Servant leadership in many ways defines how I choose to live my life. Reviewing Robert Greenleaf’s Ten Principles of Servant Leadership only reinforced my belief that what I do each day is all about leading others to success by serving them with acts of loving kindness. This is at the core of my being.

Growing up in Wales the son of a tradesman, I was expected to apprentice as a tradesman and replicate my father’s life. To consider anything else was met with a resounding, “Don’t do it. You will fail.” But when a friend suggested we take off for a year and explore other opportunities, I jumped at the chance. This was the beginning of my new life—one where I embraced possibilities, not limitations.

In the years since, I have lived in Mainland U.S., Hawaii, and now Australia, achieving increased business success and a very comfortable lifestyle by helping others to achieve their dreams. You see, my belief is that network marketers never have to convince anyone to purchase a product or start a business. By listening to people and sincerely empathizing with them, I learn how best to help them to fix what is broken in their lives by focusing on a vision of a brighter future.

I try to paint a picture of their path to success—generally using analogies they can relate to—so that the end-result becomes less overwhelming because it is merely one more step ahead. Instead of visualizing an entirely new-built house, for example, we begin with pouring the foundation, setting the frame, putting on the roof rafters, then plumbing, electrical and drywall, and so on. This way, they can see business-building as a step-by-step process with each action leading to the next.

As they are building, I am there, always listening, encouraging them to maintain the vision, blanking out negatives, keeping them focused and on track. This way, I can lead them along the path as their vision becomes a reality.

It all comes down to this: one of the greatest human needs is our need to feel connected. When you share your life with others, your happy times are twice as happy and your sad times are half as sad. What’s more, whatever you do for others, you ultimately do for yourself; so if you focus on doing only good, you spread joy and happiness wherever you go and it comes back to you manifold. To me, this is the essence of servant leadership. It is a philosophy of life that can lead us all to a better world.

Based in Queensland, Australia, IAN DAVIES is a top leader in a young, international wellness company. An invaluable resource for the company, he is an effective personal development trainer in person, via webinars, and on weekly conference calls.

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