Network marketing is changing our world for the better by allowing regular people like me (and perhaps you) to have an actual chance at building a successful business of our own, instead of being employees with no real chance of ever taking ownership and control of our lives and our futures.

This is creating more active business and community leaders across the globe and enriching society as a whole, in addition to just those involved in our business.

Business owners feel more involved in their community and society (look around in your own community at who is most active); after all, they have far more at stake than most employees.

One hundred-fifty years ago most people were self-employed in some fashion. In fact, figures suggest that as much as 84 percent of the adult working population was self-employed at that time. Many people would also argue that we enjoyed a more robust and healthy democracy with a stronger sense of community, precisely because a large percentage of the population owned their own business and ran their own lives in the manner they, rather than large corporations, decided.

Today the tables are reversed with 85 percent of the working population consisting of employees. The majority of people in most nations feel detached from both politics and our so-called “communities,” as we adjust our lives around the demands of our jobs and struggle just to pay the bills, while large corporations wield huge power politically and economically.

For the past twenty-one years I have had the distinct honor of being part of the solution rather than the problem; part of the most powerful movement to restore and enhance people-led democracy and community leadership.

That movement is a business model referred to as network marketing and not a political or social “movement” at all in the traditional sense. This business model has been growing, developing, and evolving for over sixty years. It has reached the point where it is now being shared so widely that it is making concrete and measurable contributions to people all across the world, in such numbers that we are truly effecting significant positive change on society.

Network marketing is the single greatest force for helping large numbers of people escape from being “employees” to being “owners.” The shift in thinking, in attitudes, and in actions that comes from this is immense and hugely beneficial to society at large.

Changes in technology over the past twenty years seemed to have been perfectly engineered to help network marketing grow and thrive. We can now share our business model and support systems globally in ways we could have never done in the past.

Network marketers have proven we can build successful businesses by cooperation and sharing rather than by cutthroat competition.

I have seen over and over how “high powered” sales people will join our business with their super competitive sales tactics and fail almost every time. Why? Because network marketing is a people-helping-people business by its very nature, requiring leaders to build relationships and teams rather than “superstars.”

Our business provides a sense of community and the ability to share and learn from that sharing. It’s a place where “newbies” can learn from successful leaders and grow into leaders themselves in a truly empowering environment.

The “sales superstar” on the other hand wants to be the hero and show everyone how good they are. They run into trouble when recruiting because:

New recruits in network marketing need to be able to feel they “own” their business. This means we sometimes need to let them make more mistakes early on. While we want our teams to follow the system “exactly,” consider this: if we constantly reinforce the fact that they own their business and have systems in place to guide them, all the while offering the flexibility and freedom to adapt them to their own personality and situation, then it is far more likely at least three things will occur:

  1. New recruits will take ownership of their business much earlier.
  2. If they don’t see success at first or strike a rough patch later (which will happen), they will come back to us and talk about what they could do better, rather than just blaming the system.
  3. Those who stay the course will become far stronger leaders with higher self confidence to pass on to others, since they truly feel they own their future and destiny.

By giving people more freedom, you will also make sure that those who deep down would rather be employees than owners drop out of the business faster, so this strategy works best if you are looking for potential leaders rather than merely distributors to generate sales volume.

We are not merely in a business developing income for ourselves and others. We are truly at the forefront of an emerging global revolution that is giving power back to the people in a positive manner by allowing them to no longer have bosses, but to own and control their own future.

This explains why after twenty-one years I still look forward to talking to a new prospect or helping a growing leader. As network marketers we are improving our world one person at a time by sharing our business, our belief, and our passion!

GRAHAM PARK lives with his wife Lynn and their four daughters in Brisbane, Australia. Graham joined network marketing in 1993 and worked the business part time for nine months, at which point he had replaced his income and went full time. He has been with the same company for 21 years, where he maintains the highest pin level. He has helped develop seven million-dollar earners and two five-million-dollar earners in his teams which cover over 30 different countries.