Over 25 years ago at a network marketing company convention, Eric Worre had an aha moment that changed his life forever. At that event he made the decision to “go pro” and become a network marketing expert. Since that time, he has focused his mind on developing the skills to do just that, and poured his heart into teaching others how to do the same.

Eric has been a top field producer, building sales organizations totaling over 500,000 distributors in over 60 countries; the president of a $200 million dollar network marketing company; a cofounder and president of his own network marketing company; and a top-level consultant to network marketing leaders and companies.

In 2009, Eric founded NetworkMarketingPro.com, a training site with a community of over 300,000 visitors in 137 countries around the world. Eric’s annual Go Pro Recruiting Mastery event has become the largest generic training event in network marketing history. Eric is the author of the bestselling book Go Pro: 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional, which so far has sold over 500,000 copies and has become a “must read” in many companies and organizations.

Today Eric is working on a documentary that tells the story of network marketing as it has never been told before. His goal is to educate and raise the public’s perception of a business model that’s often been misunderstood, so it can truly take its proper place in the global economy as “a better way.”—J.G.

How did you first get involved in network marketing?
I was 22 years old, broke, and desperately looking for an infusion of cash into my life. When my father and his partner John Joyce told me they had found a way we could make some extra money, I was interested. I ended up getting involved in my first company in 1988. I struggled for the first three years, rebuilding my organization seven times from scratch. I’d build it up and it’d fall apart. I worked hard, but I wasn’t working very smart. I never saw the duplication I was looking for, until that moment (which I talk about in my book Go Pro) when I decided to focus solely on the skills and let everything else go: I stopped worrying about the income and started focusing on what I could do to become better.

Within a short time I was able to turn my career around and start earning. Over the past 27 years in the profession, I’ve earned a good income—millions of dollars—and seen things from a lot of different perspectives. I have an understanding of how to run companies on the corporate side. I’ve started and sold my own network marketing company. I’ve been a consultant to companies, and I’ve been a distributor with companies around the world. I’ve gained a pretty broad understanding for what it takes to be successful in network marketing.

Over the years I’ve had an opportunity to get to know a lot of top leaders in personal development and network marketing. If I’m anything, I’m a collector of good ideas. I’ve tried to bottle a little bit of Jim Rohn and the fact that he was able to take complicated concepts and make them simple so people could understand them and put them into their own words. I tried to do the same thing with network marketing skills.

What led you to launch NetworkMarketingPro?
In late 2008, early 2009 I was a top earner in the field, and I’d been watching what was happening with social media. I started asking around, “Who’s the leading expert in social media?” I got a lot of different answers, but one name that kept coming up over and over was Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary was doing a video blog on the wine industry. He would test wine on a daily basis and grew a massive audience. Hundreds of thousands of people were following him on his daily video blog. I ended up hiring Gary as a consultant. I sat down with him in February 2009 and just asked him how he did it. We spent two or three hours together, and I made a decision that day based on a couple of things that clicked in my mind:
One was the power of technology to share ideas.
Two was, what if Jim Rohn at age 45 (I was 45 at the time) had a video camera in his pocket and started making short videos on his thoughts and events and interesting people he met? What if he took everybody along on his travels over the course of the next 35 years of his life? Imagine the legacy that would leave behind!

I put those two things together and decided to create what would become NetworkMarketingPro.com. I was still in the field when it started and I saw it as a way to contribute to the profession and do what I’ve always loved, which is to teach. This platform appealed to me as a way to share ideas and build a community where others could share ideas, too. It evolved to the point where it became clear this was what I’m supposed to be doing on this earth and for the profession. There was a real void and a need for someone offering education in a safe environment.

Instead of serving my downline, I decided I was going to serve the profession for the remainder of my career. That led me to resign from the field permanently and devote all my time to the NetworkMarketingPro community, which consists of network marketers and direct sellers from all over the world.

How did you discover your passion for teaching?
I was an abominable student and probably made my teachers extremely frustrated. Every parent-teacher conference was filled with comments, “He has so much potential... if he’d just apply himself.” Thankfully network marketing turned me on to self-education. I started listening to audios in my car and became a voracious reader. I listened to the same programs until they burned a groove in my brain.

