Think of how trade and craftsmen learn their profession. What is the process? At an early age the young aspirant makes a commitment to a mentor to follow him or her around. It often takes many years to earn the title of tradesman or master craftsman.

How does one master his or her craft? First, you observe the process as done by the master, over and over again. Then the master directs you to do a small part of that process. You might do just one small task for many weeks or even years before the master will sign off on your mastery of that task. There are many tasks. It can be a life’s work.

Traditionally the master demonstrates in real time with real materials how the work is done and the apprentice learns by doing. Today, we watch a stage presentation, participate in a webinar, or read a book and expect to learn something well enough to go out and make a living. Then we wonder why our business is not doing so well! We are in such a hurry. We don’t take the time to allow ourselves to experience the processes necessary for true, long-term success.

Our culture values mastery of our professions. Universities offer masters and doctoral degrees in recognition of one’s study. Many of us are “masters” of network marketing as represented by the high ranks we have reached in our compensation plans. However, only some of us know how to pass that mastery on to others effectively.

I believe a master teacher does three things well, in sequence:

Does the process require the exact duplication of the task? No, the master allows for artistry to emerge in every student as each of us brings forth our unique gifts. The master is skilled at recognizing and nurturing those students who may surpass the master, bringing new art and innovation to the task.

In our profession, as in most others, there is no shortcut to becoming a master. One must climb the mountain to reach the top. Find your climbing mentor and make sure you are tied securely together as you start your journey. Watch how she climbs and find your own stride. Be patient with yourself. Read, learn, practice—and practice some more! Welcome the feedback that will guide you to the top. Demonstrate how to successfully guide others.

Find a master who is capable of guiding you to the top and don’t let go until you are ready to take the lead yourself. In our profession, training others will lead you to become the master of your own destiny.

An active network marketing leader for over two decades, GLENN HEAD is cofounder and dean of Networking University and author of Plan C:
A Proven Path to Financial Freedom.

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