Since social media is now the #1 activity on the web, it has become a powerful place to share your story. Recently, Facebook traffic surpassed Google traffic. What does this mean to our business? In our social economy, who you know and what they recommend is more influential than ever before. People trust their friends’ opinions and recommendations.

When using social media, create posts that engage and inspire, and people will want to follow you. Along with your personal posts, sprinkle in posts about your business. Share stories about product success and business success of people in your company.

Here are five examples of power posts for network marketing professionals:

  1. When a new distributor joins, I have them announce it on Facebook. I tell them: “When you get your kit, take a cool picture of you with it. If you have kids or a family, make it fun and do it together! You can say something that creates intrigue such as ‘Momma’s got a brand new business! Check it out here (link)!’” When people “like” the post or comment on it, you know they see it. Message them and say, “Thank you for supporting my business! I saw you comment on my post, and it meant the world to me. Do you have a few minutes for us to share more? I’m looking to expand my business and would love your ideas, support, and referrals. What’s a good time and number to reach you?” I’ll announce the new distributor on my page a few days following, using the same picture.
  2. Post opportunity calls—you never know whose curiosity it will pique. Post the call information and say, “Curious about what I do? Listen in to this brief call tonight, and message me after if you’d like to learn more!”
  3. Promote events. Post a picture of an event flyer and say, “Who do you know in Southern California? My business is building there, and we are looking for leaders. Message me to learn more.”
  4. Share success stories, testimonials, videos, and pictures of product results and business success stories you come across of other distributors and customers. For the business, you can do this when someone makes a bonus, promotion, earns a car or trip, or has a milestone in their business. People will begin to watch and wonder how they can achieve that, too.¬†For the product, post before-and-after pictures and customer testimonials. Be sure each product post has a link to your product site at the end.
  5. Post company specials and do your own giveaways. Share your excitement any time something new launches.

Facebook is a great place to network your business and share your story. Now let’s get social—see you online!

SARAH FAIRLESS ROBBINS became a top earner in network marketing in her twenties. She is author of Rock Star Recruiting School, a sought-after speaker,
and a board member of the ANMP.