happiness movement, and strong principles anyone can practice and duplicate. He teaches us to treat people right because it’s the right thing to do.”

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