Sylvia and I feel fortunate to have been raised in loving families of faith—where love, respect, service, inclusiveness, and kindness were the norm. From a young age, we learned to love our neighbor as ourselves; that you reap what you sow; that to lead with love, you must first and foremost be of service. To paraphrase a favorite verse in Galatians: “For you, brothers and sisters, were called to live in freedom. Use your freedom as an opportunity—through love—to serve one another.”

As adults, each of us in our own time discovered network marketing (I was in London, UK; Sylvia in Provo, Utah), and we fell in love with the concept. It reaffirmed what we’d learned as kids—that loving and helping others was important and right. When we found a business model that perpetuates this goodness, it made our hearts sing!

What better business model could there be for the world and humanity than one that rewards servant leadership? In network marketing, you cannot succeed unless you are adding value to others’ lives and helping them succeed. And it’s not just a business model of a simple win-win. With geometric progression, the ripple effect of servant leadership creates a win-win-win-win... potentially forever!

I learned this from the first upline mentors I ever sought out: Jeff Olson, George Zalucki, Art Napolitano, and Wayne Holbrook. I was blessed to have this team of servant leaders focused on empowering me to become successful. They invested their time, wisdom, and knowledge into me daily for two and a half years as together we opened up fourteen countries across Europe in the early nineties. I am forever grateful—and so is my family—for their service that continues to ripple on twenty years later.

For the past several years, I’ve also had the honor and responsibility of serving a non-profit organization, the ANMP, together with fifteen servant leaders who comprise its Board of Directors, as well as a growing number of members. This non-profit is the professional association for all parties within the network marketing community—distributors, executives, owners and supporters alike.

Our goals include elevating our profession by educating and empowering this community globally. We love to serve and create opportunities for others to serve. Why do we do this? Because our lives have been blessed by our careers in network marketing and we all want to pay it forward. We are creating a culture of excellence and caring that contributes to our profession from a place of abundance, a spirit of giving, and an attitude of gratitude.

Everything rises and falls with leadership, and our profession is at the forefront of a “leader-shift” where we lead by serving others. Aren’t you proud to be a network marketing professional?

Use your freedom as an opportunity to empower and serve others. Together we are this movement. Lead by example as you serve and inspire your team, your profession—and the world!

GARRETT MCGRATH is president of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP) since 2012. Garrett and Sylvia McGrath have 40+ years of combined experience in leading large network marketing organizations and serve on the editorial board of Networking Times.

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