Then I started to share ideas, “Let me tell you what I just learned.” I began teaching and found that in network marketing this behavior is greatly rewarded. If you can teach people how to go out and succeed independent from you, you can quickly build a solid organization.

I wasn’t a natural teacher prior to network marketing. It evolved out of the results that came from it, which encouraged me to do it more and more.

Confidence is a combination of three things. I teach people to:

Is teaching more important than selling in our business?
Not exactly—and I have a fairly strong opinion on this: we’re all salespeople. Network marketers don’t just sell a product, we sell ideas.

Selling ideas is also what good teachers do. They sell the value of a certain mindset, the value of learning, the value of study and practice.

Every great leader in the world is a salesperson. They might use different platforms to do it, but they are selling their community on a particular ideology and a particular course of action.

A lot of people today are scared of the word selling, but make no mistake: we do sell. The President of the United States sells his agenda. Parents sell their children on finishing their vegetables, and some use more effective sales tactics than others.

In our profession, some people focus on selling the product and that’s it. This creates linear income, but it doesn’t create residual income, which comes from building a network and from selling the idea through teaching that a person’s time can be leveraged. A person’s influence can be leveraged, and they can get paid many, many times for making an effort one time. If they can grow a larger and larger network of people selling products instead of just selling products themselves, they can create freedom.

How do we develop great teachers?
Different people learn in different ways. For me, my learning process needs to be immersive. Growing up, I struggled with learning 30 minutes of this topic, then 30 minutes of the next, and 30 minutes of the next—bouncing around between all these different topics over the course of a school day. If you want me to learn, immerse me in a class and let my mind gain some traction. That’s what network marketing did: it allowed me to set my mind on a particular theme. I might not be as fast as some other students, but give me a little time to absorb and I’ll master it. I’ll try to understand it from every angle instead of just developing general head knowledge.

Everybody needs to understand their learning style. Contrary to traditional education, mine was a combination of self-education, experiential learning, and working with a teacher.

When I first started in network marketing, there wasn’t somebody reaching out to me saying, “Let me teach you.” I had to go find them. I had to go search for people who were crossline from me who worked in my city and were generous enough to allow me to hang out with them. I worked hard to earn my way into different crowds over the course of my career. I was ambitious. I was hungry. I really wanted to learn, because I could sense that if I could crack the code here, I could have a great career.

What other ingredients would you add for creating a healthy business?
There’s a lot to be said for building confidence so we become unshakeable. Three basic things are required for this. First we need to understand the gift we have. Our business model allows the average person to achieve freedom in their life: financial and time and relationship freedom, which creates the ability to have choices. When somebody truly understands the power of network marketing, they become much more solid, stable, and confident to go out and share with others.

Second, we need to acquire the skills. When I look at what’s caused me to become confident in my life, it’s all about the skills. When you became good at something, your confidence builds up and you will be looking for opportunities to apply those skills instead of running away from them.

My book Go Pro focuses on those skills. Based on what I learned over the years from the best network marketing leaders, I recognized there are seven fundamental skills you need to master. You need to know what the seven are, and then develop those skills. Having understanding and skills goes a long way towards building the confidence to become unstoppable in this business.

The third and last factor is emotional. I call it strengthening your network marketing blueprint. Many people have doubts, fears, and insecurities that come from old baggage, all the way back from when they were little kids. Perhaps they tried some entrepreneurial venture and it did not work out. It might have to do with fear of rejection, fear of failure, or fear of success. Your life experience will either encourage you towards action or prevent you from taking action.

The 7 Skills of a Network Marketing Professional
Skill #1 Finding Prospects
Skill #2 Inviting Prospects to Understand Your Product or Opportunity
Skill #3 Presenting Your Product or Opportunity to Your Prospects
Skill #4 Following Up with Your Prospects
Skill #5 Helping Your Prospects Become Customers or Distributors
Skill #6 Helping Your New Distributor Get Started Right
Skill #7 Promoting Events

It’s not just about learning how to “block and tackle,” some of us also need emotional healing.
There are people in network marketing who have mastered the skills, but they have psychic damage that completely paralyzes them. They cannot take action because of some life experience that happened, even though they have the skills and the understanding. They have so much head knowledge that they can’t take action. I want to liberate people, because I truly believe if a person has an entrepreneurial bone in their body, network marketing is a better way than most other options out there.

