“Remind us what you guys do for your day job?” I asked the young couple in their early twenties seated in the back row in Jan and Clive’s lounge, which was jam-packed with forty distributors of varying levels of experience.

“We work in a chicken factory,” said the scruffily-dressed James. Kate, his girlfriend, too shy to speak herself, nudged him to prompt him further. “Well, we did work—we were made redundant last week,” he added.

I noticed people turning around, craning their necks to get a sight of the two people who were, in essence, not able to keep the most menial of day jobs, but were now the center of the attention for their activity in our network marketing business.

“You’ve brought two guests with you tonight?” was my next question.
“Yeah!” replied James, with the lack of sophistication you’d expect from someone recently laid off from a chicken factory.

Some of the audience were probably expecting to see two other youngsters of a similar background.

“This is Darren, who owns an IT business in London,” said James, making some people curious as to how he’d attracted someone of that ilk. “And this is Steve,” he added, “a doctor on the children’s ward at the local hospital.”

By this time the other distributors were doing some serious self-evaluation, particularly when they noticed the attractive, smartly dressed, quintessentially English gent who had risen, nodding his head in acknowledgement of the onlookers.

The response to my final question raised a laugh throughout the room: “How did you manage to get your two guests here?”
“We drove with Steve, and Darren made his own way here,” James said, answering my question quite literally.
I reworded my question, making it obvious this wasn’t the answer I was looking for.
“We just showed them the DVD and then asked them to come along,” James replied cheerfully.

There were several powerful lessons for all:
- Don’t prejudge—anyone can succeed;
- Use the promotional tools;
- Just ask!

In addition, there will have been some soul searching for those who considered themselves of “higher” status in life compared to this young couple that made up in drive and spirit what they perhaps were lacking in other areas.

During the break I went to meet our guests and welcomed them properly. Rather than make it about me, I made sure to tell them about others just like them.

In Darren’s case, I asked him for his story so I could better understand why he was taking a look at our business. I then told him the relatable story of Guy, another successful IT business owner who missed spending time with his two young children and was using our network marketing business as a vehicle to change that. Next, I introduced Darren to (and then left him with) Tristan, who also runs a business in London.

I then spoke to Doctor Steve, asking some questions to find out his story. Steve had reached his fifties and was looking for something else to sink his teeth into, something that didn’t come with the stress of pediatric work.

I said to him, “I must introduce you to Jason,” and took him to meet a chap of similar age who is a successful distributor with us in his spare time and a judge in his day job. I left the two of them so Jason could share his story of how our business allows him some escape from the stress of presiding over court cases.

The moral of this story?
One of the keys to success in network marketing is understanding that relatable stories are what brings people into the business and spurs them into activity.

The whole point of going to an opportunity presentation, a home meeting, or any event is to hear the stories. That way, wherever you are, whoever you are talking to, you will always be able to tell them about someone of a similar age, profile, background, occupation, or personal situation that relates to them. This saves you talking about yourself or blabbing on about the compensation plan, the name of the Chief Executive’s children, or the size of the car and holiday home of the starship commander in your upline.

Here’s what’s even more powerful: at events you can quickly pair up guests with people you know they will have synergy with because of their similar stories.

We all know facts tell and stories sell, so go find out as many stories as you can, and then share them with the world.

University dropout WES LINDEN has never had a job, started network marketing at age twenty, and is now a top earner in the profession in the UK. He was the first Englishman to speak at Art Jonak’s Mastermind Event and his debut book 79 Network Marketing Tips for Fast Track Success became an Amazon bestseller.
Wes is also a championship soccer referee.