Having a sense of balance in our lives is important because it makes us feel calm, relaxed, and present. However, if we have an over-achiever’s definition of balance, we can become stressed when we don’t reach that ideal.

To me, balance does not mean getting everything done and saying yes to all requests. We all have a limited amount of time and money, and to apportion them well, the key is to know our values. If you value family and financial security, you need to invest enough productive time building your business while also spending quality time with your family. You might account daily, weekly, or monthly for how you allocate your time because your commitments can be cyclical. For example, before the holidays your work demands make take more time, but during the holidays you may spend more time with family.

Network marketing has been my saving grace for helping me create balance. My husband and I share the driving duties for the kids and we carpool with other families, but we make this time productive. We talk about our day, what we need or want to do, or other topics that come up. When there is no one else in the car, we make phone calls to our team members. We have dinner as a family many nights of the week and go to presentations after the children are asleep. If we travel to help teams interstate or overseas, one parent stays home or we take the kids with us.

Most importantly, we set rewards for when we hit various levels in our business. For instance, I set a goal that when I paid off my school loans I was going to get a house cleaner. Other rewards included hiring a bookkeeper, an admin/mother’s helper, and a gardener. These people did a better job than me in less time and freed up time to focus on my family, my health, and my business.

Sometimes there just seems to be too much to do. There are more people to contact about my business opportunity than I will ever get to; there are more experiences I want with my family and friends than I can even imagine; and I could always do another yoga class, volunteer event, or mentoring session.

This is when I tell myself, “The important things always get done.”

History has shown me that I (almost) always make my flight, my deadlines, and my commitments. I tell myself if you put a lot of fabulous things on your plate and get at least 90 percent done, then you have accomplished way more than people who didn’t even attempt to achieve.

Lastly I am kind to myself if I make a mistake or miss something important. That doesn’t happen often, but if you are not making mistakes, you are not pushing yourself to your limits. Sometimes you may just need to reschedule or say “I’m sorry.”

I am grateful my “in-basket” will always be full. It gives me pleasure that there will always be more to do than can ever be done and more to learn than can ever be learned because life is filled with amazing opportunities and the fun is in the freedom of choice.

Each night, think about the people you have helped, the people you have loved, and the contributions you have made. Fall asleep with gratitude knowing that tomorrow presents another chance to improve the world even more.

MEGAN WOLFENDEN started her career in finance and computers before relocating from Sydney, Australia, to the U.S. After investing in real estate and other assets, she learned about network marketing and built a multimillion-dollar business operating in twenty-three countries. She is author of Extraordinary You: A Woman’s Guide to Having it All (reviewed p. 7 in this issue).