That’s why I’m bringing on diffeent leaders and speakers and experts onto NetworkMarketingPro, because if people can’t hear it from me, maybe they can hear it from this or that person. At our yearly GoPro Recruiting Mastery event we fill the stage on the one hand with million-dollar earners who can help people envision what might be possible for them; and on the other hand with experts, authors, and speakers who can help people win the mind game—overcoming their fears and dealing with their past or subconscious conditioning.

My greatest hope through NetworkMarketing-Pro is to teach a million people how to do those three things, because when that happens, we will see a tipping point in our profession where it becomes totally accepted and valued by the general public. I’m also working on a documentary about network marketing to educate people, whether they are already in the business or thinking of joining.

The November/December issue of Networking Times traditionally shows how network marketing is making a difference in the world. This can happen through philanthropy or social entrepreneurship, but also by teaching people entrepreneurship principles and skills.
There is tremendous value in contributing to another person’s life in some way. Someone was blind, and now after meeting with you and hearing you say something in a skillful way, they can see. Or they go from not being able to walk to being able to run. That is incredibly rewarding. Technology has allowed me to invest in the people in our profession around the world and help them go from being fearful to being fearless. That’s unbelievably exciting.

In a recent video I talk about the different stages of my career. In the first stage, if I’m being honest, looking back I was primarily a taker. I was so ambitious that for me to win it was okay for other people to lose. I was extremely aggressive, because I thought that was the path.

That morphed over time to becoming a fighter, which was the second stage. If somebody challenged me, that would get me going. Being a fighter served me in some ways when I came to the profession, because it motivated me to work hard. It gave me fuel to be able to do what needed to be done when I sometimes didn’t feel like doing it. What I found was that by staying in the fighter mode I was always in a fight. I had nothing but drama and conflict going on in my life—in my business as well as in my relationships. Even though that fighter persona might have caused me to take action early on, it didn’t serve me in building a fulfilling life and enjoyable career.

Finally I transitioned into being a giver. I don’t mean a super soft person who isn’t action-oriented, but a real giver, someone who says, “If I give this to the Universe, if I put it out there and provide as much value as I possibly can, then I will be serving my purpose on earth. Whether that gets financially rewarded this moment or not is fine; I trust that being a giver is going to benefit everyone, including me.”

Those of us who try our best to serve the profession, are we competitive? Yes, sure. But the great competition now is, “Let’s see who can give more. Let’s see who can contribute more.” I currently have over 1,100 free videos on NetworkMarketingPro.com and I keep adding to them because I want to see if I can out-give anybody else in the profession. Wouldn’t that be fun to do? I hope somebody challenges me.

I publish books and put on events at low cost because I want to give more to the profession. Why? There’s so much reward in helping others, it’s been the greatest journey of my life.

Leadership Bootcamp 2014 in Las Vegas.

And in network marketing, when we teach others, they teach others, which creates ripples of growth.
What teaching allows me to do is give in a way that is planting instead of trading. I won’t in my lifetime be able to see where all the seeds have grown up and been passed on to future generations, but I feel good knowing what I’m doing—and what anybody reading this can do. Through teaching and giving, you can live forever. Your “students” might not quote you directly, but the seed came from you making a decision. I think one person making a decision to be a teacher, a giver, literally and forever changes the world.

Let’s talk about the documentary you’re producing. How did it came about, what’s the purpose, and who is it for?

"This documentary aims to educate the average person who´s not involved in network marketing and to inspire and encourage those who are already in, but might have a little bit of an inferiority complex about it. We also want to raise the bar on professional standards, which have improved over the years but certainly can continue to be reinforced."

With Jack Canfield.

With Dr. Ivan Misner.

With Kevin Harrington.

With John Assaraf.

With Kevin Thompson, Esq..

