Jeannie Chong is a Malaysian resident of Chinese descent who leads a network marketing team in Southeast Asia and North America.

In 2013 Jeannie distinguished herself by reaching the rank of Blue Diamond in her company’s compensation plan in just five months. She has since groomed six more Diamonds on her team and continues to break records within her company.

Jeannie attributes her success to her passion for education, her reliance on divine support, her determination to grow and succeed, and her passion for helping those who have big dreams.

Born in a lower middle-class environment, Jeannie grew up in a loving family but witnessed the sharp contrast of those who enjoyed a more abundant lifestyle. Seeing other children’s gifts under the Christmas tree when she was only five, she became determined to create greater prosperity for herself and her loved ones.

Ambitious, creative, talented, and focused, Jeannie was encouraged at an early age by her mother and grandma to spread her wings and pursue her dreams. When she discovered network marketing, she became enamored with the personal development and economic opportunity the business offered. She chose it as her vehicle to live her life purpose: to help others who are willing to lift themselves out of lack and limitation while giving all glory to God.

Humble Beginnings
Jeannie grew up in Cameron Highlands, one of Malaysia’s touristy hill stations on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur, populated by farm workers and small business owners. Her parents worked in hospitality overseeing guesthouses, which exposed Jeannie to European and Western culture. At an early age she learned to speak Malay, Mandarin, Cantonese, and English so she could communicate with the multiple nationalities present in the area.

Jeannie’s first exposure to sales and business came in the early seventies during her teenage years in her hometown.

“With the help and guidance of my beloved grandmother and sister, who was a school teacher at the time, we started a flower and souvenir business targeting tourists in the evenings after school,” she says, “From the savings earned from the business, I bought my first house before graduating from high school.”

In the late seventies Jeannie ventured to Kuala Lumpur to attend college. Upon graduating with a degree in public relations, she worked for a few months, then started her own interior decorating and renovations business with a small loan from her parents.

“In a few short years, I rose to the top of the industry,” she says. “I achieved my goal of becoming a millionaire in my mid-twenties.”

When Jeannie’s mom encouraged her to start a family, Jeannie sold her business, traveled to gain global exposure, settled down, and had her baby daughter.

While in semi-retirement, Jeannie remained well connected and after a few years became the owner of a national franchise automobile dealership. When the recession hit in 1998 and financial institutions started freezing loan approvals to car buyers, she was proactive: she sold her franchise business to become a full-time network marketer.

“This wasn’t my earliest exposure to the business,” she says. “My sister had roped me in at the age of eighteen to deliver lipstick for an established American direct selling giant. I initially thought the business was just about selling product, but quickly found out the company offered training that could transform people’s lives.”

With corporate leaders, her sponsor, and some of her Diamond leaders in Anaheim, CA.

By the time Jeannie finished college and started experimenting in her first jobs, she had already figured out that working for a boss would never be satisfying, and that to achieve her dreams, she needed to be in business. Parallel to her traditional schooling, she received an entrepreneurship education through her continuing part-time involvement in network marketing.

As the years progressed, Jeannie was inspired by the glamorous lifestyle she observed among network marketing leaders, especially the women, with men holding doors open for them, pulling out chairs, and generally treating them like princesses. Jeannie started envisioning herself walking down the red carpet in a ballroom gown flanked by rows of fans and admirers throwing her kisses and flowers. Soon she could picture herself speaking from the stage, drinking in the sweet taste of success and thanking God for all the blessings He had bestowed upon her and her teams.

Inspired by pictures of incentive trips and awards ceremonies, Jeannie decided she was going to pursue this lifestyle of grace and riches, no matter what it would take.

Going Full Time
Even though Jeannie grew up to be an overachiever—becoming a state champion of table tennis and a finalist in the Miss Malaysia beauty pageant—it took her years to build her self-esteem.

“I started out with an inferiority complex because I did not have fair skin as some other Asian women have,” she says, “This is now all part of the past, ever since I discovered Heal Your Life by Louise Hay. On the other hand, I’m naturally gutsy, and usually the life of the party. What saved me was my eagerness to learn, my ease in connecting with people, and my sense of humor.”

In 1996 Jeannie was introduced to a Japanese network marketing company.

