Most teachers are eager to confess that they learned more about their subject matter in their first couple of years of teaching than they had learned about the subject in all of college. This is an illustration of a basic truth about the learning process: Our own learning is vastly enhanced when we teach others.

This is equally true for a network marketer as it is for the high school physics teacher. Whatever your company’s product or service, the key to making money in network marketing is building an organization of great distributors. And the key to building a successful organization is effective teaching, which in our profession we call duplication.

As with all teaching, duplication begins with learning. Picture an image of a person looking into a mirror that mirrors another mirror that mirrors another mirror, so the person sees himself over and over, perhaps to infinity... We all learn from someone who has learned from someone who has learned from someone, and so on. In its ideal form, the original teacher—way back at that first mirror—had the “right stuff” and passed it on down the line. Hint: It is relatively easy to identify the organizations whose distributors are duplicating effectively: They’re your company’s success stories!

Think back to your introduction to your company. Was this experience one you could duplicate effectively? If it was, you are all set to become one of your company’s success stories! But what if your sponsor’s methods were not easily duplicatable? Perhaps your sponsor overwhelmed you with details that you’ll never remember. Maybe he or she had a unique individual “style” that is just “not you.” Or it could be that the sponsor’s presentation was not one you want to duplicate, but the product or service is, so you decided to sign on anyway. Now what?

It is time to find a trainer whose methods you can duplicate, and you need to do this fast. You don’t want your enthusiasm for the product or service to wane. Here’s what to do:

Check your company’s website or print materials for the names of “success stories” and learn what you can about one or two, ideally in your upline and near where you live. Then call or email them and ask for help. Successful network marketers are generally eager to help new distributors. Learn from them!

Be a regular participant in every training opportunity.Just like the Readin’, ‘Riting, and ‘Rithmetic of the “good old days,” most training in network marketing teaches “3 R’s”: Recruit, Return (Follow up), Retain. And just as your company’s “success stories” did, you can learn to duplicate these 3 R’s through training seminars, webinars, and meetings. Here again, ask for help from trainers you find most effective.

The bottom line is this: Learn from successful people, then teach others to be successful. This is duplication, and it is the key to reaching the top in network marketing!

DON KARN is vice president of North American markets for an international network marketing company. He is a board member of Gabriel Media Group, Inc., publishers of Networking Times, and a board member of the Association of Network Marketing Professionals.

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