With Susan Sly.

I’ve always felt that our profession has been underserved in terms of how our story is being told, especially when it comes to showing its value as it has grown up in the new economy. So many things have changed, so many aspects have improved, yet there are reasons why there are misconceptions, even though these misconceptions are almost all false.

I wanted to create a tool that would validate what we do. More than a tool, I conceived of a film that will educate distributors as well as their prospects about the power of entrepreneurship, and why network marketing is for most people a better choice than traditional entrepreneurial paths, because of the low cost of entry and the high potential return, the support and training that comes with it, the personal growth that’s achieved, and all the other positive aspects.

To tell that story in film, I sought out some of the sharpest people I could find to appear in it and give their perspective, from Wall Street experts to professors, bestselling authors, economists, thought leaders—virtually every area of life is represented. My hope is that the film will assist in my three primary goals: help people to understand network marketing a little bit better; give them an idea of the skills involved and how they need to treat it like a profession; and finally, how to stand stronger emotionally so they no longer feel ill-equipped to handle the potential rejection they run into.

Will this be the first documentary on network marketing?
Companies and individuals have come out with excellent products, for instance Brilliant Compensation has served many people around the world. Tim Sales and Dr. Charles King should be commended for what they created.

Robert Kiyosaki and Paul Zane Pilzer have put out some nice tools to validate what it is we do. Jim Rohn made a great CD on the power of network marketing. These different third-party tools have helped us in different ways, but no one has ever spent the time and money to put it all together and tell the story well. I believe network marketing critics, who are mostly ignorant about what we do, have done a better job of telling the negative story than we in our profession have done in telling the positive story.

When approaching authors and celebrities, have you met with any resistance?
There have been some people who were protective of their brand or their brand managers were nervous because they didn’t know necessarily how this documentary was going to be produced, and since they couldn’t control it, they were scared to put their face on it.

Others, like in the Wall Street circles, had some policies that wouldn’t allow them to speak publically on a documentary like this where it would look like they were picking sides. A few authors said network marketing wasn’t quite ready for them to put their name on. Some people said, “I don’t have the time” or “Not a good fit for us,” for whatever reason.

As far as negativity, I got some honest voices in the documentary saying the profession has some stuff it needs to clean up: people still overhype the income opportunities; they exaggerate how fast somebody can make money, and how easy it will be, or how miraculous the product is. We talk about that in the documentary, because it’s something we need to work on. The truth is good enough for what we do in our profession.

With Richard Brooke.

With Robert & Kim Kiyosaki.

With Brian Tracy.

With Bob Proctor & Mark Victor Hansen.

With Les Brown.

With Jordan Adler.

What about those who were excited and couldn’t wait to speak out?
We’ve had a lot of those, from surprising places—top notch university professors in marketing and business ethics, stars of the TV show Shark Tank, financial experts, some of the top personal development trainers in the world. Many were happy to carve out the time, invite us into their homes, or meet us someplace to be able to participate. It was really encouraging to see how many smart people are willing to put themselves out there and let the world know that network marketing is solid, that it has grown up. Someone even said, “Network marketing has been debugged over the course of the last several decades, and it’s an incredible business model for the average person today.”

In our Sep/Oct 2014 issue, Paul Zane Pilzer calls one of the most pressing global problems the imbalance (created by technology) between economic opportunity and the number of opportunity seekers. He feels network marketing offers something totally unique: we retrain “job seekers” to do something that actually works in the new economy.
I agree a 100 percent with Paul. The documentary talks about the fact that a network marketer can start on their own terms and the support system that’s in place. How everyone is encouraged to share their knowledge, to teach the next person, and not to be afraid to train their competition. How there’s more personal growth than in any other profession.

Speaker after speaker validates these same concepts. What Paul explains so brilliantly is, here’s what’s going on in the world, but then here’s a future that most people might not be able to see. He connects the rise of the entrepreneur and network marketing as a way to equip that entrepreneur better than just about anybody else.

