To educate networking professionals who aspire to personal freedom by serving others, with greater skill, integrity and responsibility.


(based on the Code of Ethics of the DSA)
NU-Certified networkers agree to represent their profession as one committed to honesty, integrity and opportunity for all.

NU offers 3 levels of certification :
Certified Networking Specialist
- 45 Credits
Certified Networking Professional
- 90 Credits
Certified Networking Mentor
- 180 Credits

Cofounder and Chancellor
(since 2003)
Chris Gross, Entrepreneur;
CEO, Gabriel Media Group, Inc.
Cofounder and Dean of Faculty
Josephine M Gross (since 2003)
Stanford Ph.D. ; Editor in Chief
of Networking Times
President (since 2012)
Charles W King, Harvard Ph.D.; Professor of Marketing,
University of Illinois

NU offers programs in 3 areas :

  1. Personal Development
    Communication, Goal Setting, Mindset, Leadership
  2. Professional Development
    Contacting, Inviting, Duplication, Team-Building
  3. Business Development
    Financial Literacy, Online Marketing, Recruiting

Please visit www.NetworkingTimes.com/university for our upcoming courses,
free resources, enrollment and certification program information.