We all know stories can be wonderful tools to build a network marketing business. You’ve probably heard the saying, Facts tell; stories sell.

If you’re like most network marketing professionals, you might find that handling your prospects’ objections can be one of the more difficult tasks we face in our business. The majority of us feel uncomfortable when objections come up.

Telling stories can help you become totally comfortable with leading your prospects through the objection and into action. I have used stories to overcome objections such as “I am too busy currently,” “I don’t have the money to invest,” or “I’m not a salesperson.” How does this work? You simply learn to tell stories that will show your prospects how they too can build a business and how others just like them have become successful. Stories can kill objections before they become a problem.

Here is a simple three-step storytelling approach you can take with your prospects, often called the feel, felt, found method:
Step 1: Problem you had;
Step 2: What you did about it;
Step 3: How you feel now.

Step 1: Talk about the objection they have.
Example: “I completely understand how you feel about not having any time. When I was introduced to my company, I was not looking for anything more to add to my already busy, demanding schedule. I was a real estate broker and partner in our firm, as well as a busy mom of two little girls who were three and one at the time. But I knew that if I wasn’t willing to make a change, I would burn out and never have the time with my kids I was looking for.”

Step 2: Show them what changes you made to solve the problem.
Example: “I felt I needed to find a better way. I honestly didn’t know how or when I would build my business, I just knew it was something I shouldn’t pass up. When I got started, I simply had one hour a night after the kids went to bed to build my business. I then found fifteen minutes here and there to make a quick phone call, while doing chores like folding laundry, doing dishes, and so on. I started listening to training calls and build my understanding and belief, not only in my company but also in the profession of network marketing.”

Step 3: Show them how life is so much better now.
Example: “I am so thrilled that I simply took a chance at the opportunity. I am no longer as busy and running crazy. After working my business part time, I was blown away by the results we created in just one year. Today, three years later, I have walked away from my full-time job and I work thirty hours a week building my family legacy. I have complete control over my time and love the flexibility of my schedule to fit what matters most to me into my life, such as family, friends, and fun. My new motto is “Family, fulfillment, and finances.”

What if your prospect has an objection you didn’t have? Simply use another person’s story. I encourage you to build a library of stories from others in the profession. Here is an example of how you can overcome an objection using someone else’s story.

Objection: “I don’t have enough money.”
Step 1: “I’m sorry to hear you don’t have the money, but I must be honest with you and tell you that is exactly why you may want to consider joining the business. We can change that problem for you! A lady I work with was in the same position as you, maybe even a little worse. Her family was struggling financially to the point where she was visiting the local food bank to fill her daughters’ lunch boxes for school.”

Step 2: “My friend had a moment of decision for her and her family. She knew she had to do something different or nothing would change. She gathered the courage to find a loan to allow her to start her network marketing business and she made it happen.”

Step 3: “Today she is happy, financially stronger, and sleeping better at night. The most positive impact is the example she has set for her two young girls. As if all that weren’t enough, she is now enjoying the perks of a free company car!”

You can see how telling stories is a phenomenal way to handle objections. Using the three-step process will help you not only to overcome any common objection but also to move your prospect into action.

MARISSA MCDONOUGH is a former real estate broker who in less than one year created a six-figure network marketing income in her part-time hours. Two and a half years into the business, she stepped away from real estate and has now helped several other business professionals create their dreams.