“I was invited to a ‘Japanese Business Club’ and only later realized it was an opportunity meeting,” she says. “Attendees who signed up were immediately led to a training room to take a getting-started program. To become business builders, we had to attend a two-day weekend seminar from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. that same week. It was presented as a Management Consultant Course that would teach us a system for changing our mindset and aligning our attitude for success.”

The way the course was presented and organized appealed to Jeannie’s business sense. Being a good student, she followed the system of bringing people to the daily business presentation, which mentally prepared them for the business opportunity.

Each time Jeannie’s team graduated she was there, cheering them on, hugging everyone with encouragement, and giving them another hour of orientation and motivation. Her teams duplicated fast, bringing in 500 participants to the seminar on certain weekends.

“Soon my network covered all of Malaysia,” says Jeannie. “I excel at following a system that’s in place. This experience really boosted my confidence and success rate. I stayed with this company until it closed down.”

From then on, Jeannie became laser focused on learning, coaching, and training in success principles. She became a regular attendee of the National Achievers Congress in Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia, the Money & You™ program, Linda Chandler’s Core Value Training, and many other international training events.

“I was constantly learning and practicing the teachings from sales experts, business philosophers, NLP trainers, and self-improvement giants like Anthony Robbins. I attended seminars by Brian Tracy, Robert Kiyosaki, T. Harv Eker, Joe Girard, Zig Ziglar, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Deepak Chopra, Bob Proctor, Dr. Stephen R. Covey, Dr. Li Jian, Steve Chen, and Wilson Lin in China. All these trainings helped me become a person of influence and increased my ability to empower others by allowing them to see and function at their highest potential.”

Lunch with Tom Schreiter
after his training in Thailand.

Moving into E-Commerce
In late nineties Jeannie encountered the first wave of network marketing powered by the Internet. She joined a European-based network marketing company and qualified as the first Diamond Director in Asia, building a network spanning twenty-eight countries and generating a multimillion-dollar group turnover each month.

In the mid-2000s Jeannie became one of the pioneer leaders in opening the Malaysian and Southeast-Asian market for a China-based network marketing giant. She rose to one of the top ranks in record time and generated a network of close to 80,000 distributors in the first two years, qualifying for numerous overseas incentive trips and luxury car awards. She was appointed as a System Trainer and conducted new distributor and leadership trainings all over Malaysia, Singapore, and Australia.

In the late 2000s Jeannie started her own network marketing company and expanded into new markets such as India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Her company was acquired by a Malaysian-based multinational as its new e-commerce division and Jeannie acted as its Executive Director.

“After the acquisition, I continued to help the group to expand its nutritional supplement business into Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and even far-reaching countries like Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Ukraine, and Russia, until the acquisition was completed in 2009.”

In 2010 Jeannie helped an American network marketing company launch in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, and Cambodia. After two years, the company was merged and Jeannie took a three-month sabbatical to attend a leadership coaching program in Taiwan and a success seminar in China.

Jeannie had stayed in touch with her friend Johnnie Green whom she had known for several years from her previous network marketing experiences. When Johnnie wanted to introduce a U.S. company to her, she told him: , “This time I’m looking for a company with owners whose vision is in alignment with my Christian beliefs.”

Knowing her heart’s desire, Johnnie made the introductions and Jeannie was flown to Korea around Christmastime in 2012 to meet with company founder David Dillingham, who wanted to see if she was interested in opening the Asian market.

“I chose my current company because I wanted a program of integrity led by owners and executives who care about people and not just about money,” says Jeannie. “After meeting David’s two other founders and partners, Richard and Lonnie, in Houston, they felt like family to me, so I decided this is my home. I made a firm choice to take up this challenge to kick-start the Asian market after the convention in Houston in January 2013, just before the Chinese New Year.”

Jeannie says she had to start over and didn’t bring anyone in from her previous companies. But with many years of experience, solid network marketing skills, and a commitment to follow the system, she fully expected to do well.

Another reason which she believes catapulted her success was psychological: she felt down after a broken relationship and needed a new purpose. When David said, “Jeannie, I believe in you. I believe you can do it,” she felt called to get up again. She regained her confidence and was ready to inspire, motivate, and empower people.

Awarded Diamond.

