What is it about networking that promotes balance? I finally got it when I heard Donna Imson speak. I was awed by her insights in balancing home, work, and self-care, through collaboration. “Women cannot have it all in a traditional job,” she said. “But we can have it all—career, service, relations, giving—and live guilt-free, in networking.”

Let’s consider the ultimate example of collaboration—Mother Earth. Our planet has a fragile yet brilliantly adaptable ecosystem. Each aspect plays a part, then quietly mentors, mirrors, and messages us. Just as all the earth’s elements and energies work together to sustain life, so must ours. Imagine what could happen to our relationships with self, work, home, and community if collaboration were our top priority? The traditional business model has failed women. Collaboration includes all our aspects creating a higher calibration of life. It’s time to pay attention to our Mother Earth. My network marketing company already is.

Collaboration manifests success because it incorporates the energy of caring and compassion, keeping the heart of a society beating. The capacity to empathize with others requires that we take care of ourselves first so we can focus on others—in the present moment rather than in our past hurts or future expectations. Living in the past creates depression. Living in the future creates anxiety. Living in the present creates peace. The present moment is our best teacher and creates our strongest teams.

Here are some best practices for living a healthy, prosperous life.

Collaborative calibration will design all our elements into a caring culture with a prosperous future, now. Join the flight. Our future is not what it used to be.

RACHELLE CASTOR is a wife, mother, grandmother, inspirational speaker,
natural healer, and writer. She builds her network marketing business
with her partner, Doug Castor.