We all know, facts just tell, while stories sell. So how do we tell stories on social media?

Before you enter the online world as a business builder, it’s important to think through your strategy and brand online. This will begin to create solid relationships, leading to interest in and sponsoring into your business.

Your brand is just “who you are and what you offer.” We all have one. It’s basically how people describe you. We share this “brand message” in everything we do online. Your blog, articles, videos, podcasts, and especially your status updates on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social sites are a big part of our brand.

If you’re only posting your opportunity call or how great your business is, how are you branding yourself? As someone who provides value? As someone who is authentic and approachable? As someone who cares about others?

We all have stories in our business: our own product story; getting-started story; creating an income and initial success story; and over time, a creating wealth story. In addition, everyone has stories of building the business day to day—stories about funny prospects we encounter; what we took away from an event; a failure we learned from; a success that uplifted us and others.

Learn to weave these stories into everything you do online and you’ll attract a powerful audience of targeted prospects. I once shared a comment a prospect gave me which generated a flurry of engagement. I had asked him, “What are you looking for in a business? What’s important to you?”

He answered, “I’m looking for something where I can just sleep in and the money rolls in.” The funny part is, he wasn’t joking!

This led me to write a blog post, create a video about the experience, and share a status update asking others what they would have said to him.

Every day I share stories of the details of my life and how my business weaves into it. Photos, recognition of others, and funny things that happen are all part of how I craft a message that engages others and creates curiosity.

That curiosity often brings them back to my blog, where they can get to know me even better. They can watch a video, giving them a multidimensional experience; or they can listen to some of the training I offer through my podcasts; or read more stories in my blog archives on how to grow a successful business.

When you share who you are, what you offer, and how they can benefit, the relationship begins. People can then contact you to learn more, and then you want to quickly move the conversation offline—to a phone or Skype call—and ask more questions.

Before long, you will have people from around the world lining up to do business with you!

JACKIE ULMER has been a network marketing professional for 20 years, starting as a severe skeptic. She’s built a business that stretches across the globe using online methods to build her business while also managing a family and a life.