Boiled down to its essence, success in network marketing is all about empowering others to fulfill their dreams. We do this by supporting them through the learning and growth process they must experience to be able to accomplish their goals in an ongoing team effort of sharing, caring, and synergy.

As a leader for your network marketing team, most certainly you have used, and will use, different styles of leadership, since each leader is independent and different in many ways. Although some things leaders do are different, there are also some that must be the same, which you want to teach and duplicate with everyone. One thing in particular you want to make sure everyone in your organization learns is to have an honest interest in helping others succeed, so that they can succeed. This is being a servant leader.

Leading your team is serving your people for a common purpose and their individual objectives before you are able to achieve yours. Servant leadership makes you focus on others.

Excellent service has always been a basic principle in any successful business, since it builds strong relationships, loyalty, and retention. It is no surprise this same principle applies even more in network marketing.

The better you serve, the better your results will be and the better your service will duplicate in your organization.

There are many ways to serve others:

When you live in service to others, you always give your best and try to be the best you can be. Serving your team is also evidence that you truly believe in the network marketing philosophy of developing leaders with a win-win mentality, and this ultimately creates more for the entire team, inspiring and attracting others to join and grow with you.

A platform for motivating people to engage in personal development, servant leadership is guaranteed to take your team and your results to a higher level. It reinforces important human values you want to duplicate and inspire for solid growth that will withstand the test of time and take your organization to a whole new light and prism of success.

Born and based in Mexico, MARIELA ELORDUY BLACKALLER was a successful business woman and entrepreneur when she started her network marketing business in 2010. She won first place in her comany’s worldwide business growth for several years. Today she is one of her company’s top 10 leaders for Latin America and a top 100 leader worldwide.

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