Awarded Blue Diamond.

Awarded 2-Star Blue Diamond.

Success Secrets
As soon as Jeannie returned to Malaysia, she met up with a few of her close friends, including some big leaders in other companies. She also told her church friends about her new business.

“I was used to going to church several times a day,” she says. “I was so hurt by this relationship that I felt I could only depend on God. I went to church to worship and had most of my meals there as I was on a budget then.”

Jeannie lives in an upscale neighborhood where many people are candidates for her product, which is skincare, as well as for the opportunity. She ran into some old friends and signed up a few. She knew many friends who would join if she just gave them a phone call. She also signed up some church members who had noticed her enthusiasm and trusted her.

“It’s a miracle if you ask me,” she says. “Some people I barely knew suddenly joined, simply by the grace of God. I truly encountered God’s hand working in this business and in my life.”

A professional trainer and coach, Jeannie says she speaks to transform, not merely inform. She touches people with her stories by making them laugh and cry, opening them up for her unique prospecting approach, which she explains as follows:

“A lot of networkers say, ‘Hi, I have this product or this business. I hope you will think about it.’ This is not what I do or teach. Once a prospect accepts our invitation, we sit them down and within an hour we do the closing. How? We simply don’t give them a chance to go home to consider. Of course, we always build rapport first.”

Jeannie says she learned the skill of closing from the Japanese company. “We call it ABC Closing—Always Be Closing. In our System Training we had an entire module on what to say, when to say it, and how to handle objections.”

Jeannie teaches three types of presentations: 1) two-to-one and one-on-one; 2) home party; 3) Big Op (open meeting). Each presentation includes an opening, informational content, and closing, and lasts no more than 45 minutes to an hour.

Jeannie teaches what she calls the 3-Treasure System. The first treasure is edification. The second is no crosslining (don’t compare notes with other teams). The third is counseling with your upline.

“In my case number three was not easy in the beginning,” she says, “because Johnnie lives in Jamaica and is very busy. After six months of getting to know him better, I begun to trust and appreciate him for the caring person and good upline sponsor he is to me.”

Jeannie also uses and teaches body language and personality profiling.

“I’m a High-I, which stand for highly influential,” she says. “I love to help people. I use the DISC Profiling tools in my pre-presentation communication and closing approach. First I assess people and by profiling them, I know what to say and who and when to close.”

Learning Experiences
Reflecting on the challenges she encountered, Jeannie says the hardest part was having no company office and no upline nearby.

“My computer skills are not strong so I had a hard time figuring out the back office in the first few weeks. Since this company runs a not-for-retail business model, there were no local company events so we had to start with private functions. Most mornings I would call people on my list to invite them to a presentation at different homes or at coffee shops. Later we organized home parties with eight to sixteen associates and prospects, but our teams kept growing. Once we grew to more than thirty participants, we booked private halls for closed-door get-togethers and organized private dinner events. As my team grew, I would gather my leaders for leadership trainings. For new people we organized NDOs—New Distributor Orientations.”

Even though Jeannie’s company has been constantly improving its systems and marketing materials, she says the basis for her success remains the same.

“I emphasize open communication with my leaders. As soon as they sign up, I use NLP to help them set their goals. I ask, ‘Do you want to be a Diamond within six months?’ I really want to inspire and empower them to achieve their goals quickly.

“Next I ask them, ‘Are you willing to dance along with me at my speed? Are you willing to plug into the system and apply it faithfully? Are you coachable? Will you be focused? If you are, let’s work together and soar hand in hand. If not, I’m afraid it may take you longer to succeed.’

“A trainer once told me, ‘You can only influence people who really want it.’ I also teach the Pareto principle: invest 80 percent of your time and energy in the top 20 percent who create 80 percent of your production. Effectively coach the top 20 percent to do on-the-job training for the next 20 percent.”

Jeannie says getting her team to follow the system and duplication method is not an easy task, as most Asians are no strangers to network marketing.  

“The challenge I encounter with some leaders is they do things their own way or try to reinvent the wheel. Building a stable network is like building a house on good foundations. As the Bible says, we need to build our house on rocks and not on sand. Some of my leaders go through a learning curve to understand this.”

Jeannie believes other challenges have to do with the different cultures she operates in.

