I’ve been blessed beyond belief to live a life of freedom by working from my home on the Central Coast of California for the past 22 years, leading network marketing organizations with in excess of 75,000 people throughout the world.

I learned that to be a servant leader in network marketing, not only do you have to be a loving and caring person, it’s critical to remain totally transparent and be there for each and every person on your team who has the burning desire to become free both financially and in life.

If your organization can’t trust you, then it has no foundation. I remember my dad reminding me time and again that everything rises and falls on leadership, and if your leader isn’t putting his or her customers or partners first, then there is no foundation for longevity.

I’ve learned from my own mistakes where to plant my foundation flag. One of my greatest mentors is the author of The Slight Edge. Jeff Olson has given us the most valuable gift, which is the gift of happiness. Jeff often says, “Happiness is the precursor to success.” Most of us miss this, as I did in my earlier years, always chasing the next best thing whether it was a nicer car or that massive home we just had to have. Unlike money or fame, happiness grows when we share it. Thank you, Jeff Olson, for bringing us the Live Happy magazine and the awareness of what really matters, which is to be happy first and everything else will fall naturally into place. 

I remember years ago all I wanted to do was sponsor a leader, and my mentor and upline saying, “Quit looking for leaders and become one.” When I did that, it was somewhat magical and by attraction sponsoring a leader happened organically. Once that happened, teaching others to lead, providing opportunities for growth, and demonstrating by example became natural.

Leadership isn’t always about you leading. Sometimes it is about giving up power and passing the baton to others to lead. It’s critical to focus on those people who have a vision and are willing to roll up their sleeves and go to work to bring their dream to life. Everyone has a story to tell, and you just never know where those who look up at you and trust you are at in their life.

As a leader, you have to instill that trust in others and give them 100 percent of your focus when interacting in person and/or over the phone. Let the golden rule be your grounding rod. I wish you all the success you dream about and strive for every day.

SCOTT MYRICK has been a network marketing professional for over two decades. Having built it to the top of several companies, today he is a dynamic leader in one of the fastest growing network marketing companies in the world.

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