Certainly the world of network marketing is open to people from all walks of life. We know that there are no barriers to success if you’re willing to do what it takes to build your business.

But could it be that immigrants to the United States have a secret shortcut to success in this business model? When we look at some of the biggest success stories in network marketing, we consistently see that immigrants are often outperforming the “native Americans” who were U.S.-born.

Immigrants go through the same challenges and adversities that all Americans face, but for some, their journey to the U.S. was an overwhelming struggle. I believe the biggest difference between an immigrant and someone born in this country is that they have, by default, cultivated the kind of mentality that better prepares them to build a network marketing business.

I’ve seen firsthand what my parents and family went through in order to come to this country from Iran during the Iranian revolution, and I can tell you there are many distinct factors that form a common thread in the fabric of the immigrant mindset. Perhaps this is because many countries restrict their citizens from starting a business, but whatever it is, immigrants tend to be entrepreneurs. A recent report published in The Huffington Post said that “immigrants as a whole are more than twice as likely to start a business as someone born in America.” Here are eight separators that determine why immigrants do so well in network marketing:

  1. To immigrants reputation and self-esteem are important.
    Many immigrants who come to this country were successful professionals before they came here. Living up to the reputation they had earned enhances their desire to work hard in order to keep their stature. Sometimes they also come from a country where not keeping your word could lead to severe consequences. Network marketers succeed better if they have strong self-esteem and value the importance of building a solid reputation.
  1. They see network marketing as a professional career.
    In many foreign countries network marketing is an admired and respected business model. Too many Americans have a way of viewing network marketing in a negative light, disparaging the companies, or making false accusations about legality. But to most immigrants, network marketing is a pure form of business because it focuses on building people-to-people relationships. An immigrant understands how this business model allows for growth by recruiting a diverse team of people who have their own abilities and skill sets.
  1. They don’t take rejection personally.
    People who come to this country don’t take rejection personally because they’ve already been through many scenarios of rejection on their journey. Rejection simply fuels their belief in themselves and their desire to prove the point that they came here to succeed.
  1. They have a different work ethic.
    Rarely will you see an immigrant settled into the mentality of a 9-to-5 workday. They stay busy and are constantly investing their own personal leisure and down time into taking their business to the next level. They are not afraid of hard work and end up moving up the ranks of their career faster than the average American who can’t wait to clock out and get to their weekend. It’s not that immigrants are smarter or more talented, they just work harder!
  1. They form a tight-knit community.
    Immigrants who come to this country and know what sacrifices are needed to arrive and succeed, normally look out for each other. This is one of the main reasons why immigrants develop into great leaders and team builders in network marketing. They genuinely care about the success of their friends and family. Immigrants embody the kind of leaders that leads by personal example and genuinely cares for the team.
  1. They do more with less.
    Immigrants appreciate the little startup capital it takes to get started in network marketing. Although the upside can be very rewarding, because the cost is so low to get started, many Americans take the opportunity for granted. Immigrants see a low startup cost as an opportunity to learn a new skill and get educated while earning some type of profit. They will also save more anticipating rough times ahead.
  1. Their love for great products makes them great recruiters.
    Just like when you refer a friend to check out a new restaurant, immigrants do the same thing when it comes to a good product or service. You’ve probably heard the saying that “if you love what you do, it’s not work.” Successful network marketers buy in to their product or service and recruit others on their passion for the product alone. An immigrants’ passion to share a new product becomes contagious and compels others to join in. Be contagious with your energy and love what you sell or do.
  1. They have an appreciation for education and personal development.
    Immigrants also look at network marketing as a school for personal development. Many times immigrants find themselves without the opportunity to go back to school to further their studies and instead are forced to work two or three jobs. In essence their network marketing career becomes their education, teaching them the basic skills to succeed in business that would normally cost them thousands of dollars at a university or trade school. Many network marketing companies offer all kinds of low-cost resources that increase their associates’ identity or self- confidence, which in return increases sales or growth for the company.

None of these points are meant to imply that an immigrant is always a better network marketer than an American. But it does suggest that the immigrant experience provides motivation and habits that can be exploited in the network marketing model. Hopefully you are inspired to adopt some of these mindsets and apply them to your own business. Also, focusing more of your recruiting efforts on this demographic might yield above-average results.

PATRICK BET-DAVID is an American entrepreneur, author, and financial adviser. In 2009, he founded People Helping People Insurance Agency, LLC, a financial services marketing organization offering a broad array of life insurance products. www.networkingtimes.com/link/bet-david

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