There has not been a time in history where the value of the sharing economy has been more needed in our business and personal lives than it is today. It is our awareness and willingness to choose to step up from just sharing to intentional sharing which forms the foundation of mutual benefits which we all desire but don’t always reap.

The strength of every economy is based on the fluctuating value of its currency, which propels the economy to prosperity or restricts it to a recession.

For instance, I personally feel that being treated with honor is critical to human interactions, so I consider honor a key to creating business success. Showing honor also is a key that opens many doors to connect with people. Therefore, honor is a valuable currency in my personal economy, as I believe it gives me and others great benefit.

Since each economy is dependent on its currency, what is the currency of exchange in the sharing economy?

The Currency of Connecting
Just as there is a currency on which the economy of our governments and personal finances is structured, likewise there is a currency that provides the foundation on which relationships are formed. The currency of connecting engages us in the sharing economy and the value gained is the exponential experience of our desired personal and professional success.

How does this work? As you choose to release the outcome or your agenda for connecting, you are able to focus on your connecting experience. You will enjoy the flow that moves you to a greater place of connecting and increased benefit. As you seek to create a greater benefit for others, you will activate the cycle of giving and gain.

The level of your authenticity with others is the level at which you will experience the flow of connection and all it brings to you. Much of the power of the sharing economy lies in the flow and depth of the connecting experience. Authentically connecting allows you to share at a deep level, and the benefits you receive are increased in the process.

You may think that just because you are connecting and sharing something with someone, you will be heard. The truth is that you may not have earned the right to be heard, which is earned in sharing with intention and awareness. Below are some easy-to-remember insights to assist you in engaging others in the sharing experience and earning the right to be heard:

S—See the person, their needs, and how you may Serve them.
H—Hear who they are, and how you can Honor them and give them Hope.
A—Be Aware, be Authentic, and Ask quality questions. Acknowledge who
they are.
R—Reach out to them. Let go of your own agenda and desires. Respect
them for who they are.
E—Experience genuine sharing. Embrace who they are and all they are
looking for. Earn the right to be heard, by hearing them first.

The Currency of Caring
The sharing experience is as profound as you allow it to be. The currency of connecting is largely based on the level of authenticity with which you communicate you care. It is the caring that will carry you and the value you carry to a relationship or business that creates momentum.

When you are at your favorite coffee hang-out, you and those you are connecting with may think you are there to enjoy a “frapa-something”; however, you both are there to connect. You may even carry the answer to each others’ questions.

When fully participating in intentional sharing, you have the choice to carry a passionate belief and hope in the currency you are carrying and its capacity to encourage and empower the personal and professional economy of others.

I remember the day I chose to participate with an unshakeable belief that I was carrying the answers to many questions of those I would be connecting with. I shifted my focus 100 percent on the person I was connecting with. My energy changed and my stride became definite and decisive. I knew I was carrying something that could be crucial to the other person’s life experience and that could impact their personal and business success.

The truth is that one of the most valuable currencies you carry is simply you. Your belief in yourself and your capcity to connect with authenticity impacts how well you are able to communicate that you care. Although the sharing experience is “all about them,” much of the value you carry is truly about you.

A culture of sharing is experiened when you release your agenda and focus on creating for the benefit for others. Our willingness to meet the challenge and look beyond the surface to see the greater vision and value of others greatly increases the benefit we bring to others as well as to ourselves.

Participating in intentional sharing ultimately induces powerful momentum through the cycle of giving and gain. As you increase your capacity to connect, you intentionally and profoundly participate in the sharing economy.

TERI WERNER is a keynote speaker and author, a DSWA Accredited Coach, and a DSWA Certified Trainer. Teri has been serving the network marketing and direct sales profession for more than 30 years. She is the author of Train Wreck to Triumph, a journal workbook that equips readers with tools and action steps to help them get their life, relationships, and businesses back on track.