Donna: Our partnership takes “elevating the profession” to a whole new level! Thomas and I met five years ago at a network marketing event in Houston. Originally from Sweden, Thomas was a successful network marketer with a Scandinavian-based company. I’m with a U.S.-based company and was a presenter at that event, where we exchanged hellos and spoke briefly.

In March 2011, Ørjan Sæle, the founder of Thomas’ company, invited me to speak at their leadership conference in Dubai. The last thing we both expected was to fall in love in Dubai.

Since we were both network marketers, it’s easy for us to travel between the U.S. and Sweden, and all the other fabulous destinations our businesses take us. As Thomas often says, “Love knows no distance.” 

Oftentimes, our family and friends will tell us they have to go on Facebook to see where in the world we are. It’s great to build our business around our life, instead of the other way around. We organize our schedule three months in advance, and then work backwards to plan our month, week, and day.

We got married April 10, 2014, surrounded by family and many friends in our profession, some of whom were in the wedding party.

A question we are often asked is, “How can you be together while building two different companies?” The answer is easy. We hold the highest respect for each other’s business. We understand the abundance in the world and don’t find it necessary to cross-recruit or cross-sell between each of our companies. Everyone around us understands and supports our boundaries.

Since we’re both in network marketing, we have flexible schedules and can choose our priorities. We can lend each other support since we understand the business. We often help each other, because in some areas where I am weak, Thomas is strong, and vice versa.

Thomas: To really thrive in a relationship or partnership, you need to have the foundation of love, integrity, mutual respect, and smart trust in place. Both Donna and I lead with love unconditionally and speak the truth in good and in difficult times. That could be uncomfortable and even scary in many ways, but for us it’s the essence of growth.

To have a companion and best friend by your side who is as passionate as you are to help and change people’s lives for the better is a luxury that’s hard to explain; it has to be experienced. Many times in our profession you will hear couples say things like, “We grew apart...” because one person in the relationship joined network marketing and was introduced to personal development and the other stayed behind. I don’t like to hear this expression; I prefer “growing together,” and that’s what happens when you share dreams and passions with your partner.

We are relentless when it comes to personal development and that’s a huge help to keep us growing as individuals and as a couple. To do that in an environment and perspective of two different companies and teams, that’s a blessing that actually multiplies the possibilities to help even more people because of the synergy it creates.

One of the largest advantages with partnerships like this is that when you live, teach, and preach your principles, you always have an accountability partner to hold you responsible for your actions. We both appreciate this because we firmly believe that we have to strive to do things right—ethically and in practice—100 percent of the time.

DONNA JOHNSON has been a top earner and mentor in network marketing for over thirty years.
THOMAS TIDLUND has over fifteen years of experience inĀ  network marketing and is a top earner in his company. When not traveling, Donna and Thomas live in Arizona, Wisconsin, and Sweden.

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