Having joined my network marketing business as a 20- year-old university student back in 1997, I was equipped with only my own business skills, marketing ideas, contact base, and life experience. Since I had only been out of school for two years, I didn´t have a huge amount of any of that.

However, I realized that I could equalize the playing field by becoming a thief... a thief of other people´s ideas!

With a little encouragement from others in the business, I got into personal development. My mentors became people I had never met - most specifically Jim Rohn, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, and Randy Gage. I would read their books and listen to their cassette tapes. Given the chance to see them live, I was there in a flash.

Therefore it was an almighty thrill and honor when Art Jonak, who has become a modern-day mentor, asked me to speak at his Mastermind event in 2013, where I got to share the stage with Big Al and Randy, and hopefully impact and help others the way I was influenced when I got started.

As I grew in the business, I realized it wasn't because I was twenty that I needed personal development. Nobody joins our profession fully-equipped to make a success of it without external support from mentors who have trod the path before them. In fact, you could argue that the further people have got entrenched in the rat-race, the more they actually need help undoing that damage and moving on!

Personally I ensured I went to all company events and presentations, trying my best to get to know the speakers and leaders. I would pick their brains and steal their concepts, mindsets, methods, and practices—and I asked for support.

If you´re sensible, you will do the same. Ask people who are where you want to be for help and support. Ask them for feedback or advice. Ask if you can take them for lunch, dinner, or coffee, or if you know they´re hosting a meeting, if you can meet them a little earlier. Additionally, follow them on twitter and connect with them on Facebook.

You´ll find most people are willing to help and support where they can. So whilst I can´t share stories of triumph with a partnership I walked into the profession with, I hope my story will encourage you that this is not essential for success and you can create many personal and remote mentor partnerships that will serve you well as you build your business.

University dropout WES LINDEN has never had a job, started network marketing at age twenty, and is now a top earner in the profession in the UK. He was the first Englishman to speak at Art Jonak’s Mastermind Event and his debut book 79 Network Marketing Tips for Fast Track Success became an Amazon bestseller. Wes is also a championship soccer referee.

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