Mitch and I met after we had already been with our company for several years, so we have different distributorships in the same company. It’s been wonderful having each other to be completely transparent with. We are always there to remind each other what our why is. When one is feeling discouraged, the other is there to be strong.

I live in Canada while Mitch lives in the U.S. We both have children. It was difficult to learn how to date, build the business, meet the needs of our children, and build a blended family with strong emotional ties. We would much prefer to be in one spot so we can help each other with the kids. But I have a ten-year old who I won’t move away from his dad. We trust the solution will present itself with time.

We’ve been together for three years and we know we will be together; we just aren’t sure what it will look like in the future. We discovered our complementing strengths and weaknesses over time. We both like to lead, so it took a while to find our groove together, and we are still figuring some of it out. We just stay focused on our goal which allows us to communicate any frustration so we can move forward more effectively.

We often think it would be much easier to build one position together. There are obvious challenges with building two separate positions. But we firmly believe everything happens for a reason. We do some business activities together such as combining our team conference calls. We do events together and use each other for three-way calls. My team uses Mitch and his team uses me.

Building two teams while living in two different countries can get frustrating. But we both feel we have found our soul mate, so we figure we might as well keep walking the path until we find the solution. The most wonderful part of network marketing is its lifestyle, and the best part about our partnership is that we both understand there are times when phone calls can interrupt a date or vacation.

When you are leading a team, inevitably things happen that can make you feel like you’ve failed—someone is angry with you, a friendship ends, and so on. It’s been comforting to have someone who can see the good, the bad, and the ugly about you while reminding you that no matter what, the good in you is amazing.

Based in Toronto, Canada, PAULA FOELLER is a single mom of three who began her network marketing career in 2007. Through her business she met her life partner Mitch Spangler who lives in Jackson, Michigan with his two children. Both Paula and Mitch lead thriving network marketing organizations while raising their blended families.

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