The Last Mile
Chris Brogan

In network marketing, no matter how effective the system, it requires a willing human and a collaborative team to make the connection and close the final sale. Whether you’re an Airbnb user with a place to rent or a promoter with a tasty shake that helps fight obesity, there’s a human interaction that completes the operation. Rejoice in the fact that the sharing economy is opening up a whole new level of connections for you to help in your own special way.

Are You Guilty of Multitasking?
Jill Konrath

We all multitask. Whether it’s checking email while talking on the phone or bouncing back and forth between two projects at once, it’s an everyday occurrence. We even pride ourselves on it. But the reality is, multitasking is killing our productivity and making us stupider. Studies revealed that when people do two tasks at once, their intellectual capacity can drop from that of a Harvard MBA to an 8-year old. This article gives four simple strategies you can use to stop multitasking—and get your time and brain back.

Dana Collins
The goal of a sharing economy is to provide win-win solutions for those who participate. Network marketing does this in spades.

Doug Firebaugh
The more you share value, the more people will feel good about you—and people do business with those they feel good about.

Jay & Cindy Jenkins
The simple act of sharing what works for you with your friends and family is expanding into the global market place.

Loren Robin
The sharing economy offers a level playing field, allowing each person to fairly leverage their resources and grow at their own pace.

Graham Park
Network marketers are at the forefront of an emerging global revolution that is giving power back to the people.

Jezie Nzomiwu
In Africa as in the rest of the world, the network marketing business model passes as an aspect of the sharing economy.

Evan Klassen
Collaborative business initiatives are creating millions of micro-entrepreneurs who understand the power of the sharing economy.

Tom Justin
Often we share the opportunity, but not the way, hence the trails of broken dreams and discounted promises.

Teri Werner
A culture of sharing is established when you release your agenda and focus on creating for the benefit for others.

Mark Herdering
It’s easy to build a business in this sharing economy, if you follow your heart and some simple rules.

Productive Selling
Tim Hurson

Sure, you want to make the sale—whether it’s your product, your service, or yourself. But if that’s your only goal, you may end up falling short of the potential that exists in developing relationships. Wouldn’t it be great to maximize the outcome of your sales meeting, beyond merely getting the sale? The first of step is to define your goals, but in a way you may never have thought about before. Specifically, think about your goals in three parts—material goals, relationship goals, and intrinsic goals.

Tell Your Story
Michelle Gielan

Sharing resources and supporting others can have a great impact not only on our happiness but also on our success. Research indicates that those who are in the top quartile when it comes to supporting others at work (Work Altruists) are 40 percent more likely to receive a promotion in the next year. This article describes three main strategies for creating an interdependent mindset, one in which we see ourselves as part of a whole and share our resources, including special skills, talents, time, and attention.