In 2010 Sara Marble was looking for a healthy way to help her lose some baby weight gained after her second baby who was four at the time. When the young mom stumbled upon a natural health supplement, she had no idea she had been introduced to her new career in network marketing.

Tired of the long twelve-hour night shifts working as a registered nurse, Sara suddenly saw a way to live her dream of staying home with her children while helping others to achieve their health and financial goals.

“Looking back, I am grateful for my medical career in the hospital,” she says, “but this new chapter in my life has offered our family the time and financial freedom we have all come to love.”

Launching a Business
As Sara became “a product of her company’s products,” people began to notice her slimming figure and asked her what she was doing.

“I was amazed at the concept of getting paid to recommend something I love,” she says. “At first it did not occur to me that this was going to change my life.”

After getting healthy and fit, Sara discovered she was pregnant with surprise baby number three. This renewed her motivation to pursue her newfound business opportunity and invite others to join her team. Soon she was able to retire from her hospital job and focus on growing her business.

“Being able to work from home in yoga pants during a difficult pregnancy was a God-send,” she says, “and a true testament that consistent activity produces results—even working part time.”

In June 2011, after attending her first company convention and with her upline by her side, Sara started holding local opportunity meetings once a week and training calls to educate her new team members.

“My mom was my first business partner and we had a blast working together,” says Sara, “except it seemed more like play than work!”

But even play came with challenges that required Sara to step out of her comfort zone. She remembers standing in front of a half a dozen people at her first presentation, her hands shaking as she was reading her note cards.

“I hid behind those cards and tripped over every word,” she says, “hoping to share my enthusiasm for the company and products I had fallen in love with. I couldn’t have done this without the belief and support of the amazing team I had found in my parents.”

With parents Jay and Cindy Jenkins on incentive trip
in Maui, 2013.

Meeting her mentor and friend Sarah Robbins at
the ANMP Convention.

Climbing the Ranks
Sara’s mom and dad sat front and center every Monday night, cheering on their daughter’s efforts to share the business opportunity with local prospects. Looking back at those early days, Sara sees a huge contrast with how much she has grown today.

“Teaching and training have become a joy for me,” she says. “I love learning and developing myself, then sharing with my team members to help each of them become successful.”

Recently Sara has shared the stage at network marketing events with top leaders in the networking profession, including at Sonia Stringer’s Believe event. She was also honored to speak at her company convention in front of more than 8,000 people and loved every minute of it.

Sara was overwhelmed with joy when she reached her first major goal—promoting to the rank of Emerald just nine months after starting her local weekly opportunity meetings. She had now qualified for the company’s car program, a free trip to Maui, and a significant pay raise through the company’s bonus pool.

“That promotion came two weeks before I delivered our third baby boy,” she says. “Even more amazing was the fact that I had never done network marketing before and my husband John was vehemently opposed to me doing it.”

Skeptic Spouse
Long before Sara met John, he had experienced several run-ins with pushy sales people and marketers that had left a sour taste in his mouth. Sara doesn’t hide the fact that for over a year her newly chosen career path was a source of strife in their marriage as she passionately built her business.

“I was driven by the stories of lives being changed in terms of both physical and financial health. These personal testimonies of close friends and family motivated me to push through and make this business work. John started taking note when I lost ninety-two pounds of baby weight in eleven months and continued to promote up the ranks of the compensation plan.”

In just over two and a half years with the company, Sara promoted to the top rank as the eleventh diamond in her company. Today John is happy to tell anyone he is now 110 percent on board, and he has apologized for his earlier lack of belief and support. He has cut back his hours at his job and is now a part-time Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA) while working the business with Sara through his blogging, and they frequently train side by side at team or company events.

With part of her team at company convention in 2013.

Developing Leadership
When Sara realized it was sheer passion that took her to Emerald (along with her cheerleading mom and her “rockin’ hair dresser”), she stopped and evaluated herself as a budding network marketing leader. Recognizing she had a lot to learn, she began to seek out mentors and coaches who could help her grow into the best leader for her team.

“I read every network marketing book I could get my hands on,” she says. “The Four Year Career by Richard Brooke, followed closely by Beach Money by Jordan Adler and The Flip Flop CEO by Janine Finney and Lory Muirhead, were some of the first books that motivated and empowered me to succeed. As I read, I shared with my team, which helped to keep belief and momentum going and growing week after week.

“I also crossed paths with Sarah Robbins and believe this connection was divinely inspired. Sarah became my mentor first through her blog and her Rock Star Recruiting audio program. We also developed a friendship on Facebook and later through phone calls. Sarah’s passion for teaching has made her a highly respected trainer and her servant leadership has blessed my life in many ways.”

Sara says meeting the people who have mentored her through their books and training programs has been immensely inspiring and uplifting. Grateful for all the world-class generic training she and her team have received, today she is excited each time she has a chance to share best practices for the benefit of the entire network marketing profession.

“A rising tide raises all ships,” she says. “Art Jonak’s Mastermind Event audios are also a staple in my success library, as are Orrin Woodward’s books on leadership. Who knew that giving up two hours of TV in the evenings could develop and mold a stay-at-home mom into a successful entrepreneur! My dad beams with pride as he sees me share his passion for learning, reading, and self-development through network marketing. He also gave me my first issue of Networking Times as a must-read for every network marketing professional.

The Marble family at their favorite place...the beach.

Working from Home
Sara quickly found out that working from home with three young boys comes with its own challenges.

“To manage my time, I use a planner and set up business hours,” she says. “Learning to delegate was another key component to my success. I couldn’t do what I do without the support of my husband who plays with the boys for hours on end and a nanny who watches the kids a few hours a week while I conduct team trainings, three-way calls, and prospecting appointments. I no longer put time into chores for which I can easily hire help, such as house cleaning.”

Sara says she learned from her mistakes and keeps moving forward as she practices, fails, and tries again. Most importantly, she strives for balance and always remembers that her family is her why. She makes sure to schedule time for fun and family travel, consciously enjoying the lifestyle her business has created.

Grand Opening of the Sara Marble Team Momentum sponsored orphanage in Lothkunta, India.

Paying It Forward
Even though her family is on a path to being debt free, enjoying time freedom, and thriving in every way, Sara and John feel they have barely scratched the surface of what’s possible through network marketing. Especially since Sara reached Diamond, they feel called to give back, share their blessings, and lead by example, helping those in need.

“We love every chance we get to pay it forward,” she says, “from sponsoring a family for Christmas, to donating funds to our church and supporting numerous charitable organizations.

“Last year God gave me a vision that we would help in an even bigger way than I had planned or dreamed. I felt compelled to pledge funds to build an orphanage for twenty-five children in India through the organization Angel House. When I signed up to sponsor the entire orphanage, I felt both exhilarated and terrified. Through team building, I was able to use all my bonuses in 2013, as well as numerous donations from friends and family, to fund a home for twenty-five orphans. I’m humbled and thrilled to share that our Sara Marble Team Momentum Orphanage opened its doors June 15, 2014. Those sweet children now have a safe place to call home and we will continue to support them through our monthly donations.”

Sara believes the network marketing profession offers endless opportunities, so she is learning to dream big. Hard work, belief, an unstoppable team, trusted support and mentors, and a vision to change the world have propelled her to where she is today.

“Every day I start with a prayer,” she says. “Lord, show me who I can help today. Whether it’s through sharing products that offer hope and health, giving someone an opportunity to create freedom from financial burdens, or just meeting a new friend along the way, network marketing has become a dream come true for living a happy and fulfilling life with the ones I love the most.”

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