Kestutis Matulionis (he goes by Kesh, pronounced cash) is a network marketing professional based in Lithuania who leads a rapidly growing international team in Central Europe, Scandinavia, and the U.S. Kesh had multiple careers and experienced numerous financial and emotional crises before he found inspiration, freedom, and prosperity through network marketing.

An overachiever from an early age, Kesh became a musician—playing the trumpet in an orchestra; a professional athlete—he won second place as downhill skier in the World Cup of Lithuania; and a karate coach and club owner trained by a prominent Japanese master.

Professionally Kesh was trained as a medical doctor and worked in the emergency room as an assistant trauma surgeon and neurosurgeon. He cofounded a network of private clinics in Lithuania, co-owned a real estate holding company, and was involved in other businesses for over two decades.

“I saw each new field as a promising way to happiness, success, growth, and freedom,” he says. “Although each venture did bring achievement—I had medals, black belts, properties—inner peace and fulfillment did not ensue. I just couldn’t settle for less.”

In 2008 when the global real estate crisis hit, Kesh and his friends with whom he co-owned the properties made some business mistakes and their company, valued at about 40 million USD, collapsed into tens of millions of personal debt.

“I lost houses, flats, cars—everything except my willingness to succeed,” says Kesh. “I had to start all over again from zero—or more precisely, from below zero.”

Kesh asked himself, “What do I believe in? What’s next?” He knew he didn’t want to recreate his past, where he had always felt like his businesses owned him. His inner compass was telling him this was not “it.”

“Each time I built a new business I wanted to pass it on to others and silently slip away,” he says. “I wanted it to produce passive income or sell it, asking myself what I really wanted to do with my time on earth.”

Looking for financial security and time freedom, Kesh knew the answer was residual income, but he had no idea what vehicle would get him there. He read books, listened to audios, and talked to people, actively searching for something that would bring him true happiness—something he could pour his heart into, believe in, and recommend to others as a long-term path to prosperity.

“Today I feel blessed I went through that meat grinder,” says Kesh. “It rectified my mind and soul.”

Three years into his quest, Kesh received a call from a friend who was looking for a business partner and invited Kesh to a meeting.

“In the beginning I did not see a real business,” says Kesh, “But the further we talked, the more interested I became. The next day I joined a network marketing company. At that moment I took it as a game, some sort of joke, where I liked the products and I also trusted my friend. I had no idea I had found ‘it’—or rather, ‘it’ had found me.”

Today, three years later, Kesh couldn’t be more passionate about his network marketing business.

“I’m running on all the turbines I have inside—and this is just the warm-up. The real journey still lies ahead.”—J.G.

With his team leaders enjoying fun times and education at his company´s international convention.

What made you decide to get involved in the business?
My friend Zilvinas met me in the parking lot. We went to his friend’s place. There was some small talk, they offered me coffee, and the meeting began.

  1. After I saw the products, I realized I wanted to have them at home. This was the first “drop” into my “cup” of decision. 
  2. They showed me how this business worked. It was unbelievable to me that this kind of operation could be successful. The presenters seemed strangely sure of themselves. The confidence and preparedness with which they answered my questions was the second “drop” that made me start doubting my doubts. I was beginning to believe it might work.
  3. I then asked, if my results would be bigger than theirs, would I earn more or less than them because they started earlier? They explained I would earn more if my results were bigger. This was the third “drop.” 
  4. Next I asked if I said yes, what would be my responsibility. They explained I would need four ingredients: 1. money to start; 2. time to do the business; 3. a list of contacts to invite to the meetings; 4. be teachable. I knew I could find all four, which made me feel confident that I could handle my part.
  5. In terms of what would be their responsibility, they told me they had a proven success formula.
  6. I agreed to get started on one condition: we would resolve to beat the person who had become the fastest Diamond in the history of the company. I said this to see their reaction. They remained confident.
  7. We conceived a plan for what needed to be done the first week, second week, third week, and so on to reach the rank of Diamond in record time.
  8. I would only have to come up with a little money, time, contacts, and willingness to be taught—something anyone has. I could easily find others who would have that, too!
  9. Still this wasn’t enough. I wanted to sleep over it. We agreed to meet the next day. I asked to see my friend’s results, so he showed them to me on the computer.

