Once Upon a Time...
Rita Davenport
Storytelling is one of the best ways to spotlight who you are and the products you’d like to share. Simply start your presentation with a story. Wrap it around an experience. Involve people in your message. Then give them the solutions you found that will make their lives better. Make them laugh and they’ll learn more. Know how you’re going to close. Once captivated by a well-crafted story, people are receptive to a call to action. Don’t worry about being perfect—it’s hard to relate to perfect. Be yourself. Be authentic. Share your stories and have fun with them. More often than not, your listeners will have fun too and get their own results.

Discover Your Unmet Needs
Sonia Stringer
If we don’t know our personal needs, they can easily control our choices or behaviors, and ultimately sabotage our success. Once you discover your unmet needs, you start living from your values (connection, courage, fun, adventure, love, contribution, beauty, leadership…). Your values are an expression of who you really are, while your unmet personal needs keep you from being who you are. When you live in alignment with your values, business and personal success happens organically, and you’ll also experience a profound sense of balance and fulfillment.

Marissa McDonough
Telling stories can help you become comfortable with leading your prospects through the objection and into action.

Frank Keefer
We all have a great story. We just need to make our story compelling and relevant to our target audience.

Stephanie Davis
Stories are like simulators, allowing listeners to learn what it’s like to be in certain situations and how to overcome obstacles.

Jackie Ulmer
Learn to weave your day-to-day stories into everything you do online and you’ll attract a powerful audience of targeted prospects.

Wes Linden
At opportunity presentations, quickly pair up guests with people whom you know they have synergy with because of their similar stories.

Presley Swagerty
To collect stories, read books every day. Study others. Model your mentors. Most importantly, observe your own life.

Margie Aliprandi
No matter where you are on your network marketing journey, your story provides the personal connection and hope people yearn for.

Susan Sly
The greatest storytellers move people to action and inspire them to continue on no matter what.

Sarah Robbins
Facebook is great for sharing testimonials, videos, and pictures of distributors’ and customers’ success stories.

Jordan Adler
When telling a story, first position yourself so people understand you are just like them, and they will be more engaged.

Richard Brooke
Your story is the most powerful evidence you have that what you are telling others they can do, can actually be done.

South Africa: Gateway to the African Continent
Richard Clarke
South Africa tends to be the point of launch for direct selling companies venturing into Africa. With growth averaging 10.3 percent over the last three years, direct selling reported sales exceeding US$8 billion in 2012. Direct selling currently provides income earning opportunities to over 1.3 million South Africans. Another projected 300,000 new direct sellers will join over the next three years. Entry to the South African market is not complicated as long as the entrants are up to date with current legislation and work with experts in global expansion.

Tell Your Story
Ana Gabriel Mann
We are all storytellers, every day of our lives. We transmit our truth best person to person, because sharing our authentic selves, witnessing and being witnessed by others is part of our humanity. We don’t have to know the precise way or set formula to simply share a part of ourselves that is deeply personal. Your story is your most powerful tool to build your business, because it tells the listener about you, about your decisions, your values, and your personal perspective. For over twenty years I have shared the simple story of how I started in network marketing.