One of the biggest breakthroughs I had in my network marketing business was when I realized that more than it being about sales, it was about the ability to teach, train, and duplicate. I attribute a lot of my success to my background as a teacher and high school counselor of 21 years. An educator at heart, I didn’t look just for quality salespeople, but also for people with good teaching skills. Sharing the vision and dream is important, but having the ability to formulate concepts and shape individuals is equally important.

We all have the ability to teach. What works is educating your customers and business partners and ultimately reaping the rewards of the solid foundation you have built. Teachers are consistent; we teach simplicity and have a clear sense of purpose.

Teachers fill one of the most important roles in our society because they influence future generations. We understand how to empower people and go the extra mile for those who express interest and show commitment. Teachers show others how to create, learn, and duplicate. They share the knowledge of textbooks and mix in their experience and wisdom. They know how to ask questions and listen. Most importantly, they know how to keep things simple.

There are many parallels with our business, but instead of textbooks, we use systems. A system is a series of continuous steps designed to bring about a required result. We take best practices that have been tested and proven by other successful people, and teach these to groups of people, which allows each individual to avoid mistakes and reach success faster.

We are all teachers in network marketing. It’s a process we must go through in order to reach success. We all have different styles and teachers understand that students learn differently. Therefore your system should be set up for all styles of learning—visual, auditory, tactual, and kinesthetic. Systems should be adaptable, but always simple to learn.

Teachers are extremely effective in our business because they know how to put a plan into action. We always want our students to duplicate to each other, therefore teaching each new business partner as you would a new student is important. This business is usually new to most and the habits, skills, and mindset are not always obvious when someone first gets started. We want to teach each new person the A-to-Z of our business. However, we do not do for others, just like you would not do for young children, because they would never learn and would remain dependent. We guide, support, develop, and create leaders.

As Jim Rohn said “Study, do, teach, mentor, inspire, support, and empower.”

Teaching is one of the most important functions you will do as a leader. Be teachable so you are able to teach.

Based in New Jersey, ALEXIS ROMANO is a retired educator/high school counselor of 21 years. She is a top income earner in her company, a certified health coach, and owner of Krank Hoboken Fitness.

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