Finally I was convinced. My “cup” was full. I said, “Okay, let’s get started.” According to our plan, I needed to sign up five people that same week. I wasn’t worried—I only had to invite the contacts. My friend would do all the rest. This is how my business started.

What’s the best part of being a network marketing professional?
It is the balance of the most important things in life: growing personally, improving my health, creating worthwhile relationships, being financially free, and finally, helping those who have these same values in life. This profession is fulfilling, unlimited, and more advanced than anything else I’ve ever done in life.

What’s your best memory or experience so far?
Becoming a Diamond in seven weeks, standing on the recognition platform, still barely realizing we made it (it was a team effort). After twenty years of dreaming, searching, achieving, falling and getting up, I finally created success with network marketing in record time. Of course there has been struggle, especially in the beginning, but why not welcome that? It only makes us better. Struggle is one of our true friends, although it comes dressed as an enemy. There are also dangerous enemies wearing friends’ clothes. 

What was your greatest challenge?
Honing my communication skills—reaching the point where the person across the table understands what I’m talking about. It took a while to get there, but it was so worth it. It is the biggest gift that came along with the business. The second challenge which ultimately became a gift was knowing my self worth. Actually, every gift comes wrapped as a challenge; those who persevere enough to unwrap the package, get to enjoy the gifts.

What’s your recipe for success?
When signing the contract, make it very clear who is responsible for what. If you like the product, that’s reason enough to offer it to anybody else. Be teachable and observant. Read and listen to CDs. Attend all local and major events. Be persistent. Recover after you fall (we all have an inborn ability to recover and continue to learn). The future does not equal the past, unless you choose so.

What does your day and week look like? 
I wake up when I want or planned to. I meet friends and their friends for a cup of coffee and a chat about life, health, business, other occupations, and so on. I have anywhere from one to seven meetings per day—and sometimes none. I do two or three open presentations a week, a bigger regional training once a month, and a national or international event every three months. This year I traveled to Florida, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Latvia, Greece, Denmark, Mallorca, Sweden, and again to Florida. 

On weekends I jump parachute, ride my motorcycle or bicycle, windsurf, or learn to pilot a helicopter. I spend time at home with my girlfriend and friends whenever I want. I almost never watch TV, read the newspaper, or whine about life being too difficult. 

Basically I have no stress, lots of trips, pleasant conversations about life and business, no worries about money, faster personal development, a nice circle of colleagues, and inner peace. Network marketing is different from anything I have ever done. As every new career, it brings its challenges, but when success arrives it comes with peace, freedom of choice, unlimited potential, multiplication of purpose, and greatness through service to many.

How do you provide leadership for your team?
Show the tail lights. Walk the talk. Be the example. Restore trust people lost along the way. Be perseverant. Never give up. Be brave to lead into the unknown. Admit mistakes. Recognize those who deserve. Spend time together. Be human. Shake off all extras and return to who you were created to be.

Which books or programs were formative?
I have listened to or read everything by Randy Gage, Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, Art Jonak, Ken Dunn, Orjan Saele, Orrin Woodward, Chris Brady, Donna Johnson, Jordan Adler, and Richard Bliss Brooke. Other mentors include Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy, Anthony Robbins, Dr. John Gray, and Og Mandino. In addition to my company events, I attend Art Jonak’s Mastermind event.

What are your dreams and vision for the future?
I recently multiplied my personal goal of acquiring customers by ten. My reasoning was this: the purpose of setting a goal is sometimes not the goal itself, or whether you are going to reach it or not, but the person you have to become in order to make the goal realistic. I raised my goal from one million to 10 million customers. It may take me thirty years or more and I am ready for every step of the way.