The documentary tells the story of how the economy has created challenges and opportunities at the same time. As a result many people have decided to unplug from the traditional path and become entrepreneurs. What are the options for an entrepreneur? You could buy a franchise. You could start something from scratch, or you could invest your time into a network marketing business, which offers a much better array of options at much lower risk. Then we go into, why is it misunderstood? What is it? What are the benefits? How would you choose a company if you were to get involved? What would your life look like if you decide to take the network marketing route?

Looks like a powerful and inspiring storyboard. Thank you for this sneak preview.
It’s been my pleasure to contribute to the leading publication for network marketing professionals. May the documentary serve your readers well around the world!

Introducing Marina Worre

Tell us a little about your background.
I was born and raised in the ex-Soviet Union, with its communist dictatorship and socialistic approach. I don’t think either one of them works, perhaps because of my entrepreneurial spirit... plus, I value my freedom too much. I saw how culture, media, and a rigid political regime were able to impose on you their version of reality, shaping your beliefs and programming. In my early teens I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do with my life, but I knew what I didn’t want to do and who I didn’t want to become.

At age 18, while I was getting my degree in economics, I started my own business. It was a fun experience and I learned a lot more about business and entrepreneurship by running my store, than by attending four years of university.

When did you find network marketing?
I joined my first company at age 21 and immediately felt like a fish in the water. At that time, I already understood the value and importance of surrounding myself with smart and ambitious people. No matter what others said about network marketing, I had a great experience and loved the people involved in it.

My passion has always been to help people achieve wellbeing and actualize their full potential. As an entrepreneur, I love to observe human behavior—what successful people do to get results and create wealth, and why others who have similar circumstances and resources fail.

I realized that entrepreneurs (and I consider network marketers high-level entrepreneurs) are different. We are wired differently: we take risks; we solve problems; we seek opportunities and overcome obstacles. We don’t want to trade time for money. We need our freedom. We’re always learning and improving our skills. We work hard to achieve our dreams. We are visionaries.

We are not super humans; we have our doubts and fears, but we deal with them. When we fail, we stand up. When our plan doesn’t work, we make a new and better plan and move on. We love what we do and do what we love. This is what distinguishes the most successful entrepreneurs.

How did you meet Eric?
I met my husband at a company convention in Moscow. At first I wasn’t interested in him as a potential date; I liked his personality and was stunned by his wisdom, kindness, and ... okay I’ll admit, his smile.

We continued communicating every day by phone and social media. We talked about our core values, dreams, and life in general. He taught me a lot about network marketing, not just as a business opportunity but what it means to be a network marketing professional. In two months we grew very close. I knew I had finally found my soul mate.

When we met for a second time in Turkey, we realized we couldn’t live without each other. Since then we are always together. We work, travel, and have fun together. Our five beautiful kids, grandson, parents on both sides, and close siblings complete the family. They help us with their love and support. I feel very blessed and grateful for such an amazing family.

How has living with Eric changed you?
When Eric told me about his desire to create NetworkMarketingPro, we had no idea how it would change our lives and impact hundreds of thousands people around the world. I’m very proud of what he is doing for the entire profession. I’m always inspired by him and constantly impressed by what an amazing human being he is. I’m definitely one lucky girl.

NetworkMarketingPro became my passion as well. Our company has a small but very dedicated team. We are doing our best to provide value by creating high-quality events and products. Our main goal is to empower people to step into their full potential and to develop leaders who are acting in a more professional and skillful way. We want to rehabilitate the entrepreneurial spirit and raise the bar for the network marketing profession.

What are you most excited about in the future?
Contribution has become a big part of NetworkMarketingPro. We are teaching people not only how to take care of themselves, but also how to help others in a meaningful way. The power and leverage we have together is huge. I’m proud to say that as a community, NetworkMarketingPro has donated almost half a million dollars to Starkey Hearing Foundation, an organization that is close to our hearts. We are always looking for new opportunities to serve and we plan to do much more in the future. We would like to set an example and inspire others to do the same.

As Eric explained, we go through different stages in life. When you get to the stage of giver, when your main drivers are love, contribution, and purpose, we find true happiness. Even though we are working hard, it brings enormous satisfaction and fulfillment. That’s what I wish for all of you.