Let’s talk about enrolling new distributors, your expectations for them, and how to position the opportunity in their mind and heart. Whatever you have accomplished is much more believable than any video or brochure. Create your story and use it. Your story is their story.

Your story is critically important because it shows that your opportunity works up until the day you are telling it. If you have been involved for two weeks, first your story is two weeks’ worth—then two months, two years, and so on. Your story is the most powerful evidence you have that what you are telling someone else he or she can do, can actually be done.

Your first month, first 90 days, and first year are the most important pieces of your story. They stay with you throughout your career. Ten years from now, you will be telling your first month story, and it will be pivotal in creating the belief and pace with which your new enrollees get started.

If you sit around and analyze the plan or spend weeks getting organized, your first month and first 90 days will inspire no one. In fact, your new recruits will tend to do what you did—stretching what could be a three- to four-year residual income career into one taking fourteen years.

How fast you get started and what you accomplish in those first three timeframes will become your greatest recruiting and motivational asset. Don’t blow it. Don’t think about it. Trust it and swing for the fences.

But here is another truth: your story is not their story.

A story tells it best. When you enrolled in your opportunity, here are some factors that perhaps were present:

Now you are sitting with yet another incredible prospect. Maybe you have a powerful story to use as your most effective belief builder. If you do, make your story their story. But maybe you don’t. If so, make your story not their story. Here’s how:

At this point, when your newest prospect is sitting in front of you, the game he or she is about to play is not the same game you played—not even remotely. The game has changed. Maybe not 100 percent, but look how different things are:

You cannot change your history, but you can turn your lemons into lemonade. Tell the truth about how you botched your launch if you did. Tell them how much it has and will always cost you. And most importantly, tell them when you changed to full-tilt boogie mode and how committed you are to staying in it. Beg them not to make the same mistakes.

Show them the penny-doubling-a-day chart. At day 31, a penny is worth over $5 million dollars just doubled each day. Show them how much it is worth if you double it every other day or two days a week or for a week, then “penny funk” for a week, then doubling again. Show them what it is worth if you double it “whenever you feel like it.” It is not worth more than a few hundred dollars.

Lead them to play full out for at least 90 days, six days a week. Then they can coast for a few weeks so they can hit it for another 90 days. Again and again, help them go for 90-day runs until they are earning more money than they ever thought possible, more than even you thought possible. For them that might be $5,000 a month or maybe $50,000. They can get off the train anytime they want, when they have created enough freedom and fun to fit their vision and values.

The lesson here is don’t sell others’ dreams short. Don’t sell them short by toying with your own first month, 90 days, or one year. If you do, don’t sell them short by mapping out their outcome to your expectations of them. Just because you have been at it for 18 months earning $1,800 does not mean you should expect the same for them. You should expect them to be at $18,000 given the wisdom and experience you bring to the party and given the challenges you fought through that are all smoothed out for them. Expect them to win!

RICHARD BLISS BROOKE is a thirty-seven-year veteran of network marketing, a former member of the Board of Directors of the Direct Selling Association, a senior member of the DSA Ethics Committee, and the owner of a network marketing company. He is a coach, speaker, and author of the bestselling books Mach II: The Art of Personal Vision and Self Motivation and The Four-Year Career.