“I have built U.S. companies before,” she says. “They are more relaxed, they do not really pressure you. There is one culture. In Asia they are so many companies— from Japan, Taiwan, China, from the U.S., from Europe—with many different cultures. I learned different styles and combined them into my own success model.”

Jeannie says doing business and conducting meetings in Asia typically revolves around eating out. A typical Chinese greeting is, ‘How are you? Have you eaten?’ In Western culture, she sees more people gathering at home parties.

“Asian-style meetings are often a congregation around coffee shops and mamak stalls,” she says. “These are small roadside eateries that offer food in a casual outdoor dining atmosphere.

“Most of us speak at least three languages: English, Chinese, and Malay. We work long hours and there is no cut-off time. In Asia my team will call me at midnight to meet a prospect. In the U.S. people want to go home at 5 p.m. and take evenings and weekends off. They just don’t have the same work ethic as Malaysians or Chinese people like my mom and grandma. Here my leaders have no problem asking me, ‘Jeannie, I would love to bring a leader to see you tomorrow at midnight, because this person is going to be in town at this time and has your business acumen.’”

Jeannie is currently building in Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and Hong Kong, where she encounters a similar sense of urgency with her team. This has significantly accelerated her success in those countries.

“In less than a year I’ve almost reached the highest rank in my company,” she says. “One reason is I burned the bridge and gave myself no other choice but to be successful. I’m so far away from the company and from my upline that if it’s to be, it’s up to me.”

Celebrating her daughter´s graduation
at the University of Sydney.

Energy and Belief
Even though Jeannie’s company is headquartered on a different continent than where most of her business takes place, she feels completely at home when she attends and speaks at company events.

“With all three awards, achieving Diamond within two-and-a-half months, Blue Diamond in five months, and 2-Star Blue Diamond in less than eight months, I shared my story on stage and moved the audience to tears. I danced, I smiled, I felt I could be myself. This company really allows me to flow.”

A certified Heal Your Life workshop trainer, Jeannie lives her passion for healing.

“People who have been hurt in life need hope and love in order to stand up strong again. I encountered a lot of people who, because of their troubles, family, or environment, are not confident. They lost their identity, and I really want to help them, because I was there in 2012.

“I aspire to help people rise up again and see their own significance. I want them to know they are worthy and that a good life is still possible, whatever your age, whatever your background, as long as you believe in yourself.”

Reflecting upon her life, Jeannie recognizes it is somewhat out of balance right now. She frequently works eighteen-hour days, training leaders, returning phone calls and emails, coaching, and meeting more people.

“I was determined to go all out,” she says, “so how can I have balance? I’m single and when I started this business, my daughter was still studying at the University of Sydney, so I was able to laser focus. Now I plan to take a short break to redesign my life and regain some balance.”

Jeannie has both men and women leaders on her team, and works well with both.

“One of my male Diamond leaders edifies me at events as a ‘super powerful lady’ because I’m fast-paced. For instance, when invited to an event, most ladies think they need time to go home and change. I prefer to bite the bullet and buy a dress wherever I happen to be.

“Most people say time is money, but I say time is more than money. Time is heartbeat, time is life! I treasure time as I treasure life, therefore I take action fast, which is another one of my success secrets. I don’t hesitate to do what it takes to reach my dreams.”

Jeannie points out this character trait may come from her Chinese education, which teaches practice first—get out and learn from experience—while the Western approach is to research more and go by the book.

“Once I trust, I give it my all,” she says. “I started building fast because the company has high integrity owners and founders, cutting-edge products, and a simple business model we can all build online.”

Being single, Jeannie believes God will match her with her life partner soon.

“As a Christian, I learned I am a child of God, which means I’m a princess of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. We give leadership by treating people in our identity. Everything is energy and is created by the power of your belief—in God, in self, in your company and corporate teams, in the products, and in your leaders and teams.”

Jeannie believes commitment is the number one quality that enables a potential leader to become successful.

“I’ve hit rock bottom and my company gave me a new chance to be extraordinary, so I’m forever grateful. Bill Gates says that for his company to be the best, even the janitors must excel at toilet cleaning. I like that statement—when you do something, whatever it may be, focus, commit, and give it your 101 percent.”