When I wrote the book Now You Know: Why Some Succeed and Others Fail Using the Same System in 2010 it was the first major written project I had worked on since failing English in college. Although I did retake the class and pass, and eventually graduated magna cum lucky, it wasn’t until several years later and because of network marketing that I began to understand the value of teaching.

The following article will illustrate how the power of teaching can accelerate your network marketing business, but more importantly, how it will allow you to personally grow faster than you ever thought possible.

Why would anyone want to learn how to teach? Some people may think, “I really don’t like teaching” or “I’m not a good teacher.” If this is you or some of the people you work with, read on.

Here are a few observations. First, the most effective teachers in network marketing tend to be the top money earners. Second, teaching is not about the chalkboard, it’s about leverage. And leverage is what creates lifestyle. This is why the best teachers have the best lifestyle. Third, the best teachers help more people. If these desired results are in line with your business goals, then a few simple shifts in understanding may take your business, and your life, to the next level. Here they are:

Model What You Teach
Remember the saying, “Your actions speak so loud I can’t hear what you are saying”? It’s simple: what you model, you teach. Managing your team is not the same as leading your team, and setting the example of what to do is the most effective teaching method. People learn from good examples, but often they don’t have any. When I was in my mid-twenties I decided to enter network marketing again after having failed prior. This time, however, I entered with a new determination. Luckily my mentor helped keep me accountable to my daily action plan, and before long my team began to grow. My goal was simple: do the most three-way calls and personal meetings, and recruit more than anyone on the team. Staying ahead of the pack was challenging, but the side benefits forced a credibility that couldn’t have been obtained otherwise. I learned after several years of hard work that most people enter the business looking for others who will build it instead of viewing themselves as one of those people. Change this mindset and you will change your business. In addition, people will follow the person who is outpacing everyone else, and your teaching effect (not to mention your income) becomes automatic.

Adopt a Teaching Mindset
Fortunately I attend a great church in Belleview, Florida where another one of my mentors, James Varnum, teaches. One thing he has taught me during the thirty years I’ve been attending is that “if you want to get the most out of every book, audio, or seminar, then approach them with the idea that you are going to teach the material to someone in the future.” I call this “adopting the teaching mindset.” As I began to integrate this principle into my network marketing business, it seemed as though I had more of the right answers for my team. I also noticed that as my team grew larger, and the more information I processed this way, the more effective I was in counseling and coaching influencers within the organization. Adopting the teaching mindset does more than make you a teacher; it makes you a leader. You can’t give what you don’t have. Leaders provide the right answers at the right time, and learning to communicate what you’ve learned makes you an effective teacher.

Look for Opportunities to Teach
By age 28 I had earned my first million in network marketing and was asked to begin heading up a weekly training call. Little did I know of the power this would hold on my business and my life. Now, I’m not suggesting you start a weekly call, but I am suggesting that you first model, then adopt the teaching mindset, and then look for opportunities to teach. Looking for and accepting these opportunities forces us to step out of our comfort zone. At 28 I was not a fluent teacher; however, I was a candidate who had been preparing to teach through modeling and adopting the teaching mindset. In this example, my job was to add value to the organization by interviewing top leaders and coming up with weekly training topics.

Within five short years I had conducted hundreds of training calls, and had forced myself to grow by interviewing other leaders and preparing each week to teach others. This built confidence in my teaching style, and ultimately helped me attract even better people to the organization, paying millions of dollars more.

By this point you won’t even think of teaching as teaching. You’ll think of it as “what you’re supposed to do”. Look for ways in which you can add value to your organization, and then stay consistent. Over time, not only will you be rewarded financially through your compensation plan, but you are also rewarded with loyalty and credibility through teaching your team. Now you know.

RYAN CHAMBERLIN is a network marketing leader, mentor, author, and speaker. His methodologies have been outlined in several books and training programs. Now You Know: Why Some Succeed and Others Fail Using the Same System is a must-read for anyone in direct sales.

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