Mike and I aren’t what you normally envision when you think of network marketing partners. We began our partnership carrying semi-automatic handguns while performing police duties as Canine Handlers for a specialized police unit formed after 9/11. In addition to conducting daily training operations, we would be called upon after major disasters or crimes. Many of our “meetings” happened while scouring the fields looking for explosives or searching for survivors.

One meeting that stands out in both of our minds happened early one morning in June 2009. We were searching for a missing person in a cold wet swamp and we had a long day ahead of us. With no one around except our dogs, we had one of the most important network marketing meetings of our career. We decided on that June day that we were going to stop working hundreds of hours of overtime so that we could build our network marketing business.

From that point onward we talked every day during our 5:45 am drive into work about what action steps we were going to put into place to build our team. We agreed to be accountable to one another to honor our commitment of three new prospects and follow-ups every day. We encouraged each other when our fellow-officers poked fun at our “pyramid” business and ridiculed our vision. We cheered for one another following every milestone. We agreed that taking advice from people who did not have the lifestyle we wanted was pointless. We were in it to win it—and we did.

After that fateful June morning our businesses began to take off and we each built a multiple six-figure income working in the pockets of time we had created by cutting out our overtime hours. Eighteen months later to the day, we walked into our office and handed in our guns, our dogs, and our badges to become full-time professional network marketers.

Five years later Mike and I are still faithful partners. Our experience as police officers and our relationship as partners provided us with a lot of transferable skills which we used to build our network marketing organizations. Our team has grown by tens of thousands and we have co-created six-figure incomes with other police officers along the way.

Although we credit one another with a lot of our successes, we both feel that our life partners have been a major influence on our success.

“My wife Robin is truly the heart and soul of our business,” Mike always says. “She is an amazing connector and an incredible business coach. She has strengths that our business could not do without. At the time we were building our network marketing business, Robin was working six days a week as a Registered Massage therapist, we were raising two daughters, and she was pregnant with our son Maxwell. She knows how to be very productive with small pockets of time, and that’s being duplicated in our team.”

Mike is now a certified speaker, trainer, and coach with the John Maxwell Team in Leadership Development. He is a sought-after generic network marketing trainer who is living the life of his dreams with his wife and their four children (they had their two youngest children while building their network marketing business). Their passion is to empower other families to live into their true potential and create more freedom in their lives.

I feel the same way about my wife Pamela as Mike feels about Robin. When we started our business Pamela was also working crazy long hours as a Federal Crown Attorney. We each had skills that worked well and complemented each other. We were so busy we didn’t stop to analyze what worked and what didn’t; we just took massive daily action. Today we are excited about the future of network marketing and the freedom available to everyone to work less and live more.

The partnership that Mike and I formed as police officers has grown into something much bigger, just like our business, which has grown exponentially. We’ve both become million-dollar earners in our company, but the best part is that we now have a team of more than twenty thousand partners, which continues to grow. We no longer hold meetings in cold swamps; we’ve traded those in for family holidays and company-sponsored trips. Instead of searching for missing people, Mike and I now search for our next millionaire partners. Together with our wives Robin and Pamela, we give people a new life!

KEVIN BARNUM and MIKE DALLAIRE are former police officers who became network marketing professionals five years ago. Together with their respective wives, Pamela and Robin, they achieved millionaire status in their company and have helped several of their business partners achieve multiple-six-figure incomes.

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