Our partnership started with my idea to write a book to help women be more successful in network marketing. A Baby Boomer with twenty-five years of experience in counseling women, I looked for coauthors who could bring different perspectives. Through our company events I met Kristi, a single mom who had left her corporate career to join our company eight years ago. Then I found Karen, a mom with three children who had been a college professor for fifteen years and is now building her business from home.

Because of our differences, our book License to Dream: Every Woman’s Guide to Financial Freedom through Network Marketing is so much richer. The strength of our partnership is even more evident in the women’s workshops we organize. Between the three of us, we can personally relate to every single participant and help them find solutions to their challenges.

Personally, I teach women how to break through limiting beliefs and give themselves permission not to be perfect. Kristi teaches nuts-and-bolts and how to do the daily income-producing activities. Karen, who home schools her children, teaches tips and creates tools for women who have only small pockets of time to work their businesses.

Our different strengths enable us not only to help others, they also help us accomplish the many goals we have set for ourselves—from writing and marketing to speaking and website design. Our respective circles of influence help us reach a wider audience than we would individually. In addition, our different personalities lead us to different types of opportunities—through our book, our online presence, and our live workshops.

Judy O’Higgins: Our partnership has helped me understand how as a Baby Boomer, I see the world differently from younger women with children. Kristi and Karen have helped me understand the importance of teaching children about business and of including the entire family in the vision and goal-setting for your network marketing business—so they have a stake in your success.

Kristi Lee: I met Judy and Karen through our company and now have the blessing of lifelong friends. Working together has taught me to be a better, more compassionate leader. This has positively impacted my daughter and gave us a vehicle to give back to people, which brings us immense joy.

Karen Palmer: Teaming up with Judy and Kristi has increased my confidence, given me the ability to offer more than just my skills to my team, and allowed me to learn and grow so much more than I would have on my own. I love having two amazing and talented partners standing by my side, knowing I can count on them to give me sound advice and support me no matter what.

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